My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 57: Shock from Everyone

Chapter 57: Shock from Everyone

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"Sorry, I don’t have an invitation letter." Qingfeng directly denied while shaking his head.

"Please leave if you don’t have an invitation letter."

"Oh, what an embarrassment that the top beauty would actually be with a dude that doesn’t even have an invitation!"

"I would say it’s better that Xue Lin just go in with Young Mater Chen and Young Master Wang. Look at that dude, he must just want to have some free food inside." Everyone started to discuss about Qingfeng and looked at him with disdain.

Although this guy was good-looking, they all could tell he must be poor by the camouflage outfit he was wearing. But this poor guy was actually coming with the top beauty in the Eastern Sea City, this is what drives everyone mad.

"Sir, you cannot enter if you don’t have the invitation letter. Please leave." Fu Liu was still being polite to him and asked him to leave.

"Qingfeng Li, I told you I didn’t want to come and you still insisted. See? How embarrassing!" Xue Lin couldn’t hold her grudge anymore and suddenly broke out.

She felt so uncomfortable and felt like coming here with Qingfeng was such a big mistake. Now, she even had to bear with the laughs and contempt which made her more mad.

Why did her husband keep getting her mad? She was feeling deeply frustrated and sad.

"Miss Lin, I don’t think you can enter with this guy. Come here with me and I’ll take you in." Young Master Chen said arrogantly while holding his invitation letter.

I am the best with this invitation letter. This Chen guy was such a braggart.

"Miss Lin, I also have an invitation letter, come here with me." Young Master Wang also tried to show off with his invitation letter.

Undoubtedly, these two young masters were snobby to an extent.

Trying to show off in front of me? I wouldn’t just let this go. Qingfeng started to get furious.

"Could you let me in if I have this?" Qingfeng grimaced while bringing out the platinum card.

"Haha, What did I just see, a platinum card? What a hilarious guy thinking that he could go in with that little card." A short-hair guy started to laugh at Qingfeng with disdain.

More and more people started to gather at the hotel and watch this drama. They were all looking down at Qingfeng. They all know that you must come with the invitation letter to get into the Charity Banquet. This guy in a military outfit really had no clue what he was doing.

Xue Lin’s face started to turn pale after getting so much humiliation. She wanted to dig a hole and hide herself in at the moment. While everyone was mocking at Qingfeng, only Fu Liu was staring at him when he saw the platinum card.

"Sir, is this the Five-Star Platinum Card?" Fu Liu asked astonishingly while rubbing his eyes.

Five-Star Platinum Card, a card that was only owned by three people in the whole Liu Corporation. One was held by the CEO, one was held by the mayor, and the last one was actually held by this young man in front of him!? Fu Liu almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

"I'll ask again, can I go in now?" Qingfeng asked slowly while putting his card back.

"Absolutely! Please come in, let me guide you." Fu Liu was leading the way for Qingfeng and Xue Lin politely.

Young Master Chen and Young Master Wang were then completely ignored at the side.

Fu Liu knew that the Five-Star Platinum Card would definitely rank way higher than all the invitation letters. To some extent, everyone who was invited to the Banquet, including Young Master Chen and Young Master Wang, could not even be compared with Qingfeng, who was the most important guest in the Charity Banquet tonight.

"I was led in by the housekeeper of the Liu Corporation?!" Xue Lin was so confused and couldn’t even believe what was happening.

She was shocked and never thought that Qingfeng would actually have the fancy Five-Star Platinum Card. Xue Lin was feeling guilty for her misunderstanding to Qingfeng again. He could really bring her into the Charity Banquet and she even became the most honored guest.

"Young Master Chen, what is the platinum card that guy was holding that even made Mr. Liu guide them in?"

"Right, Young Master Chen, Mr. Liu didn’t even guide the CEO from a billion-valued company that just came."

"Tell us, Young Master Chen, is that platinum card really such an honor?" Everyone started to ask different questions curiously.

Young Master Chen and Young Master Wang were feeling frustrated while everyone was asking them questions.

They would certainly know what that card is. Something fancy that they didn’t even have.

Since they knew how honorable that platinum card is, they stopped saying anything and just gave their invitation letter to the receptionist and entered silently.

They were trying to humiliate Qingfeng, but now they humiliated themselves. It was like picking up a gun and shooting themselves in the foot.

"Do you really want to know what is behind that platinum card?"

A husky voice suddenly came out from the crowd.

Everyone looked back and found out it was said by a stunning-looking young man. This young man had two charming eyes and long hair, which made him look like a girl.

A man that was more beautiful than a woman.

"Young Master Zhang! Isn’t that him!?" Someone in the crowd yelled out after recognizing him.

Young Master Zhang was the most charming and mysterious one out of three other masters in Eastern Sea City.

"Young Master Zhang, could you tell us what’s behind the Five-Star Platinum Card?" A person in the crowd asked curiously.

"Huh, there are only three of those cards in the Liu Corporation. As far as I Know, one is in the possession of Ruyan Liu, the CEO of the Liu Corporation. One is in the hands of Mayor Zhang. As for that last one, I believe you all saw who was holding it, right?"

Young Master Zhang passed his invitation letter to the front desk and walked in while smiled charmingly.

Everyone was surprised after listening to Young Master Zhang. The Five-Star Platinum Card was actually something important that was owned by the mayor!

And now that Qingfeng was actually holding the platinum card, what did it stand for? Qingfeng was as important, or even more important in status than the mayor.

After all, he was led by the steward of Liu Corporation in person.

"Thank you." Xue Lin said quietly to Qingfeng while walking along the luxury hallway.

Xue Lin didn’t know how Qingfeng got this card, but according to her intuition as a woman, it definitely came at a price.

Honestly, Xue lin has a sharp intuition. What Qingfeng had sacrificed was a big favor owed to Ruyan Liu.

After all, the promise of the Wolf King was priceless in the Under World.

"You are my wife, Who else am I going to help if I’m not helping you?" Qingfeng said gently while laughing.

"Wi…wife?" Xue Lin suddenly felt so happy after thinking about this word calmly for a while. A bright and genuine smile appeared on her face.

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