My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 474: Bitch, You Are Courting Death

Chapter 474: Bitch, You Are Courting Death

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Qingfeng Li moved his body like a whirlwind, rushing to the security room quickly.

He needed to rush to the security room immediately to save Hao Luo and those poisoned security guards.

Such incredible speed!

The tall security guard felt like a blowing whirlwind traveling past him, and soon Qingfeng Li disappeared from the conference room, and did not even see the shadow.

"Go, we shall also go to the security room to see." Xue Lin suddenly stood up from the chair with the tall security guard, and walked towards the security room.

Hao Luo and those security guards were Ice Snow Corporation’s employees. If anything happens, they die here, it would have a catastrophic impact on the company.

Qingfeng Li was fast. After ten seconds, he got from the meeting room to the security room. When he entered the security room, he was greeted by Hao Luo in the middle, and next to him, there were also some other guards laying down.

At this point, Hao Luo looked extremely miserable with a poisoned-black face, foaming at his mouth. His body was constantly trembling, and his pupils were enlarged, looking like he could die at any second.

"This is not good, this is a potassium lump poison (TL: I googled and I think the author made it up)." Qingfeng Li face changed, his eyes flashed a cold light.

Potassium Lump Poison was a highly toxic drug, and a simple drop could take a man’s life. Under normal circumstances, if the victim was not treated immediately, he would die within a few minutes.

Fortunately, Qingfeng Li was here today at the Ice Snow Corporation, and he only took a few seconds to get here. If he is out of town and gets delayed for ten minutes, Hao Luo will die.

Qingfeng Li came quickly in front of Hao Luo, tore off his clothes and identified the body for several detoxification points.

Shoo, shoo, shoo.

Qingfeng Li took nine silver needles, pierced as quick as thunder, swiftly piercing at Hao Luo’s body detoxification points, and then compelled the toxins toward the needles.

When Xue Lin and the tall security guard came to the security room. They saw Qingfeng Li was detoxing Hao Luo, so they did not disturb him, but Xue Lin’s eyes revealed her worry and anxiety.

A few minutes later, near Hao Luo’s acupuncture, there were plenty of black toxins.

Qingfeng Li pulled his right hand out speedily like thunder and suddenly all nine needles were pulled out simultaneously. All of a sudden, there were many black toxins mixed with black blood flowing out from the location of the acupuncture points, flowing onto the floor everywhere.

When the black body toxins disappeared, Hao Luo slowly opened his eyes and wondered, "Brother, why did you take off my clothes, I am not a gay."

What the heck, you are the f*cking gay!

Qingfeng Li rolled up his eyes, and was too lazy to talk to Hao Luo because there were a few other security guards waiting for him to save them next to Hao Luo.

The poison in these security guards was not the same as that in Hao Luo. Hao Luo’s poison was extremely toxic. Among these security guards were ordinary toxins, such as rat poisons and pesticides.

It appeared that the toxins in antler tiger whip liquid and other health products were different. Qingfeng Li already knew this time that the health products Bin Ye gave to him were all toxic, as they were to poison him and all the other Ice Snow Corporation employees.

What a vicious heart! Qingfeng Li’s heart was burning with anger, but now he needed to focus on rescuing people. There was no time to judge and punish Bin Ye yet, but after saving the victims, Qingfeng Li would find him for revenge.

Qingfeng Li once again pulled out the nine silver needles to detoxify the other security guards.

Soon, the few remaining security guards’ toxins were all cleared by Qingfeng Li, and they also woke back up.

"Qingfeng, are they all alright?" Xue Lin asked.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, "They are fine. The poisons in their body had been cleared up by me, but these health products should be toxic, and can not be sent to our employees. We will have to destroy them all immediately."

"Okay!" Xue Lin agreed and then asked the company staff to destroy all these health products.

As for Qingfeng Li, after rescuing Hao Luo and the other several security guards, he left the Ice Snow Corporation and went to seek revenge on Bin Ye.

"Bin Ye, you scumbag! Even daring to poison the nutritional supplement products and try to kill me! Just you wait." Qingfeng Li walked out of the company and drove Xue’s BMW car towards the Ye Corporation.

Ye Corporation, President's Office.

Bin Ye and Ya Wang were drinking tea in his office. He took a sip, smiled and said, "Ya Wang, if Qingfeng Li drinks the antler tiger whip liquid, he should have died by now."

Ya Wang nodded, smiled to Bin Ye seductively, and said. "Yes, if he drank it, then he will certainly be in hell by now."

"Ya Wang, what poison did you put in the antler tiger whip liquid?" Bin Ye asked.

"I put the potassium lump poison which is highly toxic. Even if Qingfeng Li’s body is physically strong, he will also be dead." Ya Wang said cruelly.

When Qingfeng Li came to the President’s Office of Ye Corporation, he heard the conversation inside, and his face suddenly appeared angry.

What the fuck! It was unbelievable because Qingfeng Li thought that he was poisoned by Bin, but he did not expect that it turned out to be a woman.


Qingfeng Li kicked to open the door, strode into the room with his eyes flashing with murderous intentions.

"Bitch, how dare you to poison me." Qingfeng Li looked at Ya Wang with a murderous face and yelled.

After hearing someone scolding her, Ya Wang looked up and saw Qingfeng Li. Her face suddenly changed.

"You, you, how did you not die?" Ya Wang’s attractive face was full filled with horror. She could never imagine that Qingfeng Li not only didn’t die but even found the Ye Corporation.

By looking at her front, Qingfeng Li definitely recognized her. When he and Xue Lin took their wedding photos, this woman was with Bin Ye together, trying to take their diamond wedding dress away.

"Qingfeng Li, you killed my father Sky-Ruling Tiger, and I want to take revenge. Since you came here today, then do not even think to leave." Ya Wang smirked with her eyes flashing cruelly.

"You want to kill me? I am afraid you are not qualified." Qingfeng Li sneered with a cruel voice.

To him, let alone Ya Wang, not even Sky-Ruling Tiger was qualified to be his rival. Unless the rival reached the King level, the people trying to fight him simply weren’t qualified to be his opponent.

"Qingfeng Li, I admit that you are very powerful, but I have guns. You are good, but you can’t be as quick as a bullet." Ya Wang sneered and took out her gun from her arms, aiming at Qingfeng Li.

However, to face Ya Wang's gun, Qingfeng Li’s face stayed the same without any panic, and he strode forward.

"Stop! If you go one step further, I'll kill you." Ya Wang snapped her finger on the trigger and said coldly.

Qingfeng Li curved his lips up and smiled with a flicker of irony appearing in his eyes.

Gun? What a joke! He is not even afraid of a sniper rifle, let alone a pistol. Needless to say, Ya Wang used the standard of ordinary people to estimate Qingfeng Li, but could Qingfeng Li be compared to ordinary people? Obviously not!


After seeing Qingfeng Li not stopping, and continued to walk towards her. Ya Wang buckled the trigger and fired a merciless bullet.

Qingfeng Li right hand suddenly stretched out, and two fingers looking like a pair of iron clickers, suddenly caught the bullet.

What, caught the bullet with fingers?

Ya Wang and Bin Ye were astonished, opening their mouths wildly big with a look of shock on their faces. Their eyes were full of shock as if they saw a ghost.

"Bitch, you are courting death." Qingfeng Li said with a murderous face.

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