My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 490: The Wedding Dress Store Closed

Chapter 490: The Wedding Dress Store Closed

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Not only were the reporters looking down and humiliating him, Feiyan Liu was humiliating him as well.

"Qingfeng Li. There's no way you can compete with The Phoenix Corporation." Feiyan Liu smirked and said.

Qingfeng Li was pissed and wanted to slap her, but seeing the reporters and crowds around them he forced himself to calm down.

"Feiyan Liu, it doesn't matter how strong The Phoenix Corporation is. In three days, I will defeat you guys. Just you wait."

"B*llshit. Our corporation has been the winner for ten years in a row now. You have no right to defeat us."

"Feiyan Liu, you only need to remember what you promised. If I defeat your corporation, then you have to apologize to Xue Lin and The Ice Snow Corporation in front of the news reporters."

"Yes, if you can defeat us, then I will apologize to Xue Lin in front of everyone." Feiyan Liu smirked and left.

In Feiyan Liu's heart, Qingfeng Li was a peasant; talking to him was wasting her time.


Feiyan Liu got into the car and left with The Phoenix Corporation. In her heart, she didn't think Qingfeng Li was going to win.

The reporters were all excited and recorded down the conversation between Qingfeng Li and Feiyan Liu.

In a short moment every reporter started to send their report back to their company. The titles were eye-catching: "Qingfeng Li, someone who thought too big of himself", "Sales from The Ice Snow Corporation Challenges The Phoenix Corporation", "An ant is going to challenge a lion."

Every single news station was mocking Qingfeng Li thought he was going to lose.

Not only the crowds beside them thought Qingfeng Li was going to lose, the employees from The Ice Snow Corporation thought he was going to lose as well; the two simple just were not on the same level.

"Qingfeng, can you really defeat The Phoenix Corporation?" Xue Lin was worried.

"Don't worry, I will win for sure." Qingfeng Li smiled with confidence.

Even though The Phoenix Corporation was strong, they weren't in Qingfeng Li's eyes at all. He obviously knew why other people were worried: they were scared that Qingfeng Li was going lose.

After Feiyan Liu left, The Ice Snow Corporation cleaned up and the reporters left as well. Naturally, Qingfeng Li went back to the sales department.

When Qingfeng Li got back, Xiaoyue Zhang walked over with her face filled with worries.

"Big brother Li, can you really defeat The Phoenix Corporation?" Xiaoyue Zhang asked quietly.

Qingfeng Li was out of words; why was no one trusting him, was the Phoenix Corporation really that scary?

"Little Xiaoyue, don't you worry, brother Li is extremely strong." Qingfeng Li held onto her hands and said.

Xiaoyue Zhang's face reddened up and she left after giving Qingfeng Li one shy look.

The whole day, the people in the sales department were giving Qingfeng Li weird looks. This made him extremely uncomfortable.

Time was flying by. Within the blink of an eye, it was time to go home.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin walked out of the company and towards Fortune Fate Wedding Dress Boutique; it is time to pick up the wedding pictures they took before.

Qingfeng Li was driving while Xue Lin was sitting in the passenger seat. The car drove towards the store.

The Ice Snow Corporation's closing time was 6:00pm; just when the traffic started. It was extremely crowded on the road.

Fortunately, Qingfeng Li's driving skills were extremely good and they arrived at the store in half an hour.

But when they arrived, they saw the store was closed.

What, I came here for the pictures, but you are close. Qingfeng Li was extremely mad.

Qingfeng Li knew Fortune Fate Wedding Dress was a chain store within Hujiang Province, under the Phoenix Corporation. The diamond wedding dress was a gift from Yanzhi Pei.

Qingfeng Li took out his phone and called Yanzhi Pei, but the call didn't go through.

I forgot, Yanzhi Pei's phone was out of service and she was fired. Qingfeng Li knocked his head and remembered.

Even though he couldn't reach Yanzhi Pei's phone, Qingfeng Li could reach Yan Pei's phone. Yan Pei was the manager of this store.

Qingfeng Li found Yan Pei's number and called. In a short moment, Yan Pei answered.

"Hi there, who are you?" Yan Pei answered on the other side of the phone.

"I am Qingfeng Li, Manager Yan Pei. I wanted to ask are the pictures ready yet?"

"Sorry, the pictures were all gone because all the machines were broken. In addition, the store is closed until future notice. Sorry." Yan Pei said with an apologetic tone.

Qingfeng Li was pissed. The pictures he took with Xue Lin were a symbol of their love, but now it was all gone.

Just when Yan Pei was going to hang up, Qingfeng Li asked suddenly,Yan Pei, don't hang up yet, last question. Why was Yanzhi Pei fired, and how is she now?"

Regarding Qingfeng Li's questions, Yan Pei's face changed and said,"Qingfeng Li, I can't tell you what happened. There are some things better for you to not to know."

After she finished her sentence she hung up; not giving Qingfeng Li any opportunity to ask back.

When he called her again, it said her phone was shut down. It was obvious that she didn't want to answer his call.

What was Yan Pei thinking - Qingfeng Li cursed. He felt that Yanzhi Pei faced some difficult obstacles, but he couldn't contact her; he could only worry.

"Xue Lin, sorry, all of our pictures were gone." Qingfeng Li said to Xue Lin, feeling shameful.

"It's ok, we can always take more pictures." Xue Lin said with a smile.

Regarding the pictures, Xue Lin didn't worry too much. As long as the man she loved was still here, they could always take more pictures.

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