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Chapter 2402 - The Side Branch of Human Race

Chapter 2402: The Side Branch of Human Race

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The Walking Dead thought for a while and hesitated no more. He waved his hand and led the twelve Corpse Immortal into the crack of the wasteland of the universe.

Vigorous demonic energy, devilish energy and immortal energy came out from the crack.

The energy weaved together and cut the void apart.

The surrounding old monsters and living fossils didn’t hesitate either and followed closely.

Everyone wanted to get the treasure in the wasteland of the universe, and following Qingfeng Li was the best choice.

On the Yin-Yang Planet far away, the Supreme Ruler Red Lotus Immortal Queen sighed and said, “The wasteland of the universe will be messed up again.”

Red Lotus Immortal Queen had known the wasteland of the universe since the Desolation Era. It was a death zone. She once wanted to get close and search for a supreme opportunity but was hit back by a mysterious power.

She knew even she, a half-step Immortal King, couldn’t enter the wasteland of the universe, let alone Qingfeng Li.

But then Red Lotus Immortal Queen felt the hope after realizing Qingfeng Li would become the Immortal Monarch in the future and wouldn’t die this easily.

Red Lotus Immortal Queen knew there were great secrets hidden in the crack of the wasteland of the universe.

It was full of deadly dangers there, but there were also many treasures.

The treasures were all Spirit Elixirs from the Desolation Era or the supreme treasures from the Chaos Era. Every single one of them would be a great achievement, in the condition that you could survive.

Countless Immortal Level masters had died in the wasteland of the universe, with their bones left inside, showing how dangerous this place was.

Qingfeng Li drove the immortal ship inside. He was shocked when he entered the wasteland of the universe.

He could sense the strong pressure from the sky. It seemed to be the suppression from ancient devilish god.

The power of Devilish Dao was too strong. Qingfeng Li could barely resist it with his immortal energy and Heavenly Immortal Chant.

The rolling devilish energy in front of him showed threatening gestures and shaped a giant devil totem.

The devil totem was of a few hundred thousand feet tall, reaching the sky while standing on the ground.

It had eyeballs of a few hundred meters wide, with a devil horn on its head, penetrating through the sky.

It had thick black hair on its hands, sharp like a hedgehog.

Black Puppy was shocked, saying, “Not good, we’ve met the Devil Race after entering the wasteland.”

Qingfeng Li was also shocked. He had met some self-cultivators in the Devilish Dao before, but they were different from the real Devil Race.

Devil Race was technically a side branch of the Human Race.

Every creature had spirit. They originated from the chaos. The chaotic races appeared first, including the Yellow Dragon, Green Dragon, Vermilion Sparrow, Black Tortoise, Kun Roc, Phoenix and White Tiger.

After the blessed god beasts, human races appeared.

Though they came to the world later, they defeated the Godly Beasts and the Magus Race and controlled the universe.

But at the same time, the Human Races evolved in different paths. Some became humans, while some mutated toward the side path and became the Devil Race.

Those from the Devil Race looked completely different from Human Race. They had horns on their heads, with huge body size and black hair. They were very fierce and cruel as well.

Other than Devil Race, some humans mutated into Fish Race, such as the mermaids in the ocean.

Some mutated humans had wings and could fly in the sky. There was also Tree Race. They had the body and legs of trees but faces of human.

This one in front of Qingfeng Li at this moment was from the Devil Race, and it was a powerful Devil King.

Qingfeng Li could clearly sense the rolling devil energy from it. It was equivalent to an immortal-level Master of Humans and could shatter the void with a single punch.

This devil laughed creepily with a distorted look when seeing Qingfeng Li on the immortal ship.

It opened the mouth and mumbled some devil language.

The devil language was very difficult to understand. Qingfeng Li couldn’t comprehend it at all, but he could tell from the killing energy that it wanted to kill them all.

Treasure-Seeking Mouse then said, “Master, I can understand what it says.”

Qingfeng Li was delighted, saying, “Treasure-Seeking Mouse, what does it say?”

Treasure-Seeking Mouse got a little awkward, and said in a low voice, “Master, this devil wants you to be its servant. Otherwise, it will kill you. It wants a real human slave.”

Qingfeng Li was irritated after hearing this.

He never thought this devil could be this arrogant. After all, it was only from a side branch of humans.

Qingfeng Li didn’t hesitate and operated his Mortal Purgatory Body, releasing vigorous energy, shaping black tadpole-liked talisman scripts around him.

These talisman scripts had a freezing aura, as if they came from the hell.

Qingfeng Li suddenly wielded his fist and formed a bright black fist of a few hundred million feet.

The punch shattered the earth and destroyed everything along its way.

Even the cracks disappeared. Then the fist hit at the devil heavily.

Bang. Qingfeng Li’s fist instantly blew it up and turned it into black devilish energy.

But at the next moment, the energy gathered together again. Its body was made of this special devilish energy.

Though Qingfeng Li could explode its body, he couldn’t kill it in this way.

Qingfeng Li said, “Interesting, even my Ninth Fist Suppresses Hell can’t kill you. But now I’ll send you to hell.”

Qingfeng Li shouted out and operated Ninth Fist Suppresses Hell again. It was more powerful than before and created a black hole in the wasteland space, which connected to the unknown hell.

Then Qingfeng Li shaped a vital essence palm of a hundred million feet large, smashing at the devil and hit it into the hell.

The devil screamed with fear and said some devil words. But Qingfeng Li didn’t understand it and hit it into the deep hell.

The scream stopped when countless ghosts showed up and dragged the devil in the hell.

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