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Chapter 492: President of Chinese Medical Association

Chapter 492: President of Chinese Medical Association

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"I am checking her pulse because I was going to treat her. What do you know?" the elder glared at Qingfeng Li and said.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "You cannot touch her body, or else she might die."

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, the elder's brows tensed up and was mad. He thought that Qingfeng Li was saying non-sense and didn't trust him.

"Young man, do you know who I am?" the elder looked at Qingfeng Li and said.

"No, I don't."

"Let me tell you, I am Eastern Sea City's Chinese Medicine Association's President Miaochun Zhang. I am also the principal of the Medical University. Do you know now?"

"Yes. But you still can't check her pulse." Qingfeng Li smiled, but he still stopped the elder from checking her pulse.

Yes, the elder was extremely reputable. Maybe in others' eyes, he was really skilled, but in Qingfeng Li's eyes, he was just another doctor. Qingfeng Li even saw the United Nation's Chinese Medicine Association's president before.

Miaochun Zhang was confused. Normally when other people heard his role, they would be trying to flatter him by now, but this youth not only didn't flatter him, he even stopped him from checking the patient's pulse.

The crowd was surprised when they heard the elder was Miaochun Zhang.

Everyone knew who Miaochun Zhang was. In the whole Eastern Sea City, his medical skill was in the top three.

There were many nice sayings floating around about Miaochun Zhang, such as being able to save someone from the verge of death, willing to treating the poor for free, and being highly respected.

"Young man, move and let president Zhang save the woman."

"Yea, stop wasting time. Didn't you see the woman's body was twitching. If she were to die, it would be your fault."

"Yea, move away and let the president check her out."

Everyone was saying that Qingfeng Li was wrong and told him to leave. Miaochun Zhang was definitely extremely famous from seeing what everyone was saying.

But faced with all those words, Qingfeng Li still shook his head and didn't allow Miaochun Zhang to check her pulse.

Seeing how Qingfeng Li still didn't leave made Miaochun Zhang mad and he said, "You are hurting the woman. Do you understand?"

"I am not killing her; I am saving her. If I let you check her pulse, that would be killing her."

"Do you even know what is wrong with the lady?"

"Of course I know, she has epilepsy right now. It is a chronic illness that is caused by the sudden dysfunction of the brain." Qingfeng Li smiled and told him what was wrong with the lady.

He got it right?

Miaochun Zhang was surprised. He didn't think that the youth in front of him was able to see what was wrong with the lady with one look.

People that could see what the sickness was with one look normally knew Chinese medicine's observation technique. The youth in front of him was definitely skilled.

"Your observation isn't bad. What is your name."

"My name is Qingfeng Li."

"Qingfeng Li, if you knew that the woman got epilepsy, why won't you let me check her pulse." Miaochun Zhang asked.

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, "If I guessed correctly, this woman got startle-epilepsy. Normally people with this condition cannot have physical contact, or they might die."


Miaochun Zhang's face changed. As the president of Chinese Medicine Association, naturally he knew about all sorts of sickness.

There were many variations of epilepsy.

Out of all, startle-epilepsy was the hardest to diagnose and cure because once the sickness activates, only people closest to the victim could treat them. If a stranger were to try, it will cause further damage to the victim.

Miaochun Zhang looked at the woman and nodded, "You are right; she did get startle-epilepsy. You got it right, but do you have a way to cure her?"

Qingfeng Li nodded with confidence. For him, it was easy to cure.

"Big brother, do you have a way to save my mom?" little Ting asked with hope in her eyes.

Even though she was young, she was smart. From the conversation that the two had, she knew that the brother was skilled; even the elder said he was right.

"Little Ting, follow my instructions and give your mom a massage. She will get well really quick." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

"Big brother I will do whatever you say." Little Ting took out her little hands.

"Here, here, and here..." Qingfeng Li told the girl nine spots for her to massage.

After 20 minutes the woman finally stopped twitching and stood up slowly.

"Mom, you woke up." Little Ting said with excitement.

The big brother was too good. She only followed what he told her and her mom was cured.

Nine acupuncture points of epilepsy?

Miaochun Zhang was surprised. Other people might not know how skillful Qingfeng Li was, but he did. He naturally knew about the nine acupuncture points of epilepsy.

Every victim's epilepsy was different, but if one could find the nine spots of the victim, they could be saved. This needed extremely rich medical knowledge.

Miaochun Zhang could see that the woman got epilepsy, but he could only find at most three acupuncture points.

"Young man, which Chinese medical family are you from?" Miaochun Zhang asked respectfully.

Miaochun Zhang knew that for someone so young to have such high medical skill, normally they were from a family with medical backgrounds.

But to his surprise, Qingfeng Li shook his head and said: "I am not from those families."

What, he isn't?

Miaochun Zhang was surprised. Did he learn everything on his own? Then he must be a genius.

The crowd were surprised and scared after hearing what Miaochun Zhang said.

The youth they were humiliating before was even more skilled than Miaochun Zhang.

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