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Chapter 482: Someone Was Following Qingfeng Li

Chapter 482: Someone Was Following Qingfeng Li

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"Temple Master, what is inside me?" Qingfeng Li’s brows tensed up and asked.

He always thought there was something wrong him, but he didn’t know what. He was going to ask the Temple Master to check it out later, but the Temple Master saw it already.

"Qingfeng, the thing inside of you is quite unique. Can you tell me your symptoms?" Elder Daoist asked.

Qingfeng Li felt awkward to say it because the symptoms were quite weird.

"Boss when did you become such a little b*tch. Just say it." Monk looked at Qingfeng Li and said.

Qingfeng Li glared at Monk and blamed him for talking too much. But he knew that if he didn’t say his symptoms, people would doubt him more.

"Temple Master, the symptoms only appears when I see good looking girls. When I see them, I become heated with green light coming out of my eyes. I can’t control my body and only want to have sex with them." Qingfeng Li awkwardly blurted out the symptoms he experienced.

What, emitting green lights when he sees good looking girls and want to have sex with them?

Hearing what Qingfeng Li said confused everyone beside him.

Monk had a smirk on his face and said, "Boss, your condition is similar to a dog in heat, they also exhibit similar symptoms when they become horny."

"F*ck off, you are a dog in heat." Qingfeng Li told Monk to shut up.

Even though Monk quieted down, he still had a weird smirk on his face.

"Big brother Li, I think my older brother is right. You are like a dog in heat, why would you tell him to f*ck off." Xuanmiao asked innocently.

Even though Xuanmiao was only fifteen years old, he read through a lot of Tao-books already, and naturally knew what Qingfeng Li’s symptoms were like.

Seeing Xuanmiao’s innocent face made Qingfeng Li run out of words. But he also knew what they said were right; he was like a dog in heat.

"Temple Master. I just told you my symptoms, can you tell me what is wrong with my body?" Qingfeng Li asked.

The elder paused for a bit and said, "Your symptoms are similar to a man I met a couple of years ago. Back then he was a victim of Miaojiang’s Gu. The one he had was called the Lust Gu."

Lust Gu?

Qingfeng Li was confused for a second; it was the first time he heard of the name. But the name was quite appropriate.

Even though Qingfeng Li didn’t know much about Miaojiang’s insanity bugs, he knew that only Miaojiang had them. Bugs like the Lust Gus were extremely powerful, and only the holy maidens would carry them.

Without much thought, Qingfeng Li knew that the Lust Gu in his body was the doing of Ziyi Miao, because he had the most interactions with her. He had drank her tea.

Back then Qingfeng Li felt there was something wrong with Ziyi Miao’s tea, but he didn’t think much of it. He didn’t think Ziyi Miao gave him tea in order to bug him.

The saying that women were like the devils was right. Qingfeng Li knew that the moment a woman decided to be vicious, there’s nothing she couldn’t do. Their change in mood was as easy as flipping pages of a book.

Qingfeng Li helped Ziyi Miao obtain the title of Saintess, but just because he saw her body naked once, she placed a bug inside his body.

"Temple Master, what happened to that man?" Qingfeng Li asked the question he was concerned about the most.

He had the Lust Gu inside of him now, so naturally he would care about what happened to the man before.

The elder sighed and said, "The man was controlled by the holy maiden and became her slave. He eventually was whipped to death."

Holy! Getting controlled wasn’t that bad, but getting whipped to death was. Qingfeng Li got a new understanding about how evil the Miaojiang Saintess could be.

"Temple Master, then can the Lust Gu inside of me be removed?" Qingfeng Li asked nervously.

Elder priest shook his head and said, "If you want to remove the Lust Gu, you have to find the person that gave it to you first."

"Temple Master, so you mean if I find the person who placed the bug in me, I can remove it?"

"Ziyi Miao has to remove it for you. But there is a high chance that she will try to control you if she doesn’t want to."

"Control me, what would be the consequences."

"Once you get controlled by the holy maiden, you will become her slave, and readily accept being whipped by him." Elder Daoist said with sympathy.

30 years ago the Elder Daoist saw someone that was controlled by the Lust Gu and was whipped to death. The view was too cruel.

Qingfeng Li was out of words; he felt anxious after hearing what the Elder Daoist said.

To be honest, Qingfeng Li wasn’t scared to face anyone that was powerful. But regarding the Lust Gu, he was quite scared because it was too mysterious.

After chatting a bit more with the Elder Daoist, he left the temple.

Monk didn’t leave with Qingfeng Li because he wanted to take care of his teacher. In the remaining seven days of his life he wanted to be there with him.

Qingfeng Li left the mountain and stopped a taxi. He went towards Eastern Sea City.

Hm? Someone was following him?

As the cab drove into Eastern Sea City ,Qingfeng Li saw a car was following behind him.

"Driver, please stop the car in front of Zhang’s Hotel." Qingfeng Li told the driver.

He didn’t know if the intention of the follower was good or bad, so thus he asked the driver to stop in front of the hotel, not Noble Palace.

In a short while, the driver stopped in front of the hotel. After Qingfeng Li paid the driver, he turned around and walked into the hotel.

"Big brother Li, what brought you here?" Seeing Qingfeng Li walked into the hotel, Tianci Zhang walked up and greeted.

"Tianci, get me a room and do not let anyone in." Qingfeng Li told Tianci Zhang.

"Sounds good. Here the key to 001 VVIP room, the best room available currently. Go ahead." Tianci Zhang took out a golden key and said.

Qingfeng Li took the key and went to the second floor.

After Qingfeng Li walked up, another cab arrived at the hotel. A woman dressed in Miaojiang’s fashion walked into the hotel; her hand was carrying a leather whip.

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