My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 463: Compensation for Breach of Contract

Chapter 463: Compensation for Breach of Contract

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"Are you tired? I can give you a massage." Qingfeng Li said to Xue Lin with a smile.

Xue Lin rubbed her forehead, the look on her face revealed her tiredness, she said, "a bit, it’s right that I can’t work too hard right after getting out of the hospital.Qingfeng Li went to the back of Xue Lin, he reached his arms, laid them on her shoulders then started massaging. He started with the cervical vertebra first, as it was the most important part of human body, which sealed with the brain activities of human.

Many people had problems with their cervical vertebrae for the reason that they spent most of their time playing on the computers and phones, watching television or working while keeping their necks low. Those scenarios would leave cervical vertebra stiff. Blood circulation would also be slowed down, which cause pressure on vessels and the injury or deformation of the tissues. All of these would result in tiredness, dizziness and headache.

Qingfeng Li took a look and found out what Xue Lin had wasn’t vertebral disease, it only because she had been working with her neck in a low position for too long, and that would cause the tiredness of cervical vertebra and the entire body.

Qingfeng Li found the Sky Pillar Point, Well Point, Wind Pool Point and started massaging. Those points were all on the cervical vertebra and had great benefit for cervical vertebra pain relief and dredging vessels and blood flow.

Xue Lin closed her eyes and took her time enjoying the massage, the pain went away very soon. She had to admitted that Qingfeng Li’s massage skills were very excellent, of course, that was because he mastered the medical knowledge and knew all the pressure points that could help treat pain.

Xue Lin felt so much better after about half an hour, all the tiredness were gone, therefore she asked Qingfeng Li to stop.

Actually she wished Qingfeng Li could massage for some more time, however, he couldn’t keep his hands in place, they were moving around all over her body. That was why she asked him to stop.

"Hmm, can’t take advantage now." Qingfeng Li sighed, he turned around and walked out of the office. Xue Lin still had work to do, so he couldn’t stay too long to interrupt her.

As Qingfeng Li going back to the sales department, he noticed that Yong Huang was staring at him with a relentless look. Apparently, Yong Huang found out that all his files were in the garbage bin and that made him furious.

Qingfeng Li didn’t bother talking to Yong Huang. As long as Yong Huang didn’t mess with him, he wouldn’t have anything to do with him, if Yong Huang did, then he would teach him a serious lesson on how to behave.

"Brother Li, did the CEO scold you?" Xiaoyue Zhang went close to Qingfeng Li and asked in a low voice.

Qingfeng Li got confused and asked, "why would the CEO scold me?"

"Brother Li, you just insulted Yong Huang. He wasn’t some normal person, he is the grandson of one of the foundersr."

"What’s about the grandson of the corporation founder? I’ll beat him up if he offend me again."

"That’s sick, Brother Li." Xiaoyue Zhang replied Qingfeng Li with a thumb up.

Qingfeng Li was the only person dared to say he would beat up Yong Huang in the entire Ice Snow Corporation, nobody else had the guts.

Qingfeng Li sat down on his chair, started reading the files on the desk. The files were about the fifty million dollar order made by Ye Corporation in the Eastern Sea City. The corporation had already finished manufacturing and was waiting for the shipment, however, Ye Corporation claimed for a return all of a sudden.

It was understandable that it wanted to return, the point was that they refuse to pay for the compensation for breach of contract, which was Ice Snow Corporation didn’t agree with.

There were two kinds of jewellery business Ice Snow Corporation was dealing with, one was to manufacture and market all by itself, the other was personal or corporation-wise customization. Customization, was literally for those who favoured some certain styles of jewellery and asked the Ice Snow Corporation to manufacture for them.

The customized jewelry was based on the client’s special taste, which made it hard to fit other’s taste. If someone made an order but wanted to cancel it, it was fine as long as the paid a ten percent compensation for breach of contract.

Qingfeng Li frowned, Ye Corporation made an order worth fifty million Yuan, thus it had to pay five million as compensation for breach of contract. However, they refused to pay that amount.

Honestly, the compensation for breach of contract wasn’t a big deal for Ice Snow Corporation. What mattered to it was the reputation. Like it said, nothing could be accomplished without norms or standards. Every industry had its own regulations.

It didn’t matter if it was jewelry company or any other like furniture company, clothing company, anyone who submitted the order and refused to accept it had to pay the compensation for breach of contract. Some rates were as high as twenty or even thirty percent. Compared to those rates, the ten percent Ice Snow Corporation charged was considered low.

Think about it, if Ice Snow Corporation dismiss the charge for compensation for breach of contract, then it was highly possible that other corporations or people would return their orders with paying the damages. As a result, Ice Snow Corporation had to bare the loss itself.

"We must get the compensation for breach of contract." Qingfeng Li though in his mind.

Obviously, Qingfeng Li saw the files of jewellery sale on the computer, the person who dealt with the Ye Corporation was Wanqiu Xia, which meant she was responsible for this case.

Qingfeng Li stood up and walked to the sales manager’s office. He was planning to help Wanqiu Xia.

Wanqiu Xia was sitting on the chair miserably when he walked in. she was depressed and her face was covered with misery.

"Sister Xia, you are so pretty, but if you keep having a sad face then you will get ugly." Qingfeng Li said to Wanqiu Xia.

"Oh stop it, what brings you here to see me?" Wanqiu Xia glanced at him with a sweet look and asked.

Qingfeng Li pulled over a chair and sat himself down, said, "sister Xia, I saw it from the sales department’s files that you were working on a contract worth fifty million Yuan, but the client broke the contract now. Was that bothering you?"

Wanqiu Xia nodded, Qingfeng Li was right that she was bothered by that case, however, Ye Corporation was a big corporation in the Eastern Sea City that possessed enormous amount of asset. There was nothing she could do if it breached the contract.

Apparently if there was a breach of contract, loss wouldn’t only occur to Ice Snow Corporation, but also to Wanqiu Xia, since it was her case. She had to take the responsibility as the manager of sales department. One month pay cut probably wouldn’t be avoided, since the fifty million dollar worth contract wasn’t a small amount.

Although Qingfeng Li spoke out what was in Wanqiu Xia’s mind for her, she didn’t put too much hope on him. What could Qingfeng Li do with Ye Corporation, unlike other small corporations, it was such a wealthy and influential corporation.

Yes, Qingfeng Li did help Xiaoyue Zhang to take back a million dollar worth compensation for breach of contract from Sanyuan Gang before, but they were just bullies, not a wealthy corporation like Ye Corporation.

"Sister Xia, don’t worry. You can’t take back the money by simply sitting in the office. How about going out with me?" Qingfeng Li asked with a smile on his face.

"Go out? Where?"

"Obviously we are going to Ye Corporation to get the money back, Sister Xia."

"Ye Corporation is such a big corporation, I have been there several times and they wouldn’t give the money." Wanqiu Xia said in misery.

She was annoyed talking about her experience at Ye Corporation trying to get the compensation for breach of contract. The CEO of Ye Corporation didn’t give her the money, and was even staring at her lustfully, which was extremely disgusting.

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