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Chapter 479: Teacher Qingya Ye

Chapter 479: Teacher Qingya Ye

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Qingfeng Li and Xiaoman Lu were chatting happily at the back of the room; the two had tons of common interests.

A handsome guy walked in and said to Qingfeng Li, "Dude, you are in my seat. Let me sit here."

Qingfeng Li looked up at the guy and ignored him. He continued to chat with Xiaoman Lu.

The guy’s brows tensed up and he felt pissed off. He said once again, "I told you to leave this seat, did you not hear me?"

"This seat isn’t yours, why should I leave?" Qingfeng Li looked at the guy and said with dissatisfaction. There were so many empty seats.

"Do you know who I am? I am Dong Wu."

"Who’s Dong Wu?"

"I am the son of the vice-chancellor. You better leave. Or else don’t blame me for the consequences."

"It’s not like I care. Go wherever you want, just don’t be here in front of my face." Qingfeng Li waved his hand. It was like he was driving away a fly.

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s hand motions made Dong Wu extremely mad. His eyes were filled with rage.

Everybody knew about him in the school. Not only was he the vice chancellor’s son, he was the president of the karate club as well. Everyone respected him and Qingfeng Li was the first person to disrespect him in a long time.

The class bell rang at this moment, signaling the start of class. A gorgeous woman walked in with snow-like skin with a pair of pure black eyes.

The white doctor uniform on her sculpted out her body and made her even more attractive.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with heat because the woman was beautiful. The beauty wasn’t like Xiaoman Lu’s innocence; it was more mature.

"Bastard, you got lucky this time because the teacher came. I will take care of you after class ends." Dong Wu glared at Qingfeng Li cruelly and left.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes brightened up after looking at the lady standing on the podium. This beauty’s name was Qingya Ye, Xiaoman Lu’s teacher. They saw each other in Xiaoman's dorm's washroom before.

Qingya Ye looked at the class from the podium. Her stare froze because she saw someone she absolutely hated: the man who saw her whole naked body in the washroom, Qingfeng Li.

Qingya Ye looked at Qingfeng Li coldly, but because it was class time, she couldn’t do anything to Qingfeng Li. She could only hide her complaints for now.

"Hi everyone. Today’s class we are going to study the ." Qingya Ye smiled and wrote down the name on the blackboard.

"That student, please tell me the formula about Ephedra decoction." Qingya Ye pointed at Qingfeng Li and smirked.

Everyone looked at Qingfeng Li mockingly; they knew that the teacher was trying to give him trouble. This was because whenever she wanted to give trouble to someone, she will ask students about things that weren’t taught previously.

Xiaoman Lu gathered her courage and said, "Teacher I don’t think you are being fair. You never taught us anything about it, how can you expect us to know?"

Seeing how Xiaoman Lu was on Qingfeng Li’s side made Qingya Ye baffled. In her memory, Xiaoman Lu was a good student who ignored all the boys. What happened today? She was willing to stand against me because of a guy.

"Xiaoman Lu, I asked the student beside you, not you." Qingya Ye looked at her and said plainly.

Even though Xiaoman Lu still wanted to say something, she was stopped by Qingfeng Li.

"Teacher, if I could get it right, do I get a reward?"

"What kind of reward do you want?"

"It is easy; I want to give you a kiss." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

He naturally knew about Qingya Ye’s hostility towards him, thus saying that he will kiss her once. Qingfeng Li was trying to teach her a lesson.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, she was extremely pissed. This was the first time during her many years of teaching that a student said they wanted to kiss her. It was the first time and the only guy.

"Who are you and which class are you from?" Qingya Ye said coldly. Her tone was filled with rage.

Qingya Ye was the most beautiful teacher of the school, so naturally, a lot of people came for her class. But she never saw Qingfeng Li before; apart from the time in the girl’s washroom.

"My name is Qingfeng Li. But I don’t need to tell you which class I am from." Qingfeng Li said with a smirk. With one sentence he made Qingya Ye out of words.

Qingya Ye looked at Qingfeng Li evilly and said, "I will give you one last chance. Tell me the formula, or get out."

Xiaoman Lu whispered, "Brother Li, it’s ok if you don’t know, I will leave with you."

Qingfeng Li smiled and waved his hands, telling her not to worry.

"Teacher, if you will let me kiss you once, then I will tell you the formula."

"Fine, if you can give me the correct answer, I will let you kiss me once. If you cannot, then leave."

"Ephedra decoction uses cassia, almond, and licorice and has four functions…" Qingfeng Li smiled and listed the formula easily, even going on to explain the functions as well.

Right, he got it right?

Qingya Ye was surprised. She didn’t think that Qingfeng Li would know the answer, but he did. She never taught about the formula of .

Everyone knew that Qingfeng Li got it right from Qingya Ye’s reaction. This surprised them; he got it right despite that the teacher never taught it before.

"Teacher Qingya Ye, I got it right. Please fulfill your promise and let me kiss you." Qingfeng Li looked at her face and said with a smile.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li had to say, her face reddened up. They were inside the school, in class, and she was a teacher. If the event of kissing her spread out, it wouldn’t be good.

But if she didn’t fulfill her promise, her reputation would be damaged as well.

"One kiss, one kiss, one kiss." The students started to coax. In their heart, Qingya Ye was their goddess. Even though they couldn’t get her, it didn’t mean others can’t.

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