My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1872 - Mine!  

Chapter 1872: Mine!

She was just a transparent existence in the Jing Family.

There was the older sister who was versed in both letters and martial arts, as well as the exceptionally gifted younger sister whose test results projected that she would possess level-10 divine energy.

As for her?

She was only a useless nobody whose test results had shown that she barely possessed level-seven spiritual energy. So what if she triggered her spiritual meridians? Her cultivation state would peak as a level-seven spiritual cultivator.

This was unlike Eldest Sister who would probably be able to break through to the divine realm in two years.

As for Younger Sister, her situation was even more unusual.

The reason Jing Minyao still had not triggered her spiritual meridians even at twenty was that this was a special method the great patrician families used to nurture their talent.

The great clans of the Divine Province would indoctrinate around ten exceptionally gifted talents every year with a special method that would accumulate the energy needed to develop their divine meridians.

They would then help those talents trigger their divine meridians once they reached a certain point in their accumulation. This method allowed them to skip over the spiritual realm stage and enter the divine realm without exception after triggering their divine meridians.

Jing Qiyao felt bitter. The servants all spread rumors behind her back that she was probably an adopted child. Otherwise, why was her talent so disparate from her elder and younger sisters?

Her parents were not fond of her ever since she was young, while anything good would go to her younger sister Jing Minyao.

Just like this time, everyone knew whom the emperor meant by decreeing a marriage between the crown prince and the daughter of the Jing Family.

But her father and mother stubbornly attempted to enact this marriage engagement with her younger sister.

Jing Qiyao crossed her arms as she looked on mockingly at this mother-daughter pair of clowns.

They finally got their just deserts, no?

“Minmin!” Madam Jing’s heart-rending screams pulled Jing Qiyao back from her thoughts.

She leaned against a nearby tree with a sneer on her lips. Afterwards, she looked at Jing Minyao, who had been thrown back at Madam Jing with her head drooping.

There was a bloody cut on her exceptionally gifted younger sister’s neck, and blood kept sputtering out no matter how much Madam Jing pressed against it.

Jing Linyao’s eyes flickered, and she turned to say matter-of-factly to Crown Prince Mo, “Your Highness, Linyao wants to discuss something with you alone.”

“What can you not say here?” Crown Prince Mo rejected Jing Linyao at once and went up to pull back the fuming little fellow.

“What the hell is that marriage decree she mentioned?” Don’t take Qiaoqiao for a fool. Qiaoqiao was very clever!

Mo Lian blinked innocently at his little wifey and asserted, “How would I know? That father of mine is probably thinking of arranging a concubine.”

Qiao Mu gaped in surprise while looking at him. “Really?”

“What else would it be?” Crown Prince Mo squeezed her soft and petite hand. “I was in the Punishment Tower the entire time! You can ask Luo Yang and them if you don’t believe me! I’m completely clueless about this marriage decree, just like you.”

Qiao Mu agreed with him after musing it over. Afterall, Mo Lian had been locked up in prison the whole time, so he naturally wasn’t a part of this mess.

Then it would be…

Qiao Mu turned with a ferocious gaze to the brandy-nosed senior, who was cowering in the back. “Go back and tell your master that he can go ahead and stir up trouble if he doesn’t find it annoying to do so! But let him consider carefully lest he wants the people he dispatches to be missing their limbs or heads.”

Everyone: “…”

This vicious little lady!

Afterwards, she pulled on Mo Lian’s sleeve again to make him bend down.

The man gazed puzzledly at his wifey.

Afterwards, he got stupefied by the little fellow’s sudden smooch on the lips!

“Mine! I’ll kill whoever comes to snatch him!”

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