My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 330: Xue Lin's Wedding Drawing

Chapter 330: Xue Lin's Wedding Drawing

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"Let me see what you drew." Qingfeng asked Xue Lin with a smile.

Xue Lin was reluctant to let Qingfeng see her drawing, but Qingfeng insisted on looking at the drawing so she could only show it to Qingfeng.

"What a beautiful drawing," Qingfeng praised as he looked at the drawing.

There were two people in the drawing. One was the bride and the other was the groom. The two were in front of an altar and exchanging rings.

Qingfeng looked carefully and could tell that the two people in the drawing were Xue Lin and himself.

It was no wonder Xue Lin did not want to show him the drawing. She was thinking about the wedding so she drew a drawing about it. Her drawing was very nice.

"Do you think our wedding will be like this?" Xue Lin asked as she looked at the drawing.

She really looked forward to their wedding. The two would stand in the hall and accept blessings from everyone.

"Rest assured, our wedding will be even better than this," Qingfeng said with determination.

It was almost time for the wedding. He owed her a wedding and decided that they would have a majestic wedding to announce their marriage. He wanted Xue Lin to be the happiest bride.

Qingfeng felt that he owed a lot to Xue Lin. Xue Lin had suffered a lot since their marriage. She was first attacked by Poisonous Spider and then kidnapped by the Tiger King. Later on, she was poisoned by Viper and almost died.

Xue Lin had suffered too much. All her sufferings were because of Qingfeng. Thus, Qingfeng wanted to make it up to her and give her a majestic wedding.

"Dear, you’re the best." Xue Lin’s face became flushed and she felt very fortunate.

Even though she was icy cold, she was a normal woman. Woman would all become touched. Even a glacier would melt, let alone a woman.

She could feel Qingfeng’s love towards her. His love was very deep.

Xue Lin knew that Qingfeng and her had been through a lot together. The two refused to talk to each other in the beginning and misunderstood each other. Later on, the two sorted out their misunderstandings and their relationship became closer.

Qingfeng smiled faintly and put away the drawing. Then he carried Xue Lin and headed towards the bedroom on the second floor.

The night was dark, it was time to sleep.

Qingfeng held Xue Lin and he became excited when he smelt her faint virgin scent lol wtf.

Soon, very soon…their wedding was in five days.

He knew that he would be able to sleep with Xue Lin after the wedding. He was ready to xxoo her a hundred times.

Xue Lin fell into her dreams with a faint smile. Qingfeng also fell asleep.

The next day, when Qingfeng woke up, Xue Lin was already waiting for him in the living room.

But Xue Lin did not make breakfast. She said with a smile, "There is no food in the kitchen. Let us eat out."

"Oh, let me get ready," Qingfeng said. After getting ready, he headed out of the mansion with Xue Lin.

Qingfeng washed his face, brushed his teeth and changed his clothes really quickly. He left the house with Xue Lin very soon.

After discussing, the two arrived at Yonghe Soy Milk and ordered two cups of soy milk and a few deep-fried dough stick. The soy milk was delicious with a faint soy scent while the deep-fried dough stick was golden yellow and delicious.

After breakfast, Qingfeng drove the car towards Ice Snow Corporation.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Phoenix Sky Corporation called yesterday and said that CEO Yanzhi Pei will come to the company today to discuss the partnership," Xue Lin said to Qingfeng.

She was very excited. Yanzhi Pei was the richest woman in Hujiang Province. The partnership was between them was very important. It would not only bring in money for the company. It would also bring more exposure for Ice Snow Corporation.

If the partnership between Ice Snow Corporation and Phoenix Sky Corporation was successful, Xue Lin was confident that she would be able to expand the company’s business to other cities.

"Yanzhi Pei? You are the president of the company. Can’t you welcome her by yourself?" Qingfeng asked with a frown.

Yanzhi Pei was at the company to discuss the partnership. Shouldn’t she be here to talk to Xue Lin? Xue Lin was the CEO of the company. Why did she need to talk to him? He was only a salesman of the company.

"Did you forget, you saved Yanzhi Pei last time. She is very grateful and explicitly said that she wanted to talk to you," Xue Lin said to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng had saved Yanzhi Pei when he went to Western Sea City to participate in the Antique Challenge. Yanzhi Pei was very grateful, so she naturally wanted to work with him.

Of course, if Qingfeng had just saved her life, Yanzhi Pei would only give him a sum of money. She would not work with him. She was a businessman so she had to consider the profit in a partnership.

But Qingfeng had defeated Qi Lin in the Antique Challenge and saw through Dongpo Su’s . Yanzhi Pei was interested in his skills, so she wanted a partnership.

"Alright, I will talk about the partnership personally with Yanzhi Pei," Qingfeng said with a nod.

After a while, the two arrived at Ice Snow Corporation.

Qingfeng started to look at the information about Yanzhi Pei and Phoenix Sky Corporation once he entered the Sales Department.

Yanzhi Pei was thirty years old. Her marriage status was unknown. She was the richest woman in Hujiang Province and the Queen of Business. She was pretty and smart with a strong background.

From this introduction, Qingfeng was able to gather that Yanzhi Pei was the richest woman in Hujiang Province. She was beautiful and smart. She also had a strong background and connections. However, it was unknown what her background and connections were.

After reading the information about Yanzhi Pei, Qingfeng started to look at the information about Phoenix Corporation.

Phoenix Corporation was the biggest trading company in Hujiang Province. It was worth billions of Yuan. It was involved in the antique, jewelry, gold, restaurant and travel businesses.

Phoenix Corporation’s market value was a dozen times more than that of Ice Snow Corporation.

"Yanzhi Pei is good, so is the Phoenix Corporation," Qingfeng said as he placed down the papers.

He knew that both Yanzhi Pei and Phoenix Corporation were not ordinary.

"Brother Li, the CEO of Phoenix Corporation, Yanzhi Pei is here. CEO asks us to welcome her," Xiaoyue Zhang said as she ran to his side.

"Sister Xiaoyue, you said that Yanzhi Pei is here?"

"Yes, she is outside of the company. The CEO and the other higher-ups have gone to welcome you. The CEO asked you to go as well."

"Let’s go and take a look," Qingfeng said with a smile as he headed out with Xiaoyue Zhang.

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