Murder the Dream Guy

Chapter 558 - What She Knew

Chapter 558: What She Knew

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Youngest aunt was a straight-A student and graduated from one of the leading universities in their country.

After getting married to Xing Yuanhang, she had been working hard to run her own company and it had been doing well.

In the circle of famous people in Jin City, she was an amazing woman.

It was not peculiar that Zhou Yun could find information on her youngest aunt. What was peculiar was that she had previously called the latter ‘old woman’, but she was actually complimenting her love rival now?

“You’re a capricious person!” Xiang Wan made this remark calmly which one normally wouldn’t get the sarcastic hint.

Zhou Yun, however, caught that. “You knew her?”

Xiang Wan didn’t answer her. Without giving her time to react, she pulled her back on topic.

“When did you consume the drug? You really didn’t feel anything?”

Zhou Yun shook her head.

Xiang Wan: “Try to recall again.”

Zhou Yun shook her head again. “I really couldn’t remember anything.”

There was no useful information from her at all.

Xiang Wan pinned her hopes on that ‘grey list’ that the Dark Clan was managing.

However, the mobility of the current population was too high. In that list, those people who registered left their online names, and the contact information were their social accounts. Even if the intelligence team worked overtime with the Cyber police and other relevant departments in order to classify and categorize them, it was impractical to expect that they could get everything done in these couple of hours.

In view of that, Xiang Wan tried to speed things up in her own way.

She listed down all social relations of both Zhou Yun and Xing Yuanhang.

After that, she sent this information to Salimu.

Time was needed to sort out and verify a huge list of online names with the actual identity of the participants. But if it was finding a couple of names, it would be fairly easy for them as they just need to run through Xiang Wan’s list.

By thinking creatively to work around the problem, it actually gave her a huge surprise.

Based on the list of names and relationship chart provided, Salimu found someone that Xiang Wan was familiar with.

It was Xing Feifei.

“Oh my, Teacher Xiang, you’re really good at this!”

Salimu was almost worshipping her but Xiang Wan only returned him a string of ellipsis.

It was not that she was trying to be modest but she was speechless.

It was just a change of thinking which was not difficult.

And the results were encouraging.

Xing Feifei had come in contact with that shady website and had a direct relationship with the victim in this case.

She quickly told Bai Muchuan about this. Qi Canghai also set out immediately and found Xing Feifei in no time…

The young girl was so frightened that she was trembling in fear.

They need not use much interrogation tactics on her and she came clean about why she had done that.

Her dad committed adultery and her mom was very hurt. She felt that her family was about to fall apart.

This was unacceptable to Xing Feifei. She hated the woman who seduced her dad.

“I want to take revenge on her. I don’t want her to give birth to a child who will fight for favor against me. I don’t want her to take my dad away…”

Xing Feifei’s reasons were very logical. Her actions also indicated her firm determination to seek revenge.

However, she explained that she did not know about the effects of this drug. She didn’t even know that Zhou Yun, who had taken the drug, almost bit her dad to death.

“They told me that this drug wouldn’t kill anyone. The ones who consumed it will only get addicted to it. That means that those who consumed it would be ruined… I didn’t know that it actually turned out to be like this… I really didn’t know that…”

There wasn’t much regret in Xing Feifei’s voice.

There was only fear of the unpredictable future.

When she saw Xiang Wan, her voice turned into that of a pleading tone.

“Cousin Wan, please save me, save me. I don’t want to break the law. I only wanted to punish bad people…”

Xiang Wan and Qi Canghai exchanged glances.

“You need to cooperate with the police,” said Xiang Wan, “you do understand right?”

Xing Feifei kept nodding her head.

“I will… Of course, I will cooperate fully with the police.”

Xiang Wan narrowed her eyes. “Tell me then, where did you get the drug?”

Xing Feifei paused for a second and looked hesitant. “About this…”

Xiang Wan looked at her directly at the eye. “You can’t tell us?”

“We swore to the heavens that we couldn’t tell anyone about it.” Xing Feifei nodded her head. “I can’t betray them, otherwise… I will suffer the same punishment.”

“Hurhur!” Xiang Wan laughed.

She pointed at the interrogation room and smiled at Xing Feifei.

“If you don’t talk, you’re going to suffer from the consequences according to law. Think it over carefully.”

Xiang Wan knew Xing Feifei’s character very well.

This cousin of hers was young but she could assess her own situation and knew how to weigh her options.

She would choose the option that worked best to her situation.

Sure enough, the moment Xiang Wan completed her sentence, Xing Feifei couldn’t wait to tell her what she knew.

“It’s, it’s a gift from a friend.”

“Friend?” Xiang Wan raised an eyebrow.

“Mm, friend…” Her voice became softer.

Although the 18-year-old Xing Feifei was wilful and wayward, now that she had a family crisis and that she was now inside the interrogation room of the Criminal Investigation Unit, her wilfulness and waywardness were nowhere to be found.

Xiang Wan did not even need to press her to talk. Like the water dam which was overrun with water, she gave an account of how it all started.

About half a month ago, when she detected the problems in her parents’ marriage, she was feeling troubled and frustrated.

