Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 43 - 43 043 Three person

43 043 Three person

Tan Jing’s eyes widened. “What? Third Young Master Zhuang?” She looked at the man from head to toe in surprise. She did not expect the man in front of her to be her unlucky ex-fiancé, Zhuang Liu.

Tan Jing chuckled, she laughed out loud and mocked Tan Rou. “I say, Tan Rou, is life with the Tao family so hard that you even started to pick up my trash? A fiancé whom I didn’t want, a man who is about to die of illness, and you won’t let him go?”


Zhuang Liu was not angry. He raised his chin slightly and stared coldly at Tan Jing.

Tan Jing felt a little uncomfortable being stared at, it was as if she was being stared at by a poisonous snake. She felt uncomfortable all over, so she gradually withdrew her smug smile. However, she still looked at Tan Rou proudly, “The fake daughter of the Tan family secretly meets the real daughter’s ex-fiancé. Tan Rou, do you like this headline? Let’s see it on tomorrow’s entertainment news!”

Tan Jing tilted her head to look at Zhou Wu. Zhou Wu waved the phone in his hand, indicating that he had already taken the picture, he also grinned at Tan Rou. “If you want to blame someone, blame it on your own bad luck. You bumped into me. I said that I would take revenge on you, but you never expected it to be so soon, right? Hahaha!”

Tan Rou nodded. “Indeed, I didn’t expect that we would meet again so soon. It seems that the beating you received last time was a little too light. It didn’t teach you a lesson.”

Zhou Wu laughed sinisterly. “I admit that you’re ruthless. You have your ways, but I, Zhou Wu, am not a pushover. I can’t do anything to you, but I can make your reputation rot and stink! What can you do to me?”

Tan Jing thought that victory was in her hands, she began to gloat. “Tan Rou, I bet you didn’t see that coming, right? Last time, I didn’t manage to catch you and Zhou Zheng having a private meeting. This time, you gave me a bigger surprise. Unfortunately, what’s mine is mine. You can’t take it away, and what I don’t want…”

Tan Jing glanced at Zhuang Liu’s legs and laughed, “Just take it away! I just don’t know how the reporters will report about this interesting matter tomorrow.”

Tan Rou’s heart was originally calm. She was just admiring the faces of the two villains in front of her. However, Tan Jing kept harping on Zhuang Liu’s illness. This made Tan Rou angry. She didn’t want Zhuang Liu to be criticized by such a person just so he could help her!

Tan Rou did not want to listen to it anymore and said, “There’s no need to let the reporters report tomorrow. I forgot to introduce her. This lady is the reporter from Entertainment Express that Zhuang Liu invited over, Miss Wang.”

The capable-looking woman who had been standing quietly at the side nodded when she heard that. “Everyone had a heated conversation just now, so I did not interrupt. I was invited to interview Mr. Zhuang and Miss Tan.”

Tan Jing’s smug smile froze in a moment. “Interview? An imposter and a sickly man. What’s there to interview? I think you guys made it up at the last minute to cover up the fact that the two of them are having a private meeting!”

Tan Rou’s expression turned cold. “You don’t get to tell me about his body! If we’re having a private meeting just because we were in the same room, what about you? You went to great lengths to break off the Zhuang family’s engagement just to come here and have a private meeting with a hooligan with a criminal record?”

Tan jing screamed, “Shut up! How can I have a private meeting with him!”

Zhou Wu also said angrily, “Tan Rou, don’t be so desperate and bite people!”

Tan Rou sneered. “Then you’re alone in a room. According to your train of thought, isn’t it a private meeting? The eldest daughter of the Tan family quickly broke off the engagement and actually went on a secret date with the man who was detained and released from prison. Do you like this headline?”

Zhuang Liu turned his head and hid his smile. This little fox must have already predicted what tricks Tan Jing would use to frame her, so she had already thought of an excuse to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Reporter Wang, who was beside her, could not help but laugh. “Miss Tan’s headline is very eye-catching. It’s more concise and clear-cut than our colleagues in the office.”

Tan Jing gritted her teeth. “Tan Rou, are you trying to play games with me?”

Tan Rou smiled. “Didn’t you start this game first? If you can’t win, you’ll get angry out of embarrassment like a sore loser? At worst, both our stories are published tomorrow. Our side will openly invite the reporters over for a press conference at Young Master Zhuang’s hotel. We have nothing to hide. However, on your side, it’s hard to explain.”

Tan Jing instantly understood. “This is Zhuang Liu’s Hotel? You did it on purpose! This was a trap set up by you!” After saying that, she glared at Zhou Wu who was beside her. “You also had a hand in tricking me into coming here?”

Zhou Wu cried out in injustice, “How would I know whose hotel this is! How could I be with them!”

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