Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 45 - 45 045 Said something crazy

45 045 Said something crazy

Tan Jing was so angry that her face was twisted. “You guys are both openly and secretly mocking me. You’re mocking our Tan family!”

Zhuang Liu put on a serious and innocent expression. “We’re just talking about flowers. How are we mocking you?”


Tan Jing held her breath, but she couldn’t admit that she was offended either.

Zhuang Liu pretended to scold Xiao Mo, “Xiao Mo, I was talking to Miss Tan about something. Why are you talking about flowers all of a sudden? Look, Miss Tan misunderstood.”

Xiao Mo held back his laughter, “Yes, it just came into my mind. Miss Tan, please don’t think too much.”

Tan Rou watched the two cheeky people from the side. After a while, she even joined them in belittling Tan Jing. She even had an innocent look on her face while secretly mocking Tan Jing in her heart.

Zhuang Liu, who usually acted like a big, adorable dog around her now seemed like a scheming wolf.

Tan Jing could no longer put on an act. “Tan Rou, you really found two good lackeys. Are you just going to watch them insult me like this? What they said was also an insult to dad and mom. Are you going to let them be?”

Tan Rou smiled even more happily, “Tan Jing, by dad and mom, are you referring to the Tao family or the Tan Family? If it’s the Tao family, I believe Zhuang Liu’s words just now were very clear. They are well-mannered and civilized people. To think that you’ve lived under their roof for more than ten years and haven’t learned anything at all.”

Tan Rou looked at Tan Jing’s increasingly ugly expression and felt extremely relieved, “As for the parents from the Tan family, they are your father and mother. What do they have to do with me? They have never even paid a day of attention to me. I’m just glad that they haven’t taught me anything wrong.”

Tan Jing gnashed her teeth. “You ungrateful wretch, I want to go back and tell mom about everything you’ve said!”

Tan Rou waved her hand nonchalantly. “Quickly go and suck up to your mother. Don’t come out and harm others. I’ve already told you last time, don’t provoke me. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson every time I see you!”

Tan Jing snorted coldly and did not forget to threaten, “Do you think that by relying on Zhuang Liu, you can flaunt your power? I’m warning you, don’t use today’s incident to scare me. If this reporter dares to write nonsense, I’ll let my parents avenge me! A sickly person is nothing more than a grasshopper after autumn! And yet you still think you can count on him?”

Xiao Mo reminded her bluntly, “Miss Tan, you have to take responsibility for what you’ve said. You can question the Zhuang family’s strength all you want. However, please don’t cry out in the future.”

Xiao Mo looked down on Tan Jing even more. As if being ignorant was not bad enough, she was ignorant and full of herself at the same time. Where did she get the confidence to think that she could challenge the Zhuang family? None of the members of the Tan family was a match for the Zhuang family. Yet, Tan Jing was still arrogant.

Of course, Tan Jing was ignorant. Even the mistress of the Tan family, Chen Yi, was the same. They were from a small family that was about to be abandoned by the aristocrat circle. Had she had some foresight, she would never have proposed to break off the engagement with the Zhuang family based on some rumors she heard.

Tan Rou looked at Tan jing and Zhou Wu with disdain and said faintly, “I have never relied on anyone. Zhuang Liu happened to be present today and you guys embarrassed yourselves. On the other hand, you few motley crew. Don’t think that you can do anything to me just by banding together.”

Tan Jing and Zhou Wu’s efforts today ended in futile. At this moment, they could only leave dejectedly. Before leaving, Tan Jing still pretended to be calm and threw a few harsh words, in fact, she was afraid that the reporters would really release the news of her and Zhou Wu’s presence at the hotel today.

Reporter Wang was not affected at all. He only stood aside politely and did not say anything.

Tan Jing was so angry that she stomped her feet, but she could only leave helplessly.

Zhou Wu was not afraid of any reporters. He only secretly grudged that he did not succeed in his revenge today. However, he vaguely sensed that the man in the wheelchair was looking at him darkly. His intuition told him that the man’s capabilities were not as bad as Tan Jing had said, he did not dare to say anything and left with Tan Jing.

Zhuang Liu looked at Zhou Wu’s back and felt that the punishment he had given him last time was too light. His gaze hinted at Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo understood and nodded. He was already thinking of finding another reason to make Zhou Wu suffer a little more.

He was just a small hooligan. It was still very easy for him to find an excuse to teach him a lesson.

As for Tan Jing, after all, her relationship with Tan Rou was too complicated. Zhuang Liu did not want to make Tan Rou feel uncomfortable and think that he was meddling too much.

Thus, Zhuang Liu temporarily suppressed the thought of interfering. He returned to his gentle appearance and looked at Tan Rou with a smile.

Tan Rou smiled slightly. “Sorry to trouble everyone with today’s matter. I’m sorry, this is my personal matter and I’ve wasted your time.”

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