Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 39

039 Treatment

Tan Rou looked at the harmless-looking Zhuang Liu and her heart skipped a beat. Acting cute was normally annoying, but she really wanted to caress his head…

Tan Rou quickly suppressed the dangerous thoughts in her heart and pretended to be serious as she cleared her throat. “Ahem, then let’s begin!”


After saying that, Tan Rou took out a thermos flask. Inside was the medicine that Bai Jing had just decocted. She handed it to Zhuang Liu, “Drink it first. It will help us to trigger the poison in a while.”

Zhuang Liu drank it in one gulp. He was secretly delighted that Tan Rou said “Us”. In the past, he had always been silently facing the disease alone. Now that Tan Rou was treating his illness, it made him feel like the girl he loved was fighting alongside him.

Tan Rou didn’t notice Zhuang Liu’s inner thoughts. Instead, she was focusing her attention. She lowered her body and rolled up Zhuang Liu’s pants.

Zhuang Liu was still a little uncomfortable and subconsciously pulled back.

Tan Rou raised her head and looked at Zhuang Liu’s unnatural expression. She guessed that Zhuang Liu was still self-conscious about his legs and was afraid of scaring her.

Tan Rou comforted Zhuang Liu, “You’re too thin. You have to eat more. So when you are cured, you have enough strength to support yourself.”

Zhuang Liu’s heart warmed and he nodded.

Tan Rou continued to lower her head and observed Zhuang Liu’s legs. She started to disinfect the silver acupuncture needles and slowly waited for Zhuang Liu’s medicine to take effect.

Zhuang Liu first felt his body start to heat up. Gradually, his legs started to feel numb and itchy at the same time, and his blood vessels felt like they were about to explode.

Zhuang Liu gritted his teeth, and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Tan Rou saw that it was about time. She didn’t waste any more time and immediately started the needles. She quickly inserted the silver needles into the main acupuncture points.

Then, she waited.

However, Tan Rou was still worried. She quickly lit up another piece of incense and then inserted another silver needle into the acupuncture point to numb the pain. She comforted him, “These can help you alleviate the pain, but it’s unavoidable. You must hold on.”

Zhuang Liu’s face was filled with pain, but he still forced a smile to signal to Tan Rou that he was fine.

After a few more minutes, the changes in Zhuang Liu’s legs became even more obvious. The blood vessels on his legs became visible, even showing a faint dark purple color.

Zhuang Liu could not help but let out a soft groan.

Xiao Mo asked Tan Rou nervously, “Miss Tan, how long more will you take?”

Tan Rou held a small scalpel in her hand as she focused her attention on Zhuang Liu’s left leg.

One of the blood vessels on Zhuang Liu’s left leg bulged out in an instant. The color was especially frightening.

Tan Rou chuckled, “Now!” With that said, she raised the scalpel and cut through Zhuang Liu’s skin. The thick black blood quickly gushed towards the cut and spewed out, flowing into the container that Tan Rou had prepared.

Tan Rou stopped as soon as she was done. After a short while, she used a silver needle to seal the bleeding and carefully bandaged Zhuang Liu’s wound.

After doing all this, Tan Rou took out another bowl of medicinal soup and handed it to Zhuang Liu. “Drink this. It will help you recover some of your strength.”

Zhuang Liu was pale. He looked at Tan Rou with a vulnerable and pitiful expression.

Tan Rou reached out to feed Zhuang Liu. “How are you?”

Zhuang Liu narrowed his eyes in satisfaction and drank the medicine bit by bit.

Xiao Mo was relieved when he saw that the treatment was over. He was even secretly happy. Luckily, he didn’t take the initiative to take over the medicine. If he did, he would probably be scolded to death by Third Young Master.

Tan Rou realized that her actions were a little inappropriate. She was secretly annoyed. What happened to her? It was so awkward to withdraw her hand now.

And so the two of them carried on like this. One held the medicine stiffly while the other drank it contentedly.

Zhuang Liu felt a little regretful after drinking it. If it weren’t for the fact that he was afraid that Tan Rou’s hand would get sore, he would have drank it even slower.

Tan Rou withdrew her hand with a slightly blushed face and instructed, “Your body is too weak. It’s better to spread the treatment out. If you rush it too much, you might hurt your body.”

Zhuang Liu nodded and did not object. Sometimes, Zhuang Liu also felt a little conflicted. He wanted to stand up earlier to protect Tan Rou, but at the same time, he wanted to spend more time fighting alongside Tan Rou.

Tan Rou kept the silver needles neatly and prepared to end today’s treatment. She then handed Xiao Mo a few packs of wrapped medicinal herbs. “After going back, give him one pack a day to help him recuperate. There are also a few types of medicinal herbs to stimulate his appetite. The nutrition he is receiving has to keep up.”

Xiao Mo carefully put them away. He felt that Miss Tan was really meticulous. Third Young Master was not feeling well, so he did not have much appetite. His diet was also irregular. Now that Miss Tan had spoken, Third Young Master would at least eat more.

As expected, Zhuang Liu obediently nodded and promised, “I will definitely eat well.”

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