My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 209: Appreciation From Xue Lin

Chapter 209: Appreciation From Xue Lin

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"Of course! After all, I am the best, honey," Qingfeng said proudly with a smile.

It was too easy for him to win the competition.

"Dear, thank you for solving the lawsuit issue." Xue Lin was all smiles. Her lashes fluttered slightly and she was very happy.

"Honey, I did you a huge favor. I want a reward."

"What reward do you want?"

"I want to kiss you."

Qingfeng looked at Xue Lin’s charming lips with a heated gaze. He wanted to bite and taste her sweet lips.

Xue Lin was gorgeous and had snow-white. She had specially dressed up for the occasion and looked extremely charming.

When she heard that Qingfeng wanted to kiss her, Xue Lin’s face reddened. She said shyly, "Dear, the Antique Competition has not ended yet. We are surrounded by people. I will let you kiss me when we get home."

She knew that Qingfeng had done a lot for her. She needed to give him a reward to console him.

"Okay, I want a kiss when we get home after the competition."

Qingfeng’s eyes became heated and he was slightly excited.

In the past, Xue Lin resisted his attempts to kiss her. But now, she did not resist his attempts. This was a good sign.

His plan was to first kiss Xue Lin, then xxoo her and show her how strong he was.

"You have a text." Qingfeng was talking to Xue Lin when he received a text message.

He took out his phone and saw that it was a text message from Ruyan Liu. The text message said, "Qingfeng, I am in room number #2 of the women’s washroom. Come quickly."

Qingfeng became excited when he saw Ruyan Liu’s text message. She said that she was in the women’s washroom. This vixen was seducing him.

"Honey, I need to go to the washroom," Qingfeng said as he held onto his stomach.

"Okay, go quickly. The third round of the Antique Competition is starting in 30 minutes," Xue Lin replied. She did not see the text message that Ruyan Liu had sent.

Qingfeng waved his hand towards her and speedily headed towards the women’s washroom. In a moment, he was at room #2 of the women’s washroom.

He opened the washroom door and saw that Ruyan Liu was waiting for him. Ruyan Liu was seductive. Her eyes were bright and she had become even more charming after Qingfeng’s nourishment.

She wore a red dress today which made her collarbones, breasts and figure extremely sexy. She was like an enchanting rose.

Vixen, what a vixen. Qingfeng was enchanted.

"Silly, close the door," Ruyan Liu said with a playful glare when she saw his gaze.

She was delighted that she could charm Qingfeng. A man’s goal was to conquer the world while a woman’s goal was to conquer men.

Qingfeng eyes gleamed in delight. He quickly closed the washroom door. He looked at Ruyan Liu with a heated gaze.

"Silly, why didn’t you visit me these past two days. Do you not like me anymore?" Ruyan Liu said bitterly with a playful glare.

Qingfeng had not visited her for the past two nights. This made Ruyan Liu so sad that she had even lost her appetite. Qingfeng had become the most important person in her life and she had begun to miss him dearly if she did not see him for a day.

Ruyan Liu missed Qingfeng too much. Thus, she texted Qingfeng and asked him to come to the women’s washroom.

"Of course I like you, Ruyan. There were some matters these two days. I came immediately after I got your text."

Qingfeng used his techniques to appease women. His words were sweet like honey and he quickly caused Ruyan Liu to break into a smile. Ruyan Liu’s smile was very seductive like a blooming rose. She was like a ripe peach and made one’s blood boil. Qingfeng’s eyes gleamed. He quickly tore off Ruyan Liu’s clothes and started to xxoo in the washroom.

After a while, Ruyan Liu’s forehead glistened with sweat. She let out soft moans and lied weakly against the washroom door.

"Xiaomei, did you hear anything?" Suddenly, a woman’s voice came from the outside of the washroom and gave them a scare.

The two of them held their breaths. They froze against the walls. They dared not make a sound for fear that they would be discovered by the two women outside the washroom.

"I didn’t hear anything. You must have misheard," Xiaomei replied as she left the washroom with the other girl.

Inside the washroom, Qingfeng and Ruyan Liu sighed in relief. Their hearts also calmed down.

"Silly, let’s go. The third round of the competition is starting soon," Ruyan Liu said.

"Alright, I am going to leave first." Qingfeng nodded and quickly left the women’s washroom after getting dressed.

Since the third round of the Antique Competition was starting soon, he naturally had to leave quickly. Before he left, he gave Ruyan Liu a kiss which caused her to become flustered.

"Pervert." Even though Ruyan Liu called Qingfeng a pervert, her seductive face was filled with affection.

She quickly got dressed and left the women’s washroom. She was one of the five judges and needed to supervise the competition.

30 minutes passed in the blink of an eye. It was time for the third round of the competition.

There were 10 people left in the competition. The remaining 40 people had been eliminated in the second round. To Qingfeng’s surprise, Xiaomei Wang had managed to make it to the next round.

One had to admit that the girl was very lucky. Or perhaps she was hiding her potential. She managed to defeat many participants and made it to the top 10.

"Xiaomei, congratulations for making to the top 10," Qingfeng said with a smile while patting Xiaomei Wang on the shoulder.

"Hehe, big brother Li, I am very strong too." Xiaomei Wang replied narcissistically when she heard Qingfeng’s praise.

Xiaomei Wang was very narcissistic. After a few praises, she was already cocky.

"I just praised you with a few words and you’re already cocky," Qingfeng joked.

"Hehe, even though I am strong, you are stronger. You won the second round afterall," Xiaomei Wang chuckled as she gave Qingfeng a thumbs-up. Her eyes were filled with admiration.

"Quiet down, everyone. The third round is starting soon. I will bring out 10 antiques. Everyone will select an antique to authenticate," Shuqing Song said with a faint smile.

The third round of the competition was personally assessed by Shuqing Song. He would bring out 10 antiques for the 10 participants to authenticate.

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