My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 15 - A Heart Like Backwater

Chapter 15: A Heart Like Backwater

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As Qiao Mu escaped, the youth’s interested, lustrous eyes, filled with anticipation, continued to flicker in front of her own eyes.

This type of interested gaze was like he was looking at a tiny, beloved pet, and it made her recall the man who had doted on her like a cat or dog in her previous life.

He locked her inside a steel cage like a tiny pet and fed her food and water five or six times a day, taking care of her with consideration. Whenever it was a holiday or time to attend a banquet, he would doll her up to stand out from the masses and then carry her out to show her off, accepting other people’s insincere compliments.

Whenever the man heard other people praise her beauty and uniqueness, his eyes would curve with a smile and emit a faint, gentle light.

His dark green eyes, as deep as green jade, could suck a person’s soul into their infinite jade vortex little by little, as if they possessed magical powers. He would look at you like that with a smile, causing you to have no way of refusing him.

However, she was completely done with those terrifying days. Deep in her mind, that man, who was freakishly powerful like a demon, had become her life’s nightmare. Every time she remembered those events from her past life, she would keep jolting awake from her nightmares.

Then, she would tell herself.

“Qiao Mu, you’re reborn. Your life is restarting!” This life, she would certainly turn everything around and would not permit herself to suffer even the slightest bit of grievance, misery, or pain!

Therefore, don’t have any interest in her. Her heart was already a pool of backwater and had been reinforced with a millennium-old ice wall that no one could penetrate! Unless if you wanted to gain a deep understanding of what complete heartbreak and a body full of cuts and bruises were like!

Everyone who was interested in her would eventually die in her hands! No exception!

A glint akin to a sharp, poisonous arrow shot through her icy eyes, but it dissipated into a warm and gentle March rain drizzle the split second that she saw her mother looking around with hope. It was so docile that not a hint of its previous bone-chilling cold could be seen.

Mo Lian, who had been silently following behind Qiao Mu, slowly stopped and frowned imperceptibly.

A black agile figure appeared next to him, the short-haired youth’s eagle-like eyes glanced toward Qiao Mu, and there was hesitation and uncertainty in his voice. “My lord, what happened?”

Mo Lian lightly shook his head and hid away the melancholy in his eyes. He asked without looking back, “How is Mo Teng right now?”

“Third Prince was taken away by the Heavenly Dao Sect, and the Heavenly Dao Sect said that if we want to trade for the Third Prince, we must provide 100 mid-grade magnetite in exchange.”

“Truly a group of delusional lunatics.” Mo Lian derisively sneered. “Is Mo Teng worth 100 mid-grade magnetite?”

“No, my lord.” The youth in black gently chuckled as well.

“Mmhm, he clearly isn’t worth it. The people from the Heavenly Dao Sect lifted five to six baskets down from the mountain just now. How much magnetite could the engineers extract from there? Could they get 50 low-grade magnetite?”

“Not necessarily, my lord,” the youth in black answered.

Mo Lian scoffed. “Hence, I say, what a group of delusional idiots.”

“The Heavenly Dao Sect said that if we don’t gather the 100 mid-grade magnetite within 3 days, they will punish His Highness the Third Prince.”

“Pft.” Mo Lian chuckled and said, shaking his head, “If it’s like that, then he will die for a cause. Who told my dear brother to just have to idiotically go steal a magnetite mine?”

“In name, all of the magnetite mines in Sikong Planet are extracted and gathered by the Heavenly Dao Sect and then distributed. This rule has existed for a very long time, and although many people attempted to break it, it has yet to be broken, right?” However, in private, many high level officials from the country secretly look for mines for private extraction. Everyone was well aware of this.

So many people have privately extracted from their mines, but why didn’t the Heavenly Dao Sect find someone else and solely discovered his brother, Mo Teng? This can only say that Mo Teng was not intelligent yet just had to be arrogant, so now, he had to take responsibility for his own consequences.

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