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Chapter 500: Going to the Mountain With Ziyi Miao

Chapter 500: Going to the Mountain With Ziyi Miao

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"Ziyi, show me the Holy Gu and Thousand Year Gingseng." Qingfeng Li opened his mouth slightly and asked. Those two things were extremely rare treasures. As a result, Qingfeng Li wanted to take a look just in case they got mixed.

Ziyi Miao showed a slight smile. She reached out her right hand and a black worm appeared on her palm. The black worm was so tiny and less than a centimetre long, but it was pitch-black all over, revealing a beam of dark energy.

Qingfeng Li was a fantastic doctor. He was able to tell with only one glance at the Holy Gu that it had extreme poison in its body. The poison could even kill a cow within a second. "No wonder it was called Holy Gu, it was so poisonous. " Qingfeng Li muttered.

"This is the Thousand Year Ginseng." Ziyi Miao reached out her fair palm, and took out a red ginseng. A red ginseng?

Qingfeng Li paused for a second, he had seen white ginseng and black ginseng, but it was his first time to see a red one.

However, he could sense a rising energy from the red ginseng. The energy coming out was incredibly strong and infusing a powerful spirit of life.

Qingfeng Li could tell at once that this was a pure Thousand Year Ginseng grown in the natural mountain area, which even seemed to have its own spirit and was definitely different from those farmed ones sold on the market.

"Good job, Ziyi." Qingfeng Li praised while smiling.

Hearing the praise from Qingfeng Li, Ziyi Miao visibly got very excited. She replied with respect, "it is Ziyi's responsibility to serve her master."

Ziyi Miao was very compliant now. She firmly believed that Qingfeng Li was her master and she was his servant. She would do whatever he asked her to.

"Come on, go to Mountain Wudang with me."

Qingfeng Li gave a slight smile, walked out of Noble Palace and headed to Mount Wudang with Ziyi Miao in a taxi.

In the taxi, Qingfeng Li reached for his phone and dialled the Monk's number. He told him that he found the way to save his master.

Qingfeng Li and Ziyi Miao arrived at the foot of the mountain two hours later.

There was nobody else but the Monk standing quietly at the foot of the mountain at eight in the morning. In terms of the young Monk Xuanmiao, he was in the Daoist temple taking care of his master.

"Boss, finally you are here, I had been waiting for you forever. Did you really find the way to save master?" The Monk asked with great joy seeing Qingfeng Li came.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, "I just told you on the phone, I got the Holy Gu and the Thousand Year Ginseng."

"Thank you boss! Finally my master can be saved." Monk said with deep appreciation.

It was known that Monk was an orphan. He was brought up by his master. The master didn't only teach him useful skills, but also treated him very nicely. They weren't biologically father and son, however, their relationship went beyond that.

But now, it upset him seeing his master getting skinnier day by day, and even facing the risk of dying. He was becoming more and more desperate until Qingfeng Li found out how to save his master. He couldn't be any more excited!

Qingfeng Li waved his hand indicating for Monk not to get too excited, as they still had to go up to the mountain.

The Monk was also aware that his master's illness was critical, so he stopped talking any more and showed Qingfeng Li and Ziyi Miao the way to the Daoist temple.

The first thing Qingfeng Li saw when he got in the temple was the crying Young Monk Xuanmiao. He was lying on the old Daoist, he cried so hard that his face was covered with tears.

"Xuanmiao, what happened to master?" the Monk asked and the look on his face suddenly changed.

"Ooo, brother, the master just coughed up a huge pile of blood and died." Xuanmiao answered with tears streaming down his face.

The Monk went into a panic hearing about the death of his master. He rushed towards the master seeing a pool of blood on his master's chest. Apparently it was coughed out just now. The master's eyes were tightly closed, his face was dreadfully pale showing no sign of life.


The Monk kneed down in front of his master, he couldn't stop weeping and said, "Master, I'm late, I didn't even get to see you before you died."

Qingfeng Li frowned, he noticed that the Elder Daoist probably just went into shock, which was also called fake death. However, he would actually die if he remained like that for too long. Qingfeng Li twisted his eyebrows and started walking towards the Elder Daoist.

"What are you going to do?" Xuanmiao yelled seeing Qingfeng Li reach the master's body.

"I'm going to give your master acupuncture." Qingfeng Li gave him a slight smile and took out nine acupuncture needles for the Elder Daoist.

Xuanmiao moved his body and blocked Qingfeng Li's way, he said madly, "My master is dead now, you are not allowed to mutilate his body."

In Xuanmiao's belief, once his master was dead, then he had to be buried so that he can rest in peace. Nobody was ever allowed to touch him, as according to the Daoist, the dead man's soul would be disturbed and never reach peace if his body was touched.

Obviously Qingfeng Li understood and respected what Xuanmiao believed, however, he couldn't obey him as the Elder Daoist might not be bring back to life as time went by.

"Xuanmiao, I do have ways to save your master."

"No way. My master is dead now, he didn't even have any breath."

"Your master was just in fake death, like a shock. If you keep wasting time, then he would be truly dead." Qingfeng Li frowned, Xuanmiao's stubbornness really gave him headache.

Xuanmiao shook his head, still blocked Qingfeng Li from touching his master's body.

The Monk's eyes suddenly lit up. Xuanmiao didn't believe in Qingfeng Li's words, but the Monk did, as he was part of the Wolf Fang Clan and had overrun the Wolf Continent with Qingfeng Li. He knew his boss was excellent at fighting as well as medical treatment.

"Boss, my master is dead, but you can still save his life?" the Monk asked with deep concern.

He would believe his boss would be able to save his master's life with Holy Gu and Thousand Year Ginseng if his master still had breath. But the master was dead and had no breath now, he was not sure if his boss could still bring back his master's life.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said: "Monk, have I ever lied to you? Believe me, I can save your master for sure."

"I believe in you boss. Save me master now please." the Monk said loudly.

Xuanmiao flipped over hearing the conversation, he yelled: "brother, I know brother Li has brilliant medical skills, but the master is dead now. His body can't be humiliated, how could you do that to the master?"

In response to Xuanmiao's doubts and questions, the Monk yelled back: "Xuanmiao, I believe in boss's words. This is not humiliating master's body, it is saving his life."

Seeing Xuan still blocking the way, the Monk stepped forward, he grabbed Xuanmiao and pulled him to the side, and said to Qingfeng Li: "boss, please hurry and save my master's life."

"Don't worry, your master won't die." Qingfeng Li comforted him with a slight smile, as he knew the Monk concerned a lot.

Anyone else who were put in this situation would have no clue but to let the Elder Daoist die, however, only Qingfeng Li knew how to save the Elder Daoist's life, since he was a miracle-working doctor.

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