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Chapter 833 - Chapter 833: 833 The Filial Xiao Chen

Chapter 833: 833 The Filial Xiao Chen

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The smile on Lang Yue’s face immediately disappeared. “Is your mother sick?”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Yes, my mother has cancer. Although it’s just the initial stage, she still needs treatment. My family didn’t have that much money. In order to let me go to school in peace, my mother worked day and night, and in the end, she fell ill. This spring, Mom was diagnosed with early-stage gastric cancer. The doctor said that if we want to treat her, we have to spend money, but our family has no money left.”

Jiang Min suddenly blamed herself. She knew that Xiao Chen was introverted and didn’t like to get along with others, so she rarely asked about Xiao Chen’s family matters. She didn’t expect that this obedient and sensible junior would have such a huge burden on her shoulders. It was her fault as the captain.

“Xiao Chen, take this money. You put in the most effort, so you should get more,” said Jiang Min.

Shang Jin and Lang Yue also planned to give the money to Xiao Chen. “Xiao Chen, we don’t really need this money.”

Xiao Chen was very touched, but he couldn’t accept the money. “Thank you, senior, but I already have 400,000 that i deserve. It should be enough for me to treat her.”

“Which hospital is your mother in?” Tan Rou asked after listening for a while. “Can we go and see her?”

“Of course!” Xiao Chen smiled. “If my mother sees you, she will definitely be very happy!”

Jiang Min exchanged glances with them. Then, she said, “Let’s eat first. We’ll go to the hospital to visit Auntie tonight.”

Xiao Chen gave them his mother’s room number. He was very happy that his friends went to visit his mother. Due of his introverted personality, very few people would be friends with him. Her mother often asked him to bring his friends over, but Xiao Chen did not bring them even once. His family was too poor, and his friends would dislike him.

After Mother Chen fell ill, her biggest wish was for Xiao Chen to make more good friends. Therefore, Xiao Chen wanted to introduce his captain and the others to his mother. He wanted to tell his mother that his captain and the other team members took good care of him and that they had even taught him how to make money. Otherwise, he was afraid that his mother would think that he was lying.

Tan Rou went home to get some things and then drove to pick up Jiang Min and the others from school. Actually, Jiang Min had her own car, but her license plate number wasn’t ready, so she could only take Tan Ron’s car.

“Have you prepared the cash?” Jiang Min took out a kraft envelope. “Although it’s not much, it’s still a token of our appreciation. Let Xiao Chen use this money for emergencies.”

“Yeah,” Tan Rou said.

“I’ll urge Hang Wei to sign the cooperation contract as soon as possible and try to transfer the money to Senior Jiang’s account within three days.”

Jiang Min said, “It’s fine. Why don’t you transfer the money to Xiao Chen tonight? Just say that the money has been transferred. You can’t let it slip.”

Shang Jin and Lang Yue both nodded. Although their family conditions were not as good as Tan Rou and Jiang Min, they did not have to worry about food and clothing. Otherwise, why would Shang Jin’s parents buy him a house?

400,000 was not a small amount to them, but without this 400,000, they could still live well. However, Xiao Chen was different. Xiao Chen’s family wasn’t as well off, and now that his mother was sick, he definitely needed money.

Tan Rou and the others found Xiao Chen’s mother according to the ward number, but Xiao Chen was not in the ward. He went to buy daily necessities for his mother.

Coincidentally, Tan Rou and the others had never seen Xiao Chen’s mother before. However, they met the doctor who was checking on them as soon as they arrived at the door of the ward. The doctor asked them who they were looking for, and they told them the patient’s name.

“Are you Chen Bao’s classmates?” The doctor was very kind. “Then come in quickly. Chen Bao went out to buy daily necessities for his mother. He’ll be back soon.”

Chen Bao was Xiao Chen’s name.

The doctor seemed to be very familiar with Xiao Chen and his mother. As soon as he entered, he shouted, “Chen Yu, your son’s classmate is here to see you.”

On the bed by the window, a terribly thin woman turned her head. “All, my son’s classmate?”

Tan Rou and the others hurriedly handed over the gifts. “Hello, Auntie. We’re Chen Bao’s classmates.”

A faint smile appeared on the woman’s thin face. “That’s great. You’re my baby’s classmates. It’s his first time bringing his classmate here..”

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