My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1951 - The Second Round

Chapter 1951: The Second Round

“Back then, he came to enroll because of Young Sir Liuyun, seeking to become his closed-door disciple.”

“Wait! Let me interrupt too.” Qi Xuanxuan blurted out, “Are you talking about that Young Sir Liuyun who is famed throughout the Six Prefectures Continent? I seem to only have read a bit about his legends in storybooks.”

“I heard a bit from storytellers,” the little fatty said while raising his hand.

Zhou Danjin nodded, “But he didn’t see Young Sir Liuyun for a year and a half after that. Therefore, he…”

“Oh right, you guys still don’t know, right? Young Sir Liuyun is actually your extremely elusive dean who comes and goes like a shadow.” Zhou Danjin explained this when he recalled that the group of kids might not know who Young Sir Liuyun really was.

The group instantly revealed expressions of disbelief.


“You’re saying that the number one expert of the Six Prefectures, Young Sir Liuyun, is our dean?” The little fatty was incredulous.

/So that Classmate Zhao Li who had come looking for trouble just now had run off because he didn’t see the dean after a year and a half?/

“Sigh. Because Zhao Li was actually rather talented, we mentors formulated a cultivation plan for him that would produce gradual results that supplemented his merits.”

“Mentor Wei Xu had spent a lot of effort on Zhao Li’s cultivation plan, so that punk’s sudden defection truly hurt your Mentor Wei Xu deeply.”

“Shut up, Zhou Danjin.” Wei Xu’s chagrined voice came from the back.

Zhou Danjin sped up his talking pace. “In short, Mentor Wei actually wasn’t born with a stern expression, so do show understanding. Classmate Qiao, Mentor Wei Xu only wants to temper your character and suppress your ego. Frankly speaking, it is also in consideration of your future cultivation journey. Don’t think that he is purposely targeting you.”

“Zhou Danjin!!”

“Fine, fine, fine, I won’t say anymore, I’m not saying anything.” Zhou Danjin immediately shut his mouth. He walked to the side with a smile and started his daily chatter, “Students, we’ll be relying on you in the second round to win honor for our academy!”

Everybody looked at him silently before simultaneously turning their heads away.

Mentor Zhou was helpless at this. When he saw Dao Wuji and company’s gazes, he laughed awkwardly, “The dean is correct. This batch of students are full of spirit.”

It only required a 15-minute walk to get from Anping Inn to Shenghua Battle Arena.

By the time they got to the battle arena, the people in charge of the competition were sitting at the door.

The three of them were experienced at organizing competitions. All these years, they would basically host competitions of all sizes that involved the Six Prefectures’ academies in this battle arena.

That’s why these people in charge of the battle arena were also rather familiar with the mentors from the various academies.

“Ah, Mentor Zhou and Mentor Wei from Apex Academy have come!” One person strode up and cupped his hands toward everybody with a smile. “Quickly come in. We have already arranged your seats.”

“Thank you.” Zhou Danjin naturally cupped his hands toward him in return.

“Elder Hong is the head judge in charge of the competition this time. Other than that, the other things you need to keep note of are written in the rules, so please look at that.” The person in charge handed Mentor Zhou a red piece of paper with the rules and regulations. After that, he beckoned for a boy servant to lead their group inside.

Zhou Danjin nodded in thanks.

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