Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 37

037 Might as well give himself to her

Xiao Mo forced himself to calm down, but he could not suppress the joy in his heart.

Xiao Mo saw all the sufferings Zhuang Liu had endured over the years. Although he was only Zhuang Liu’s assistant, he sincerely respected and admired Zhuang Liu like an elder brother.


Xiao Mo was so happy that he could not close his mouth. “If Miss Tan can really cure your illness, then she will be my great benefactor. In the future, even if she treats me as her slave, I will not say a word!”

Zhuang Liu nodded. “She is also my great benefactor. She has already helped me a lot. This time, I will not be able to repay her.”

Xiao Mo was too happy and even joked. “Third Young Master, since you care so much about Miss Tan, you might as well give yourself to her!”

Zhuang Liu pursed his lips shyly for once, but his eyes flashed with a different light. His feelings for Tan Rou had always been very strong. This incident made his heart even firmer.

The two of them gradually calmed down.

Zhuang Liu instructed, “You must pick a good location to conduct the treatment, the more hidden away, the better. If the bunch of old guys find out that my leg can be treated, I’m afraid they’ll get desperate and pull something off. I don’t want to deal with them now.”

After thinking for a while, he added, “Don’t tell anyone at home either.”

Although Zhuang Liu trusted Tan Rou, the treatment still needed some time.

Zhuang Liu’s father and Madam Zhuang had been living in self-blame all these years. They felt that they had not protected Zhuang Liu well and had caused him to suffer so much since he was young. Old Lady Zhuang even loved this grandson as though he was his own son.

All these years, they had already been happy for nothing too many times. Zhuang Liu wanted to wait until the day he really stood up and give them a surprise.

Xiao Mo understood. “Alright, I understand. I’ll contact our own hotel right now and arrange a presidential suite for you.”

After buying the medicinal herbs, Tan Rou went to Bai Jing’s He Shou Tang to decoct the medicine and discuss her plan with Bai Jing.

Tan Rou slowly boiled the medicine, she said to Bai Jing, “I want to use the medicine to trigger one of the toxins, to fight poison with poison. I am going to let the poison in the Zhuang Liu’s body kill each other and devour each other, before finally dealing with the last poison, to eliminate the root of the problem one and for all.”

Bai Jing had been in a state of excitement ever since Tan Rou entered the room and told him that she had a way to detoxify the poison.

Bai Jing never expected that in just a few days, Tan Rou would have a solution. That was even earlier than he had expected!

After hearing Tan Rou’s words, Bai Jing was even more excited: “Just like Gu Refinement?”

Gu refinement was to put several types of Gu worms together, allowing them to kill each other and continuously feed on each other. In the end, through the means of natural selection, the one who survived was the Gu King.

Tan Rou smiled and nodded, “If I am right, one of the rarer poisons is stronger, as long as it is activated and repels the other poisons, I can completely detoxify the poison.”

Bai Jing slapped the table and exclaimed, “Wonderful! Why didn’t I think of this! But…” then he said hesitantly, “Since this poison is so powerful, during the time it is activated, will Xiao Liu be able to withstand it?”

Tan Rou had already considered this point. “I will assist in applying the acupuncture needles to protect his heart while controlling the strength of the activation. It might be a little uncomfortable, but it won’t be a big problem.”

The last bit of doubt was dispelled, and Bai Jing’s eyes started to tear up. “Little friend, you’ve really solved a big problem in my heart!”

Tan Rou quickly went forward to comfort Bai Jing. “Uncle Bai, it will be fine. Don’t be agitated.”

Bai Jing wiped the corners of his eyes. “I’m not afraid of you laughing at me. There have been many nights when I haven’t been able to sleep. This matter has always been pressing down on my heart.”

Bai Jing’s voice was a little choked up. “The words I said to you earlier weren’t just to coax you to accept this job. That was how I truly felt. I treat Zhuang Liu like my own child. If I can’t cure him, I really won’t feel at ease even if I die.”

Tan Rou’s heart also felt a little sour. Whether it was Bai Jing, Zhuang Liu, or even Zhuang Liu’s aide, they were all very good people. The pure feelings between them also touched Tan Rou very much.

Tan Rou said, “Uncle Bai, don’t worry. Since you care so much about Zhuang Liu, he won’t let you down.”

Bai Jing patted Tan Rou’s hand. “Little friend, your attainments in medicine are not inferior to mine, even surpassing mine. I also sincerely think highly of you.”

Bai Jing looked at Tan Rou lovingly. “If you don’t mind me taking advantage of you, I will treat both you and Xiao Liu as my children. I will teach you everything that I have learned in my life.”

Tan Rou was so touched that she smiled. “Uncle Bai, why would I mind? I would love to!”

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