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Chapter 456: Activation of the Heroes List

Chapter 456: Activation of the Heroes List

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This young lady who seemed to be around her 20s was very pretty. Her beauty, yet, was different from any other spoiled girls who grew up in the city.

Instead, she was tan and fit, had a prominent facial structure, small mouth, and shiny black-pearl-like eyes. She was also tall and carried a majestic aura like the celebrity Guiyin Mu.

The young lady stood straight and squared her shoulders. She moved her arms in a steady motion while holding all power in her core. The momentum has been gathered on her from different directions.

She gathered the power in her core, groaned and hit the rock in front of her with her right fist.


After a huge sound, the rock was smashed into halves on the ground. Yet, the fist of the young lady was intact.

Smashing a rock with one punch, something that seemed impossible to others, was actually accomplished by a young lady. Whoever witnessed this scene would definitely be surprised.

This young lady with both beauty and power wasn’t somebody else. Tai Chi eases the world and Baji overturns the universe. This was the best compliment for Baji Fist.

The time when Yuanzhuang revolted at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, Sanfeng helped him a lot with Tai Chi and even saved him out of dangers. That’s where the statement of ‘Tai Chi eases the world’ comes from.

Many people didn’t know that Yuanzhang set the world at peace because he received plenty of help from the golden guard. There were many times when Yuanzhang was almost killed. The golden nurse saved him by defeating the enemies with his Baji Fist. That’s where ‘Baji overturns the universe’ came from.

As the saying goes, heroes mostly appeared in the warring periods. They were there to bring peace to the world and shine their fame.

But the contemporary world is the world of peace, many places no longer required martial art masters since they could easily kill people if they couldn’t control their strengths well.

Yet, a lot of people switched their direction for Tai Chi since it was slow and less aggressive. Frequent practice can even help build up your well-being.

In terms of battle, though, Baji Fist was still a tremendous force.

You could tell how powerful Guiying Wu was by seeing how she, as a young lady, actually acquired this powerful skill, Baji Fist.

"Guiying, remember to take you brother Cheng Wu with you when you head down the hill, so that he can also compete with others in the Heroes List," the middle-aged woman said.

Guiying frowned and looked confused with her sparkling eyes. "Mom, my brother hasn’t acquired the skill yet. Bringing him with me is not a good idea."

There is a rule in the Baji Village. Normally, only those who had obtained the Baji Fist were allowed to go out, the rest of those who hadn’t would have to stay inside.

"Guiying, you should bring him with you just because of that, and you both can also take care of each other on the way there," the woman replied affirmatively.

In fact, she didn’t want Cheng Wu to go, either, but since he insisted that he wanted to explore the world outside, she finally allowed him to go since she cared so much about him.

After seeing her mother being so affirmative, Guiying nodded and decided to take Cheng Wu with her. After all, it would be chaotic once the Heroes List was activated, and her brother would be safer outside if he was with her.

Huaxia, Wing Chun Mountain.

Wing Chun Mountain was a well-known mountain that’s named after the Wing Chun martial art style.

Speaking of it, Wing Chun is extremely popular in Huaxia. Ye Man was the one who made it well-known to the world. Also, Bruce Lee used to be his trainee for Wing Chun. Later on, he created his Jeet Kune Do (TL: literal translation is Dao of Fist Interception) and spread Huaxia’s Kungfu worldwide.

A young man had been standing up on a quincuncial pile for two hours with only one foot. Yet, he had been keeping the same position without moving at all like a piece of wood.

All the sudden, the young man finally moved. He jumped down from the wood, raised his elbow, and shoved his fist forwards.


In a second, the hard wood were all smashed into pieces by the young man while some pieces were still floating in the air.

This young man was Zhuiming Ye. He had become a master of Wing Chun and was about to participate in the Heroes List.

Huaxia, Phoenix City.

Phoenix City was one of the top ten cities in Huaxia because of a phenomenal female character, Zetian Wu.

The Wu Family was the top family in the Phoenix City as well as one of the top ten families in Huaxia. It was nothing less compared to the Wang Family in Jing Capital.

The Wu Family was stronger than the Wang Family in terms of force, yet, people barely knew it since the Wu family tended to be humble and low-key while the Wang Family was always proud and loud.

At this moment, a young lady in a white dress was waving a sword. This young lady was very good-looking with her oval-shape face, thin brows and her cherry-like small mouth. She had a slender figure, yet, the power that she had was recognizable since she could make a hole on the ground when she stuck her sword out each time.

Her name is Fenghuang Wu, also known as the top master of the younger generation in the Wu Family.

Today would be the last day for Fenghuang to practice her sword skills, since she would leave the family for the Heroes List tomorrow.

Fenghuang aimed to become one of the top ten in the Heroes List, and only by doing so, she would obtain the Forbidden Realm Token and gain the access to the Kunlun Forbidden Zone.

Loads of people were moving in Huaxia. All top four martial art families have sent their top young master out of the mountain.

Besides the top four martial art families, some other martial art families also sent out their aces off the mountain. All of these people were hidden masters and would only appear when the Heroes List opened.

Also, some top hidden families like the top ten families from Huaxia also sent out all their masters to get the Forbidden Realm Token.

Although the top four families were formidable in Jing Capital, they were still within the city. Huaxia is big and had gathered numerous masters. Some of them were way stronger and have a way longer history than the Wang Family.

The Wu Family which was Zetian Wu's descendants since the Tang Dynasty would be one example. In terms of both wealth and power, they were far stronger than the Wang Family. But since they were always humble, they wouldn’t show up if it wasn’t because of the Kunlun Forbidden Zone.

The Wang Family destroyed by Qingfeng didn’t even count within the top ten list in Huaxia. Now, Aal the top ten families in Huaxia appeared just for the opening of the Heroes List.

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