My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Chapter 1404 - Marry Him (II)

Chapter 1404: Chapter 1404 Marry Him (II)

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It had to be said that Lin Bei’s reason was very reasonable.

Lin Bei’s answer was even more perfect and unassailable.

“I can guarantee that everything I said is true.” Lin Bei did not want any more twists and turns in this matter, because only when this matter was completely resolved could she leave.

When Lin Bei said this, her face was not red nor was she panting. She did not even have the slightest bit of guilt.

Was it true? The key thing was that it was true, but many of the details were not true.

Lin Bei’s guarantee completely dispelled everyone’s suspicions. The guarantee of a prince definitely carried a lot of weight.

“I’ve said everything I wanted to say. I hope that everyone will report truthfully.” Lin Bei looked at the reporters and smiled slightly.

“Now that the younger prince has personally come forward to testify for Chief Tang, the younger prince’s words will definitely not be false. Then Gong Yun is lying and framing Chief Tang.”

Now that the matter was very clear, the reporters present were all smart people and naturally understood it very well.

“Chief Tang is a soldier who protects his family and the country. To think that someone would use such a shameless method to frame Chief Tang. It’s really detestable.” At this moment, the reporters’ faces were filled with anger.

“Yes, it’s really despicable.”

“Then what happened to the semen that was found in Gong Yun’s body?” This was also a question that everyone had always been puzzled about.

When Lin Bei heard the reporters’ words, her eyes flashed quickly. That night, Tang Ling crazily wanted her again and again. At that time, Tang Ling was drugged, especially at the beginning when he was particularly crazy. So, it was very possible that he had drugged her outside.

She still remembered that later, Tang Ling had wanted her in the bathroom once. At that time, Tang Ling should have been awake. At that time, Tang Ling had originally planned to carry her to take a bath, but after taking a bath, he changed…

Later, she fainted from exhaustion.

When she woke up, it was almost four o’clock. At that time, when she left, Gong Yun had not gone to Tang Ling’s room.

Gong Yun must have gone in after she left. Tang Ling must have been drugged and tortured for half the night, so his vigilance was definitely not that high.

However, where did Gong Yun get the semen that night?! The bed ?! Or the bathroom?!

“Someone as shameless as Gong Yun, who knows what shameless method she used?”

“She could even sacrifice her own innocence to frame Chief Tang. She would definitely do anything.”

Lin Bei was relieved after hearing the reporters’ words. This way, there should not be any problems.

Lin Bei returned to the hotel and her room. Then, she wanted to go to bed comfortably.

After lying on the bed, Lin Bei suddenly remembered something. That day, Tang Ling had asked for her several times. They had not taken any protective measures at all…

That day, she only returned to her room at four o’clock. At that time, she was so tired that her entire body seemed to have fallen apart. She did not have any strength at all.

Moreover, at that time, the pharmacy was not open, and she could not buy any medicine. Originally, she had wanted to buy medicine the next day, but after what happened to Tang Ling the next day, she had been on tenterhooks, later on, she forgot about taking medicine.

The more Lin Bei thought about it, the more shocked she became. She, she could not be pregnant, right? A few days ago, it seemed to be her critical period.

It was said that the probability of becoming pregnant during the critical period was very high…

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