My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 347: The Arrogant Mother-In-Law

Chapter 347: The Arrogant Mother-In-Law

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Facing the lady’s glare, Qingfeng Li just stood there without any expressions.

Qingfeng Li met England’s Queen and Denmark’s princess. Compared to these characters, this lady was actually on par.

Qingfeng Li knew; this lady wasn’t someone so plain. She had an extremely big background. In Huaxia she was someone big as well.

"Qingfeng, I just finished cooking, come in and eat a bit." Ruyan Liu smiled and said.

Ruyan Liu knew, since her mother already saw Qingfeng Li, it would be too late to hide it. Since it was too late, then she might as well invite him in; she already said he was just his friend.

Qingfeng Li blinked at Ruyan Liu. It meant: your mother is here, is it convenient for me to come in?

Ruyan Liu nodded, meaning yes. This was code between the two.

Seeing Qingfeng Li entering the living room, the lady was dissatisfied. But since her daughter already said this man was her friend, she couldn’t do anything to embarrass her.

Because her mother came, Ruyan Liu cooked eight dishes and two soups. These eight dishes had both meat and veggies. Meat included duck, chicken, fish, and shrimp. The veggies included cabbage, broccoli, black fungus. The soup included tomatoes egg drop soup and meat soup.

As a daughter, Ruyan Liu gave enough prestige to her mom; personally cooked so many dishes.

There were only three people on the table, Qingfeng Li, Ruyan Liu, the lady. Jiajiao Liu wasn’t home.

"Qingfeng, let me introduce you. This is my mom Xifeng Zhang, you can call her aunty Zhang." Ruyan Liu smiled and said.

Xifeng Zhang?

Qingfeng Li tensed his brows. Just from hearing her name he knew she wasn’t someone to mess around with.

had a character named Xifeng Wang. She was ferocious. This lady’s name was Xifeng Zhang. Even though their last were different, but the last two characters were the same; she mustn’t be messed with either.

"Hi Aunty Zhang." Qingfeng Li smiled and said hi.

Even though he didn’t like this lady that much, but she was Ruyan Liu’s mother. As Ruyan Liu’s partner, he had to show a bit of respect.

Facing Qingfeng Li’s greeting, the lady only nodded without sauntyng anything. She obviously didn’t treat him seriously.

But after some thought this was normal. The lady was the mistress of one of Beijing’s four head families. Her worth was hundreds of millions, obviously wouldn’t put someone like Qingfeng Li in mind.

Seeing how her mother wasn’t taking Qingfeng Li seriously, Ruyan Liu’s eyes were filled with apology. She knew that her mother was extremely arrogant.

"Ruyan, you are sick. You should eat more." Qingfeng Li picked up a piece of chicken and left it in Ruyan Liu’s bowl.

Ruyan Liu smiled. Qingfeng Li giving her dishes made her extremely happy.

Flirting, these two are flirting. Xifeng Zhang’s brows tensed up; her eyes became cold.

Her daughter was the daughter of a a family that worth hundreds of millions, how could she befriend someone so plain. She decided to ask the youth some questions.

"little Feng, can I call you this?" Xifeng Zhang smiled and asked.

"Of course, aunty Zhang you are the elder, you can call me what ever you want." Qingfeng Li answered back.

He was a bit confused, the lady was ignoring him, why did she started talking to him all of a sudden.

It wasn’t feeling right. What ever the lady going to ask, it wasn’t something good.

As expected, the lady asked: "little Feng, where do you work."

I knew you were going to ask this. Qingfeng Li was depressed, but still answered: I worked at Ice Snow Corporation.

Ice Snow Corporation?

She shook her head because she never heard of it. The companies she normally contacted with all worth more than couple billions. Her own business worth couple billions too; naturally she never heard of Ice Snow Corporation.

Seeing how her mother never heard of the company, Ruyan Liu explained: Ice Snow Corporation is a jewel company in Eastern Sea City, worth hundreds of millions.

Hundred of millions?

After hear\ing this number, Xifeng Zhang’s brows tensed up. For her, hundreds of million was just a couple of dollars, nothing worth mentioning.

Working at a company that small, what future was there even if you were the president of it.

"little Feng, what is your job at the company, president, or CEO?" Xifeng Zhang asked, her tone was become cold.

"Aunty Zhang, I work at the sales department. I am a sales person." Qingfeng Li answered.

Sales person, just a sales person. Xifeng Zhang’s face immediately became cold. Her eyes were filled with despise.

If the young man in front of him were to be the president or CEO, Xifeng Zhang would say a bit more. But after hearing he was just a sales person, she was too lazy to say anything.

A company’s sales person, the lowest of the low. Extremely low wages, just a couple thousand, and this status was too low in the lady’s eyes as well.

Xifeng Zhang looked at Qingfeng Li coldly, feeling angry. Her daughter is the daughter of Beijing’s Liu Family; no way could she befriend a sales person. If people were to know, they would mock her. She cannot be embarrassed.

In Beijing Liu’s family, there was one rule: you cannot step into the family’s door if you don’t worth more than a billion.

"Qingfeng Li, do you know who my daughter is?" Xifeng Zhang said coldly. She was no longer saying little Feng.

When someone said the full name of another, this meant that they were looking down at them; it was an act of disrespecting.

"Your daughter, her name is Ruyan Liu, and she is my friend. These are all I needed to know." Qingfeng Li said plainly.

Even though Liu family is extremely strong, Qingfeng Li didn’t take it serious because he is the Wolf King, number one of the Dark World.

No matter how strong your family is, in front of absolute strength, it will get demolished.

In Wolf Continent, there were some powerful family that offended Qingfeng Li, but they were all abolished by him with the Wolf Fang Gang.

"Qingfeng Li, let me tell you. My daughter is the daughter of the top four families of Beijing, daughter of Liu Family. Do you know Liu Family? It is Huaxia’s best of the best family, worth billions of Yuan. I don’t think you have the right to befriend my daughter." Xifeng Zhang smirked and said with arrogance.

Xifeng Zhang was extremely arrogant towards the young man; she was looking down at him.

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