Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 41 - 41 041 Equally dumb

41 041 Equally dumb

Zhuang Liu looked at Tan Rou tenderly and shook his head with a helpless smile. He had always known that Tan Rou had a special kind of ability. No matter what had happened, she would always have a way out of it.

In Zhuang Liu’s eyes, Tan Rou was his guiding light. She was once in a position that he looked up upon. He chased after this light and watched silently.


But this time, fate has finally acknowledged Zhuang Liu’s feelings. They were mercifully allowed to meet again and even gave Zhuang Liu a chance to become closer to Tan Rou.

This made Zhuang Liu realize that Tan Rou wasn’t a light that he needed to look up to. This girl was strong and calm, but she also had a cute side. She was sly and playful, and her mind was always filled with many new ideas.

What else could he do? Zhuang Liu only wanted to pamper her in every way possible. No matter what Tan Rou wanted to do, he would always stand firmly behind her.

On the other side, Tan Jing and Zhou Wu took the room card and came to the presidential suite’s floor.

Zhou Wu stuck both his hands into his pockets and walked unsteadily, “Miss Tan, we can’t just knock on every door one by one, right?”

Tan Jing sneered. “What’s the use of having you? Had you tail her up earlier, we wouldn’t be in so much trouble right now. In the end, I still have to do the dirty work.”

Zhou Wu grinned cheekily. “Aiyo, if not for the missy of the Tan Family, never in a million years would I have the money to afford a presidential suite. It is all thanks to you!”

Although Tan Jing’s heart ached for the money, she also felt that it was because of her identity as the daughter of the Tan Family that she was able to make the receptionist look stupid. In exchange for this good opportunity to strike a blow at Tan Rou, she felt very pleased. She snorted coldly and did not say anything else.

However, the two of them stood in the corridor like two headless flies, completely clueless about where to begin. Tan Jing clenched her fists and cursed in her heart. It was all that damn receptionist’s fault for not telling her Tan Rou’s room number.

The more Tan Jing thought about it, the angrier she got. She was the real missy of the Tan family. Even if the matter was blown up, how much attention could Tan Rou alone garner? When the news breaks out, perhaps this hotel could also bask in the light and get some free publicity.

As for the receptionist, she was putting on an act and talking about privacy. To put it bluntly, she didn’t have enough money. If she had enough power and money, the receptionist couldn’t care less about privacy!

Tan Jing paced in the corridor angrily. Her mind was constantly thinking about how to find Tan Rou and capture the unglamorous side of her on film.

In the room, Tan Rou saw Tan Jing and Zhou Wu through the peephole. When she saw the two of them hesitating and pacing in the corridor, she can’t help but remark. “The two of them are equally dumb. How could such a pair still scheme to do bad things.”

Zhuang Liu also laughed. “What do you plan to do next?”

Tan Rou smiled and turned to look at Zhuang Liu. “They’re so stupid that I can’t stand it anymore. Naturally, I’ll help them. Since this is your territory, can you do me a favor?”

Zhuang Liu smiled. He liked Tan Rou’s straightforwardness. Just like that, she naturally told him what she needed from him. This made Zhuang Liu extremely happy. “Of course!”

Tan Jing was still pacing around in exasperation. Zhou Wu scratched his head. “We won’t be able to find her anytime soon. Sister Jing, why don’t we enter our room first!”

Tan Jing glared fiercely at Zhou Wu. “What do you want? Where did you get the balls to still want to be in the same room with me?”

Zhou Wu secretly rolled his eyes. He secretly cursed Tan Jing for being so narcissistic. Did she think that he fancied her? Her barely average appearance, coupled with her current expression, was even more mean and frightening. Even if he was frantic, he would not have any thoughts about this old witch.

Zhou Wu said, “How could that be? I really don’t fancy you in the least bit!”

Unexpectedly, Tan Jing’s expression turned even worse. “What do you mean? Are you saying that I can’t interest you? What right do you have to not like me?”

Seeing Tan Jing’s expression, Zhou Wu knew that he had said the wrong thing again. He wished he could slap himself. After all, no woman wanted to hear others say that they didn’t interest them.

Zhou Wu felt that Tan Jing was even more pretentious than Tan Rou previously was. Admitting that he fancied her would mean that he had ill intentions towards her while denying would mean that she wasn’t good enough for him. He couldn’t defend himself, and Zhou Wu was starting to regret following Tan Jing up.

Seeing that Tan Jing was about to flare up again, Zhou Wu hurriedly said, “I was the one who was in a hurry to use the toilet in the room! Sister Jing, don’t worry. I know that I’m not good enough for you, that’s why I said that. I don’t dare to offend you. Standing here aimlessly definitely isn’t the way to go. I’ll go into the room to use the toilet first, okay?”

Tan Jing rolled her eyes and reluctantly agreed to Zhou Wu’s suggestion. The two of them swiped their cards one after the other and entered the presidential suite.

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