My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 227: Awesome, Free Suit!

Chapter 227: Awesome, Free Suit!

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"Honey, what do you think?" Qingfeng asked Xue Lin while wearing the suit.

Xue Lin’s eyes flashed with delight when she Qingfeng. She said, "You look very handsome."

Even though Xue Lin only said "Very handsome", but those that could get her to praise them with those words must be very handsome.

"Big brother, you look so good in the suit. I will pack it for you," The fat boss said.

"It is okay, I will wear it to go. How much is it? I will pay you," Qingfeng shook his head and denied the offer. He was going to wear this suit to attend the Red Wine Banquet tonight anyways, it would be too troublesome to change in and out of the suit.

"Big brother, this suit is free. I will give it to you for free," The fat boss said with all smiles.

"Really? You are giving it to me for free?"

"Of course, it is free. You suit the clothes of Septwolves too well."

"Since it is free, I am going to go," Qingfeng smiled lightly and greeted Tianhua Chen before leaving the store with Xue Lin.

"The young man is finally gone. Oh man, what a scare."

The fat boss wiped the cold sweat from his brow as he looked at Qingfeng’s departing figure. He felt scared just thinking about the happenings.

"Xiao Jing, you did well today. I will give you a thousand Yuan as a bonus this month," The fat boss said to Xiao Jing.

He knew that the only reason the young man agreed to forgive him was because of Xiao Jing. He would be screwed if Xiao Jing did not plead for him. Thus, he needed to reward Xiao Jing.

"Thank you, uncle," Xiao Jing thanked when she heard about the reward from the fat boss. She was extremely happy in her heart. Of course, she was also thankful to the young man.

"Ke Ke, dear, it’s so funny. The fat boss was looking down at you but then called you Big brother later. He even gifted you a thousand-Yuan suit. He must be so upset."

Xue Lin said with a chuckle. Her gorgeous face was charming like a blooming bouquet of flowers.

"Society is like this nowadays. If you have money or influence, everyone will try to please you. If you don’t have money, others will mock you," Qingfeng said lightly with a smile.

Qingfeng had a deep understanding of this. He was born in a family worth billions but when his parents went missing, others started to mock and look down upon him.

Qingfeng had read a book which had a great sentence, "If one was poor, one could live in a busy market and no one would care. If one was rich, one could live in the rural mountains and still be visited by relatives. When one had toasted a drink, the rich men are always toasted first. But really, who can say they would forever be rich or poor?"

"Dear, you seem to feel quite strongly about this?" Xue Lin was surprised by his understanding.

A normal person would not usually have such an understanding. Only those who were elderly and have lived many years would have such an understanding. When they arrived at the seventh floor, a middle-aged man wearing prayer beads walked towards them.

"Welcome, my name is Hao Tang. What are you looking for? Is it a jade bracelet or necklace?" Tang Hao asked with a smile.

He wore prayer beads and smiled happily like a Maitreya Buddha. But the light in his eyes showed that he was not an ordinary character.

"What do you like?" Qingfeng asked as he stroked Xue Lin’s palm.

There were a wide variety of beautiful bracelets made of jade, crystal, sandalwood, and amber.

"I like the sandalwood bracelet," Xue Lin looked at the bracelet with liking in her eyes.

This sandalwood bracelet …costs 100,000 Yuan?

Qingfeng rolled his eyes when he saw that the bracelet was marked as 100,000 Yuan.

There were many kinds of sandalwood bracelets at different price points. Low-grade bracelets cost 3000-10,000 Yuan, middle-grade ones cost 30,000-50,000 Yuan and high-grade bracelets could cost up to a few million Yuan.

If it was an authentic sandalwood bracelet, it would be worth 100,000 Yuan. But the problem was that this sandalwood bracelet was a fake.

There was a saying for an antique shop that went "No sale for three years; one sale is enough money for three years."

They might not sell a single item in three years. But if they sold one item, such as the fake sandalwood bracelet, they would make a net profit of 100,000 Yuan.

Even though Qingfeng could afford to buy the sandalwood bracelet, he did not want to overpay and give 100,000 Yuan for a fake item.

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