My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 484: Whipping Ziyi Miao

Chapter 484: Whipping Ziyi Miao

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"You ungrateful b*tch; I will not forgive you." Qingfeng Li said with his teeth clenched.

His tone was filled with rage and wanted to whip Ziyi Miao back. She was the first woman to make him this angry.

If it wasn't for Qingfeng Li, Ziyi Miao wouldn't have become saintess. But now this woman didn't thank him and was even torturing him.

People said beautiful women were like tigers but this woman was crazier than tigers.


Ziyi Miao flicked her whip again and left another mark on Qingfeng Li's body.

"Qingfeng Li, call me your master, or else I will continue." Ziyi Miao said passionately.

"Ziyi Miao, how dare you hit me. I am going to make you my slave." Qingfeng Li said with his brows tensed.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, she smirked and said, "Qingfeng Li, seems like I have to continue to whip you."

Pa pa pa~

Ziyi Miao continued to whip him. Ziyi Miao's face was red like an apple. She was a sadist and loved to whip others. Powerful men like Qingfeng Li made her even happier.

Qingfeng Li felt that his body wasn't his. Being controlled by the Lust Gu, he could only let her whip him. This made him extremely mad.


A wolf hound came out from Qingfeng Li; the wolf totem mark on his chest became red. He released an aura, like a Wolf King that wanted to devour everything.

"So powerful." She felt the strength emitting from Qingfeng Li's body and her face changed. She felt like she couldn't face it.

"Little Zi, quickly control him and make him my slave." Ziyi Miao blurted out another curse.

Ziyi Miao's rainbow-bug was a female; it could control most of the male bugs.

The rainbow-bug emitted rainbow light and formed a mysterious connection with Qingfeng Li's Lust Gu. It wanted to control Qingfeng Li's mind.

Qingfeng Li started howling even more; it was like the howling of an alpha wolf! The totem in front of him became even redder and his muscle started bulking up. He was looking for blood.

Qingfeng Li's eyes were blood red. He was like a piece of red charcoal. The totem seemed like it was going to jump out any second.

"Get the f*ck out of me." Qingfeng Li screamed and the totem emitted a mysterious strength and forced the Lust Gu out of his body.


The Lust Gu fell onto the ground and wanted to run away, but Qingfeng Li killed it with one step.


Ziyi Miao spat out blood. Qingfeng Li's Lust Gu was connected to Ziyi Miao's Gu inside her body. Now that the Lust Gu was killed, it wounded Ziyi Miao's bug as well, thus why she spat out blood.

After killing the Lust Gu, Qingfeng Li's mind cleared up again. His body wasn't stuck anymore; it became feather-light.

"Ziyi Miao, guess what I am going to do to you." Qingfeng Li smirked and walked towards Ziyi Miao like a wolf looking for blood.

With every step, Qingfeng Li's presence became even stronger. When he arrived in front of Ziyi Miao, it was stronger than ever.

Ziyi Miao's face became pale and wanted to run away, but with his right hand, Qingfeng Li grabbed onto her neck.

"Qingfeng Li, release me." Ziyi Miao said fearfully. He was too powerful; she wasn't his match.

"Release you? I told you I am going to make you my slave today." Qingfeng Li smirked and his eyes were filled with ice-cold light.

"Qingfeng Li, I am Miaojiang's saintess. I will not be your slave." Ziyi Miao said with rage.

Qingfeng Li threw her body onto her ground and started whipping her with her own leather whip.


Qingfeng Li's whipped her body harshly. It ripped her clothes and revealed the snow like skin underneath.

"You bastard, how dare you whip me?" Ziyii Miao said frantically.

Who was Ziyi Miao? She was Miao's saintess; looked up by thousands of people, but now she was being whipped. If the people of Miaojiang knew what happened, they would be surprised.

"That is right, I am whipping you. How dare you be ungrateful of my help." Qingfeng Li smirked and whipped her body once again.


The whip was like a snake and whipped onto her body once again. It tore through her clothes and left a red mark.

"Ziyi Miao, become my slave or I will continue to whip you." Qingfeng Li threatened.

Facing Qingfeng Li's threat, she said with rage, "Bastard, I am Miao's saintess. Even if I die I will not become your slave."

"Alright, we will see about that."Qingfeng Li smirked and his eyes were filled with evil.

Qingfeng Li's whip continued to whip onto Ziyi Miao's body; they all landed on the important parts of her body.

After a short while, Ziyi Miao's face became red and was emitting charming presence.

Ziyi Miao was no longer screaming in pain, she was even enjoying it quite a bit. Every time Qingfeng Li whipped her, she seemed to enjoy it.

Holy, maybe Ziyi Miao was a masochist as well?

Qingfeng Li looked at the currently-enjoying Ziyi Miao. Other people getting whipped would scream in pain, but she was obviously enjoying it.

Suddenly Qingfeng Li stopped whipping and looked at Ziyi Miao with a weird look.

Ziyi Miao was enjoying the whipping and felt discomfort from the sudden stop. She asked, "Why did you stop?"

This girl was a masochist after all, even asking me why I stopped. Qingfeng Li was out of words.

Qingfeng Li smirked and said, "I will whip you, only if you become my slave."

Become your slave?

Ziyi Miao's expression changed and was filled with shame. Even though her body felt good from his whipping, she doesn't want to become his slave because she was a saintess.

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