My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1129 - There Is an Anomaly

Chapter 1129: There Is an Anomaly

Of course, Mu Boming would never find out that his good daughter Mu Qianqian had taken the clan’s treasured summoning talisman and offered it to Master Black Cat.

After Black Cat died inside the Pacification Pagoda, the Mu Clan’s only summoning talisman had also vanished with him.

After departing from the crowd, Qiao Mu went searching for a suitable cultivating site as usual.

This egg would hop wherever Qiao Mu walked, prattling non-stop along the way, “What are you angry about, I’m the one who should be angry! I, the bloodfire deity, is contracting with you! Yet you’re being so picky and rejecting! I truly don’t know where you monster came from. How does the world have someone like you.”

Qingluan walked beside this egg and commented impassively, “Stop blabbing. Master doesn’t even recognize me and Little Chirpy, not to mention a weird egg like you.”

“What egg! This one is a bloodfire deity, Bloodfire.”

Qingluan exasperatedly swept a glance at this egg that was intermittently flipping out. “Where exactly did you pop out from?”

“The ground. This one finally woke up after sleeping for so many years, yet who knew that the person I chose as my master would be so unwilling.”

“So you really did pop out from stone[1]?” Qingluan asked curiously.

If the egg had eyes, it would definitely glare at Qingluan fiercely.

Earlier, it had done its utmost to leave behind a bit of its mental imprint after colliding with the d*mn squirrel’s mental contract when it seeped into the little lady’s conscious pool. If it hadn’t been for that, then it was possible that it wouldn’t be contracted successfully with this d*mn child at this moment.

But speaking of which, his master truly was an oddball.

Humans generally could only possess one contracted beast in their lifetime. Yet her mental energy was sufficient to contract with two.

Moreover, he and that white squirrel were not just any common mystic beasts…

Upon contracting with a sacred-rank beast, normal people’s mental conscious pool would have long exploded and led to death. Or, the contract would fail and the backlash would lead to idiocy. However, none of that happened to her.

It was just that the collision between the two sacred beasts’ mental energies caused a certain amount of damage to her conscious pool.

This was also quite peculiar, okay. After all, the bloodfire phoenix egg had thought that the little squirrel was merely a weakling beast at that time, and that he could expel it out of Qiao Mu’s conscious pool with a casual mental energy oppression.

Yet he did not expect the other party to evenly match him in strength, so two powerful mental energies ended up churning inside Qiao Mu’s conscious pool simultaneously. If it were anyone else, they would have already foamed at the mouth and died on the spot.

Fortunately, because Qiao Mu had the Golden Talisman Jade Tome protecting her, this crisis was safely diffused.

As the phoenix egg hopped, it noticed the strong tremors of footsteps coming from behind.

He then quickly bounced into Qingluan’s hands and declared pridefully, “As this one is fatigued, you are allowed to carry this one as you walk.”

Qingluan: …

He suddenly had an impulse to take his master’s hammer and smash this lousy egg.

Just admit it if you’re intimidated! Yet you’re acting all puffed up. He really did deserve a beating.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak.” A rat that was shedding fur suddenly burrowed out of the ground beside Qiao Mu’s feet.

No sooner said than done, Qiao Mu didn’t even blink as she instantly skewered that rat’s head with an ice blade from an instinctual response.

Qingluan shuddered as he murmured to himself, “It couldn’t be mutated zombie rats and the like, right?”

He felt that his master seemed to be abnormally sensitive and aware of zombies and mutated zombie beasts. If it were a normal rat, his master probably wouldn’t even spare it a glance.

But now…

“Squeak, squeak, squeak.” Suddenly, four to five rats popped out from the undergrowth in close succession.

*Swish, swish, swish.* In response, Qiao Mu shot out several ice blades at exceptional speed.

[1] There are several myths in which their main characters emerge from stone, including the Monkey King, Sun Wukong.

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