Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 48 - 48 048 Who is backing you

48 048 Who is backing you

On the hand, Tan Jing and Zhou Wu left the hotel and argued at the door for a while.

Tan Jing complained, “What good are you? You fed me false information and made me lose face in front of that bitch, Tan Rou. Now she even has something on us. It’s all your fault for being stupid!”


Zhou Wu was also very angry, “You still blame me? I gave you a call as soon as I saw her. You were the one who said you wanted to teach her a lesson. How would I know who she’s with and how many people there are in the room? I don’t have x-ray vision!”

Tan Jing raised her hand and slapped Zhou Wu on the face, she said fiercely, “You still dare to talk back? Let me tell you, I’m not that bitch Tan Rou. In the past, she was easily controlled by you. I don’t raise idiots. If you want to stay on my payroll, shut your mouth. If you do things properly, I can even consider giving you some money to spend!”

Zhou Wu touched the corner of his mouth and stared at Tan Jing with an unfriendly gaze. However, when he heard her mention money, he restrained himself and squeezed out a cheeky smile, “Yes, Sister Jing has given me enough money. Naturally, I am willing to work for you. It was an accident this time round. I was too impatient.”

Tan Jing snorted coldly and turned around to walk away.

Zhou Wu stood at the same spot and looked at Tan Jing’s back. He spat on the ground in disdain, “Pft! You bitch, you still dare to hit me? If it wasn’t for the fact that you have some stinky money, I would have killed you sooner or later! You call me stupid, but don’t you see what kind of person you are? You are the one being played by that bitch, Tan Rou!”

Tan Jing returned to the Tan family with an air of resentment. She threw her shoes off as soon as she entered the house and threw her bag into the sofa as she threw a fit.

Chen Yi came downstairs with a cup of tea and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong? Who made you angry?”

Tan Jing sobbed in grief, “Mom! It’s all because of Tan Rou! She scolded me and even said bad things about you and dad!”

Chen Yi felt uncomfortable as well. She walked forward and sat down on the sofa, “How did you get involved with her again? This ungrateful wretch. I fed her well and raised her to such an age. How dare she hold a grudge and say bad things about me? I knew that she was unwilling to leave the Tan family. I didn’t expect her to still haunt us and still dare to scold you.”

Tan Jing immediately added fuel to the fire and told her about what happened in the hotel. She sobbed as if she had been wronged. Seeing that Chen Yi’s expression was getting worse, Tan Jing secretly curled the corners of her lips.

However, Tan Jing still pretended to be wronged and cried, “I know. She still has a problem with me. She thinks that I stole her status. But, Mom, I don’t care about money. I just want to return to your side. But, she has never been filial to you. She just feels that she has lost her wealth and honor, so she always tries to make things difficult for me!”

Chen Yi nodded. “She only knows how to ask me for money. How can she be as considerate as you?”

Tan Jing flung the pillow beside her onto the floor and was extremely angry, “I can tolerate her for the rest, but I won’t allow her to say bad things about you and dad! That’s why I got into an argument with her! Mom, she and that Zhuang Liu are both saying that I lack upbringing and that our genes aren’t good. Isn’t that the same as scolding you and dad!”

Chen Yi snorted. “That little bitch isn’t very smart either. That sickly Zhuang Liu that we look down on. Does she think that by having the Zhuang family back her up, she can mock us? She will forever remain as a dirty secret!”

Tan Jing thought of Zhuang Liu’s appearance and felt a little distracted. The third young master of the Zhuang family was said to be swift and decisive in the business world, but there were very few reports that praised his handsome appearance. However, when she thought of his legs, Tan Jing immediately cast aside any second thoughts. He was a cripple. His legs were limp as he sunk into the wheelchair. His legs were so skinny that they were skin and bones, it was extremely ugly! What was the use of having a handsome face! He is still a sickly man that is waiting to die!

Fortunately, she had broken off the engagement. Only an idiot like Tan Rou thought that she had picked up a treasure and was still trying to protect that cripple. It was just as Chen Yi had said, she was a country bumpkin who could not take the stage!

Chen Yi comforted Tan Jing, “Good child, I know that you are trying to protect your father and mother. Don’t be angry. That ingrate Tan Rou will pay the price for what she said. She has been raised by us, the Tan family, for more than ten years. What rights did she have to turn around and criticize me? She is just jealous of you and bites people like a mad dog!”

Tan Jing nodded. “Mom, she went too far. You have to help me and teach her a lesson!”

Chen Yi touched Tan Jing’s face, “Of course, I will help you. You are my good daughter. You don’t have to be angry with that little bitch now. Mom will help you teach her a lesson! Go wash your face. You look like a little kitten, Mom will take you out for dinner!”

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