My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1020 - Confiscation of Property

Chapter 1020: Confiscation of Property

While gazing icily into the far-off distance, Mo Lian’s lips curled up into a sneer.

Courtesan Zheng, We won’t let you enter the royal tomb even in death! We give you Our word!

As for the present… you have to bear the ignominy of being the beauty that brings a kingdom to ruin, reviled by generations hereafter.

Speaking of which, didn’t you ask for all this?

The next day.

Big news, big news.

Great Sea Monastery’s Pacification Pagoda really did collapse!

The civilians in the capitol lost no time in spreading the news, so everyone was soon made aware of this incident.

They even knew that the king had issued an edict to hang the corpse of the kingdom-destroying beauty that caused the Pacification Pagoda’s collapse at the city gate tower to be whipped for three days and nights.

State Uncle Zheng had been demoted to the status of a commoner, and the king had also taken back the Zheng Family’s residence as well as confiscated their property.

The king also issued a penitential decree and shut himself inside the King’s Palace.

While on the other hand, the common people all swarmed toward the city gate tower and spat disdainfully at Courtesan Zheng’s remains, hurling abuse at this beauty that brought calamity to the kingdom and the people.

But all this was unrelated to Qiao Mu.

After finishing her preparations early in the morning and saying goodbye to her family, she boarded the crown prince’s carriage and arrived at the north city gate with him.

The Qin Estate’s Qin Susu, the Duan Clan’s Duan Siren, the Dou Clan’s Dou Fengchi, the Fan Clan’s Fan Qiuming, as well as the Hong Clan’s Hong Bawei, had been waiting at the city gate for a long time already.

Other than Qin Susu, the other people all wore impatient expressions.

“We can depart now, right!” Third Miss Dou, Dou Fengchi asked gruffly while mocking Qiao Mu in her mind.

She really is the crown prince consort, huh. They were about to depart on a journey, yet she needed His Highness the Crown Prince to escort her over. She really was delicate to come sitting in a carriage!

She thought that this journey was just a scenic tour?

If she was so delicate, then she should just stay at home so as to avoid dragging down her teammates!

“Wait.” After saying this word, Qiao Mu threw down the curtain with no intention of explaining.

This infuriated Dou Fengchi so much that her charming face flushed red at once.

On the other hand, Qin Susu gave an indifferent shrug before sitting down at a roadside stall with her sword and ordering half a teapot of tea.

At this time, some of the populace marked by turbulent public sentiment had run over to State Uncle Zheng’s Estate’s entrance. They blocked up the Zheng Family at the back entrance, throwing rocks and mud at whomever they saw come out.

The scene was very chaotic.

Third Miss Zheng, Fifth Young Sir Zheng, and the rest had secretly smuggled out some mystic currency and food, but these were confiscated by the royal soldiers that came chasing after them.

Those young misses and sirs that had originally lived pampered lifestyles were so anxious that their eyes turned red. It looked like they were about to fight as if their lives depended on it to take back their hidden private stashes.

It was at this time that Wu Xiao’en arrived with a bunch of his pals.

With a glimpse, he caught sight of Sixth Young Sir Zheng, who stayed taciturn in the rowdy crowd. He then hastily reprimanded those agitated passersby to move aside while also squeezing his way to Sixth Young Sir Zheng. “Sixth Young Sir, are you alright?”

Little Sixth Zheng shook his head, but he was still confused.

When he woke up early in the morning today to train his swordsmanship, he was informed that the king had sent people to confiscate the property in the Zheng Family’s residence.

As a mystic cultivator, he had placed all the important items inside his inner world, so the soldiers naturally couldn’t confiscate those items.

But those sisters and brothers of his who were without learning or skills suffered from this disaster.

From early morning until now, the entire courtyard had been in chaos.

Wu Xiao’en quickly reassured, “Sixth Young Sir, don’t worry. I purchased my own small courtyard inside the Mo Kingdom capital, so if you don’t have a place to stay, you can stay there first.”

“No need.” Sixth Zheng shook his head. “I have to head out of the city now, and it will probably be a month before I come back.”

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