My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 471: Company Crisis

Chapter 471: Company Crisis

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"Ya Wang, you only put poison in Qingfeng Li‘s nutritional supplement products, not in the other nutritional supplement products, correct?" Bin Ye asked.

"Of course, I only put the poison in Qingfeng Li 's Nutritional supplement products." Ya Wang said with a smile on her alluring face, her eyes flickering.

Would Ya Wang only put poison in Qingfeng’s products? Of course not, she not only wanted to get revenge on Qingfeng Li, but she also wanted to take revenge on the entire Ice Snow Corporation, so she put poison in all the Nutritional supplement products. Once the employees of Ice Snow Corporation used these toxic drugs, they will certainly die.

Poor Bin Ye, Ya Wang had now manipulated him to be a tool for her revenge, but unfortunately he was kept in the dark and did not know anything.

"Ya Wang, after Qingfeng Li dies, you will marry me, right?" Bin Ye looked at Ya Wang with sparks in his eyes.

Ya Wang nodded his head, smiled and said, "When Li Qingfeng dies, I will marry you."

After hearing the words of Ya Wang, Bin Ye face turned into joyful with uplifted eyebrows.

Since Bin Ye first saw Ya Wang, he immediately fell in love with this woman and started to chase her. Now the woman had finally accepted him, and he was very happy.

Qingfeng Li had already left, so he didn’t listen to Ya Wang and Bin Ye ‘s dialogue clearly. He arrived at the Ice Snow Corporation with a truck driver.

In the car, he made a phone call to Hao Luo and asked the people in the security department to wait at the door.

Half an hour later, the truck arrived at the Ice Snow Corporation, Hao Luo and a dozen security guards were standing by the door.

"Hey, brother Qingfeng! That’s a lot of Nutritional supplement products, huh?" after seeing a truck full of Nutritional supplement products, Hao Luo’s fat face flashed with a happy glance. He said with a smile.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said: "Hao Luo, put these Nutritional supplement products into the office of the security department first. After work, you can distribute them to employees of the company as a reward."

"No problem, bro." Hao Luo nodded his head and then began to instruct the security guards behind him to move the Nutritional supplement products to the office.

The Security Department had a dozen security guards and within half an hour, they had put all the Nutritional supplement products away. As for Ye Corporation`s truck driver, he unloaded the goods and drove away.

"Heh, big brother Li, there was a box of Antler Tiger Whip, which is a high-level Nutritional supplement product." Hao Luo suddenly saw the top of the luxury health care product in surprise and recognition.

You know, from the unloaded medical Nutritional supplement products, most of them were about 30,000 Yuan, but this antler tiger whip liquid was worth 100,000 Yuan, which was three times more expensive than the average Nutritional supplement products.

As a man, everyone obviously knew the effect of antler and tiger whip - it was a good thing for one’s kidneys.

After seeing Luo Hao’s squinted eyes, Qingfeng Li said with a smile, "Alright fatty boy, this box of Nutritional supplement products is yours. Drink it more and have more fun with your wife at night."

"Thank you, brother Qingfeng." Hao Luo held the bottle, his face full of excitement.

He was married now, every night he and his wife were having a lot of sex. Over this period of time, his kidneys were weakening, and this antler tiger whip liquid can boost up his body quickly.

Qingfeng Li talked to Hao Luo for a few minutes, then walked toward the company conference room. He knew that today there would be a board meeting, he wanted to check it up.


Ice Snow Corporation, the conference room.

The conference room was large in size, with more than a hundred square meters and luxurious decoration, all beautifully designed and decorated with white glass and white floor tiles.

At this point, there were four people sitting in a spacious conference room, namely, Xue Lin, Tianxiang Huang, Dequan Yu, Zongjie Zhou.

Tianxiang Huang was a 70-year-old man, although very old, but no bald with some gray hair. His face looks not bad, and it seemed that he has put some attention on the fitness and healthy body.

"Xue Lin, I think the shares you gave us were too little. I want to ask for an increase in my shares holding." Tianxiang Huang looked at Xue Lin with his cloudy eyes, and said with a smile.

Although he had a smile on his face, he said with an interrogative force, directly moving to the points of stock. What did stocks mean? That meant money.

Everyone loved money. No one would complain about having too much money, and they all wanted more money.

Xue Lin frowned and started to talk, "Mr. Huang, I think that since you have been given twenty percent of the shares, there is no need to increase your shares."

Huang Tianxiao frowned, his eyes flashed a gaze of dissatisfaction. He didn’t expect that this little girl would dare to go against him.

"Xue Lin, I established this company with your grandfather, and saw you grow up as a child so I can be considered as your elder. The shares given is too little and it is not even enough for my retirement. Is that how you treat elders?" Tianxiang Huang had a cold gaze in his eyes and talked.

As soon as Tianxiang Huang talked, he regarded himself as an elder and Xue Lin as a junior. If Xue did not give him any more shares, that meant that Xue Lin did not respect elders. This was called a misleading accusation.

This issue of misleading accusations in today's society was very common. Some old people were bad and disrespectful. For example, when they take the bus, they will force a young girl to forfeit a seat to them, and if the girl did not give the seat to them, they will accuse the girl of disrespecting old people. In fact, the girl was sick, and she would still get judged and accused.

There was a saying that went well: 'It’s not that the elderly became bad, but the bad guys got older.' Some people are young when they were bad, once they get old, they are still bad people.

Tianxiang Huang apparently was a bad guy. When he was young, he did a lot of immoral things. Once he became old, he continued to do what he used to do. His target was now Xue Lin and the entire Ice Snow Corporation.

As a living old man who has lived half of his life, Tianxiang Huang had completely lived as a demon.

Xue Lin frowned with a gaze of dissatisfaction, since she noticed what was going on. Tianxiang Huang apparently wanted nothing but more shares. He even brought up her own grandfather to pressure her.

"Yes, you and my grandfather founded the company that year, but during these years, you and the other founders did nothing. My grandfather was in charge of the entire company and were exhausted. You all spent a happy life selfishly, and now don’t you dare to mention my grandfather." Xue said.

Xue Lin smiled with her lips pursed slightly, and opened her mouth, "Mr. Huang, I respect you as my elder, so I won’t judge your mistakes. However, if you want to bully me and want to increase your ownership of shares, I will tell you, it is impossible!"

With a tough attitude from Xue Lin, Tianxiang Huang smiled emotionlessly, and said, "Xue Lin, since you are stubborn, then do not blame on the elders. I am going to impeach you as an incompetent president of the company. Develop the company ineffectively, and the board will vote to dismiss you as president."

"Oh, expel me, you would need at least three board members to agree. I'm afraid only you cannot." Xue Lin curled her lips and said.

She had given enough respect to Tianxiang Huang, but this guy was disrespectful and shameless. Since the relationship was already broken, then do not blame Xue Lin if she says ruthless and cruel words.

Xue Lin respected elders, but if you want to bully Xue Lin based on your status as elders, then she had to resist it.

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