It happened to be winter vacation and her parents didn’t have time for her. She had a lot of freedom. That day, she went to a bar with her classmates and got to know a guy called Gou Qing. He claimed that he used to study the same school as Xing Feifei and was her senior by a few years. The two of them felt like old friends at their first meeting. As Gou Qing was older by a few years, he was much more mature than her. She shared with him her troubles and he told her that she could take revenge on that vixen, salvage her parents’ marriage and protect her family. He also told her that he knew of a website that enforces justice as their goal. Many like-minded people like him and her were using the method to punish the evildoers.

Gou Qing was the full name of one of the young men that got caught by the police at the cement factory.

He was also one of the key members in the Dark Clan.

He was an articulate person with a glib tongue. An 18-year-old girl like Xing Feifei was too easy to be brainwashed.

Xing Feifei bit the bait and found her ‘worth’ on that website…

She posted her story on that website, telling others about how her dad behaved like a scum, as well as that shameless vixen. She made friends and received a lot of support from this group of new friends.

After receiving so much encouragement and support, Xing Feifei decided to teach Zhou Yun a good lesson.

And so, that seemingly omnipotent friend, Gou Qing, not only gave her the drug, he also managed to contact Zhou Yun’s best friend for her.

That best friend was also a participant in that ‘grey list’ and expressed that she disapproved of what Zhou Yun had done. That best friend did not even hesitate to help her out.

That day was the date that Xing Feifei had chosen to act.

Xiang Wan and Bai Muchuan came back to Jin City that day; the wonderful atmosphere of the Reunion Dinner… All these were provoking her nerves. She really hated Zhou Yun to the core for ruining her family. The only thing that she didn’t expect was that Zhou Yun would come to look up her dad after consuming the drug. She also didn’t expect that the effect of the drug was so terrifying. That was not what Gou Qing had described to her at all.

She’s naive!

Xiang Wan asked again, “Have you heard about Operation Heaven’s Wrath?”

“Operation Heaven’s Wrath?” Xing Feifei shook her head. “Nope.”

“Gou Qing never told you about that?”

“He didn’t.” Xing Feifei lowered her head. “He actually wanted me to collect the drug on Lunar New Year’s Eve… I was the one who pestered him to let me have it early.”

Lunar New Year’s Eve.

That meant she was indeed on the name list to carry out Operation Heaven’s Wrath.

Xiang Wan asked Xing Feifei a couple of other questions before she left the interrogation room.

Qi Canghai would take over the rest of the interrogation which she need not be involved, and was not able to help out Xing Feifei.

She looked up at the sky.

She was heavy-hearted and felt sad for her youngest aunt.

For a family was broken up.

With regards to Zhou Yun’s case, both the Tans and the Xings did not want the matter to be publicized.

Bai Muchuan also requested everyone to keep this confidential.

Nevertheless, the Xing Family had invited too many relatives over for Reunion Dinner. As Tan Yuechun had initially thought that this might be the last Lunar New Year she had with the Xing Family if she couldn’t salvage her marriage, she invited a lot of relatives to her place. Due to that, there were bound to be some of them who refused to heed the police’s advice. They had taken pictures of Zhou Yun under the influence of the ‘zombie’ drug, where she bit relentlessly without letting go. They posted such pictures in their social media accounts so as to get the attention they wanted.

In view of that, news of the ‘zombie’ case appearing in Jin City became a hot topic of discussion.

And in no time, it took the city by storm.

The netizens also dug out the previous ‘zombie’ cases that happened in the Capital.

That caused anxiety and panic amongst the public.

Xiang Wan was ill at ease when she saw all kinds of posts relating to the ‘zombie’ case popping out on the internet.

On one hand, her youngest aunt was already extremely disheartened by the emotional blow. On the other hand, she knew that her police friends were busy working on Operation Heaven’s Wrath. Lastly, she was worried…

She was thinking, if she was An Ying, what would she do?

His drug den got found out and his goods were seized by the police. An unexpected ‘zombie’ case in Jin City that did not happen on Lunar New Year’s Eve but earlier instead. With the arrest of Xing Feifei, their website would surely be exposed…

Even if An Ying did not detect that the police had already broken into their system and got hold of the name list, he should most likely adopt some measures to salvage the situation, or even do something drastic?

If one stayed inside the dark all the time, they would be especially sensitive to light.

This ‘zombie’ case in Jin City should have pricked him on the nerves.

Xiang Wan was very sure that An Ying should do something. With that, she quickly called up Bai Muchuan.

“Hello!” His deep and steady voice always gave her a sense of security and stability.

“Bai Muchuan, do you think they would bring forward their plans?” Xiang Wan was standing in a cold corridor. Her voice was gentle but strong. “To a certain extent, the police has thwarted Operation Heaven’s Wrath. It’s no longer possible for them to create a massive ‘zombie’ operation across the country… So, do you think An Ying might behave like a cornered beast and do something desperate without waiting for Lunar New Year’s Eve?”

They certainly would.

Bai Muchuan held the same view as her.

Otherwise, why would he let Quan Shaoteng be on standby?

Bai Muchuan took a look at the time on his watch.

“You’re right about this. In fact, I suspect that—An Ying is here in Jin City.”

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