My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 100: The Fatty Gets the Position

Chapter 100: The Fatty Gets the Position

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"Are you Jie Zhang?"

Qingfeng asked the tall, tough guy in front of him while frowning his brows.

"Yes, I am."

Jie Zhang nodded his head, and his hostility was instantly covered under his eyes.

Although he hid it very well, his hostility was still spotted by Qingfeng.

Qingfeng frowned his brows again. This dude definitely held a grudge against him. How could he even let such a person be the director of the security department?

He had noticed that most people in the security department all looked up to Jie Zhang and hoped that he could be the director.

That being said, Jie Zhang really knew how to win other people’s heart in the department.

"Jie Zhang, who do you think deserves to be the director of this department?"

Qingfeng asked Jie Zhang while glancing at him.

He wanted to know what this dude was thinking.

"I think I’m the best candidate."

Jie Zhang smiled with confidence.

You had to have strength and skill to hold that position so that people will be convinced and respect you. Jie Zhang was the toughest guy in the whole security department. He would definitely be the best candidate for being the director.

"Jie Zhang, I don’t think you’re the best candidate for being the director."

"Why not?"

"I think Hao Luo would be a better candidate than you."

Qingfeng smiled while pointing at Hao Luo.

Qingfeng would definitely not let Jie Zhang become the director since he knew he was hostile to him. He was looking for someone who was on the same team with him, and the one would undoubtedly be Hao Luo.

First of all, Hao Luo was Qingfeng ’s close brother and would listen to him. Secondly, Hao Luo was familiar with the salaries in the security department since he worked there.

"I can't take that."

Jie Zhang suddenly turned his face dark and stared at Qingfeng coldly after hearing that he wanted to select Hao Luo to be the director of the security department.

He has been working in the security department for years and now there was suddenly a brat that popped out and grabbed his position? It was uncomfortable.

Not only Jie Zhang, all the other security guards in the department were showing their complaints on their faces.

"What makes you think that you have the position to tell me how you think? I choose whoever I want and this is my right given by the CEO."

Qingfeng said arrogantly while holding his hands behind him without even looking at Jie Zhang’s mad face.

Xue Lin, the CEO of the company had given the right to Qingfeng to select the director candidate for both security department and financial department.

"Strength and skill are the most important things in the security department. Hao Luo isn’t tough enough to beat me. I don’t think he deserves to be the director."

Jie Zhang said angrily with a dark face.

There was no way that Hao Luo could be the security department director if I cannot do it. Jie Zhang was thinking in his mind.

"Huh, Jie Zhang. Do you know why I don’t select you to be the director?"

"I don’t."

"Because you are hostile towards me."

Qingfeng said lightly while glancing at him.

Jie Zhang instantly changed his face after Qingfeng ’s words. He couldn’t believe Qingfeng would still notice what he thought even if he covered it pretty well.

"Right, Brother, I have something to tell you."

Hao Luo suddenly recalled something and whispered in Qingfeng ’s ears.

"Tell me, fatty, what is it?"

"Brother, this dude’s sister is Qiang Hu’s wife, so Qiang Hu is his brother-in-law."

Hao Luo frowned his brows and told what he knows about the security department to Qingfeng.

Oh, no wonder. Qiang Hu was his brother-in-law, that’s why he is holding grudges on me. Qingfeng suddenly cleared everything. All of a sudden everything made sense.

But Qingfeng would definitely not let this go away since Jie Zhang is Qiang Hu’s brother-in-law. Qiang Hu drove Qingfeng furious since not only did he set traps for him, but he also kidnapped Xiaoyue. Jie Zhang, as his brother-in-law, must be hating Qingfeng so much and would definitely explode like a time bomb if he was kept in the security department.

"Jie Zhang, Qiang Hu is your brother-in-law, right?"


"Alright, now I have two options for you. One is to agree to Hao Luo becoming the security director. The other one is to leave here."

"First of all, I am going to be the security director. Second, I won't leave this company."

Jie Zhang shook his head. He refused Qingfeng ’s options and insisted on being the security director.

"Alright, you want to be the security director? Here is the deal, if you can take one punch from me, I’ll let you be. But if not, you have to leave."

Qingfeng frowned and said.

He believed Jie Zhang would definitely accept his deal. Undoubtedly, Jie Zhang looked thrilled after hearing what he said. Jie Zhang was thinking it was a great deal that he must become the security director as long as he could take one punch from Qingfeng. He then would take revenge for his brother-in-law right after.

"Deal! Come on."

Jie Zhang squatted down and straightened up his body, waiting for Qingfeng.

In his mind, Qingfeng didn’t look as tall nor as strong as him. It was impossible for him to beat him with only one punch.

Qingfeng walked slowly in front of Jie Zhang with a calm face, he then reached out his right fist and hit Jie Zhang on his chest.


Jie Zhang screamed out loud while being pushed out for meters away like a missile and slammed into the wall. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell on the ground.


Jie Zhang has broken his ribs! What a powerful punch!

"How brutal..."

Jie Zhang stared at Qingfeng terrifyingly and then fainted in the next second.

"Is there anyone else still that wants to be the security director?"

Qingfeng stretched his wrist and asked while smiling.

Devil, this was the smile of a devil. More than ten security guards around there were all frightened after seeing Qingfeng ’s smile. Jie Zhang was a veteran that had the most strength in the security department. If he couldn’t even hold that punch from Qingfeng, nobody could.

"Well, then I select Hao Luo to be the security director. Any disagreements?"

Qingfeng kept his smile while bringing Hao Luo to the front.

"Not at all!"

Everyone in the crowd shook their heads. What kind of disagreement would they have? They were all terrified by Qingfeng after seeing Jie Zhang get sent flying with broken ribs.

"Fatty, so you’re the security director form now on! Good luck and work hard!"

Qingfeng left the security department after patting Hao Luo’s shoulder.

"Thank you, big brother, Li, thank you!"

Hao Luo was so grateful as he watched Qingfeng leaving. He decided to work his best in this position and not let Qingfeng be disappointed.

Qingfeng has settled down the security department and now he had to go to the finance department.

However, Qingfeng knew nothing about the finance department. It would be hard to find a good lead.

While he was on his way to the finance department, he met a beautiful girl with a hot body.

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