My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 214: Car Hitting the Tree

Chapter 214: Car Hitting the Tree

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"You fool. Idiot, you almost killed me." Qingfeng frowned and his face darkened when he saw the huge tree which was only 30 meters away.

He reprimanded Jiaojiao Liu but Jiaojiao Liu was already scared shitless. Her body was frozen like a statue. She did not step on the brakes nor turn the steering wheel. She just sat in her seat foolishly.

In the moment of crisis, Qingfeng grabbed onto the steering wheel and made a sudden turn. The car drifted 360 degrees in the air. The back of the car brushed against the huge tree.

They were so close to colliding with the tree and dying.

After Qingfeng performed a drift and avoided the tree, he pressed the gas paddle and parked the car by the roadside. Cold sweat had broken out on his forehead.

The situation had been so dangerous that even the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent broke out in cold sweat. Qingfeng was furious with Jiaojiao Liu.

Jiaojiao Liu was ghastly pale. She lifted her pink hand and patted her chest, "So dangerous, it scared me to death."


Qingfeng smacked Jiaojiao Liu’s forehead and said angrily, "Do you know how dangerous that was? If I did not react fast enough, we would both be dead."

Qingfeng became furious when he thought about the dangerous situation. He smacked her forehead multiple times; he needed to teach her a lesson.

"Brother-in-law, I learned my lesson. Don’t hit me anymore," Jiaojiao Liu said bitterly as she held onto her forehead.

Usually, if a man dared to hit her forehead, she would have thrown a temper. But she knew that she was in the wrong this time. Thus, she could only restrain her anger.

"Do not drink and drive again," Qingfeng lectured with a frown.

His words were for Jiaojiao Liu’s good. Jiaojiao Liu was Ruyan Liu’s sister and Ruyan Liu doted heavily on her. If Jiaojiao Liu got into an accident because she drank and drove, Ruyan Liu would be very sad.

Jiaojiao Liu nodded and suddenly felt warm in her heart. It felt nice for someone to care about her. Even though Qingfeng only treated her slightly better, she was already very touched.

Jiaojiao Liu suddenly thought of something and said in surprise, "Brother-in-law, the drifting move you did just now is so cool. Do you know how to race?"

Qingfeng’s drifting move really impressed Jiaojiao Liu. She had never seen a speed drift like that. It was so cool.

When he heard her words, Qingfeng said lightly, "It’s nothing special, just number one in the world."

"Brother-in-law, would you die if you don’t boast?" Jiaojiao Liu said speechlessly as she rolled her eyes.

Jiaojiao Liu believed that Qingfeng knew how to race but she did not believe that he was the number one in the world. There were so many racers in the world. How could Qingfeng be number one?

Faced with Jiaojiao Liu’s queries, Qingfeng smiled lightly but did not say anything. He did not feel that it was necessary. His skills were his business. It did not matter if others did not believe his words.

"Brother-in-law, I have a headache. Why don’t you drive," Jiaojiao Liu touched her head and felt that she had too much to drink. She had a headache so she asked Qingfeng to drive.

"Go sit in the passenger’s seat and put on your seatbelt. I will drive," Qingfeng frowned as he asked Jiaojiao Liu to sit in the passenger’s seat. He took the driver’s seat.

To be honest, he didn’t dare to let Jiaojiao Liu drive again. She had too much to drink and was not clear-headed. It would be tragic if she drove the car down a cliff.

Qingfeng cared deeply about his life and, obviously, He did not want to die in Jiaojiao Liu’s car.

"Jiaojiao, where are we going?" Qingfeng asked after he sat in the driver’s seat and put on his seatbelt.

"Go to the bottom of the Eighteen Curves Hill. Kun Wang is waiting for me there," Jiaojiao Liu said as she blinked her eyes.


Qingfeng stepped on the gas paddle. The Ferrari growled and headed towards Eighteen Curves.

He drove fast and steadily. His skills were far better than Jiaojiao Liu. He drove the car safely and speedily.

"Brother-in-law, can you race for me later?" Jiaojiao Liu asked Qingfeng hopefully.

She was very confident in Qingfeng’s skills. She could not perform a drift in the air but her brother-in-law could. It was obvious that he was a very strong car racer.

"No, I don’t like racing cars."

"Brother-in-law, do me a favor. I can be your girlfriend."

"Don’t mutter nonsense Jiaojiao. My girlfriend is your sister."

"Brother-in-law, all men love a pair of sisters. We can serve you together. You will be so happy," Jiaojiao Liu smiled seductively as she tried to tempt Qingfeng.

Qingfeng stepped harshly on the brakes when he heard Jiaojiao Liu’s words. He almost hit the rail on the side of the road and his breath quickened.

Pair of sisters?

To be honest, a pair of sisters was the dream of many men. The thought of a pair of sisters serving him made him excited. But Qingfeng quickly shook his head and cursed himself. Qingfeng you are a good man and a righteous person. How can you have such a wicked thought?

Qingfeng repressed the excitement in his heart. He shook his head and said, "Jiaojiao, don’t mutter nonsense. Brother-in-law is not a man like that."

Jiaojiao Liu chuckled and said seductively, "Brother-in-law, your heart quickened just now. You are tempted, aren’t you?"

"Nonsense. If you speak more nonsense, I will not speak to you anymore," Qingfeng quickly denied. To be honest, his heart had quickened and he was tempted for a moment. But in the end, his senses had repressed the temptation.

I am a good man, Qingfeng praised himself in his heart. He stopped talking to Jiaojiao Liu and drove towards Eighteen Curves. Eighteen Curves was on the rural side of Eastern Sea City. It was a tall hill with eighteen sharp turns. The roads were narrow and steep. Many young car racers loved to race here and the headquarters of the car race club was also here.

Of course, those who could join the club were all rich people or hooligans of society.

Eighteen Curves was a territory that none of the authorities cared about. Even though the land belonged to Eastern Sea City, it was at the boundary of three cities. The cities rarely managed the area. The second-generation rich not only raced here but also fought, did drugs and found women here.

There were more than ten deaths here every year because of fights or deaths due to car races. 30 minutes later, Qingfeng arrived at Eighteen Curves. He raised his head and found that there were indeed many curves on the tall hill ahead.

They had arrived at Eighteen Curves. But Qingfeng was surprised to see that there was a bar at the bottom of the hill. One had to admit that the second-generation of the rich knew how to enjoy life. They could freely drink and race here.

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