My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1949 - What You Say Doesn't Count!   

Chapter 1949: What You Say Doesn’t Count!


“I’m not familiar with you.” Duanmu Qing spoke indifferently.

“Hahaha!” Zhao Li did not get angry. He carelessly crossed his arms and gave the people from Apex Academy a sidelong glance. “Yo, seems like the number of students have increased considerably. Eh? Are these two junior sisters new to Apex Academy?”

“You two are young, so don’t get tricked by Apex Academy. Don’t think that this academy is top-notch in the Six Prefectures Continent just because it is called Apex! In reality! This academy is in the very last place of all the academies.”

*Boom!!* Because that person was nearly spitting in her and Qi Xuanxuan’s faces while making his speech, Qiao Mu immediately threw a kick in distaste, directly knocking him several steps backward.

“Stay away from us!” Qiao Mu wiped her petite face with her sleeve in a huff. “You’re filthy and stinky. You can’t even control your saliva when you’re an adult! Scram! Scram, scram, scram!!”

Everyone: “…”

Zhao Li’s face promptly flushed bright red in chagrin.

Even though his looks weren’t all that outstanding, his cultivation was very solid.

All the female students at Catkin Academy fought over him. He had never gotten snubbed by a girl like this.

/Was this person still a girl? Did she have any eye of discernment!/

Qiao Mu was someone who even considered the handsome Young Sir Ding to be stinky and loathed the two peerless young sirs from the Qin Family very much. Let alone this man in front of her with ordinary features.

In Miss Qiao’s eyes, this baffling blabbermouth was jabbering away in front of her and Xuanxuan. He was even noisier than Dao Wuji. He was simply a dumb*ss!

Crown Prince Mo silently twitched his mouth. Everybody offered their sympathies to Zhao Li in their minds.

/So pitiful!/

Weren’t you just asking to get snubbed by looking for trouble with Qiaoqiao.

“You, you!!” The back of Zhao Li’s calf hurt from the stoic-faced lady’s kick, but he couldn’t bend down to massage it at the moment due to his pride.

He could only stiffen his face. He glared at Qiao Mu and berated, “You don’t know what’s good for you! This young sir was only giving a kind reminder! Persuading you both to not take a roundabout route! You think this Apex Academy can really rise to the top of the Six Prefectures?”

“Are you the one who decides who’s at the top of the Six Prefectures? What you say doesn’t count! You’ll see after competition! So noisy and long-winded, not to mention it’s all nonsense! Where did this big idiot come from! Scram!” Qiao Mu hollered.

Qi Xuanxuan and the little fatty both took up their weapons at the same time and looked like they were about to go clobber Zhao Li.

This caused Zhao Li to back away in fright. He felt like he couldn’t communicate with these crazy Apex Academy students at all.

/How the f*ck could the young students now just attack at the drop of a deat?/

“I, I couldn’t care less about talking to you. You’ll definitely suffer in the future!” Zhao Li’s face was red from anger, and he flung his sleeves to leave in indignation.

Just as he was about to step out the door, his left leg turned limp, and he knelt foward with a wham. His forehead knocked heavily against the threshold, which made a red mark on the spot.

The teams that had gathered at the door and were planning to go out jumped in surprise at his movements. Afterwards, they started laughing uproariously.

A female student from one of the other academies convulsed with laughter. She pointed at Zhao Li, who was kneeling on the ground with a bright red face, and said, “Oh my, the little lady really is correct. Is this not a big idiot or what!”

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