Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 26

026 Genius

“Who said it can’t be used?” A powerful voice came from behind Tan Rou.

Tan Rou turned around and saw that there was another Chinese medicine clinic across the street. It was very small and seemed very bare. It was located diagonally across the big clinic, so it paled in comparison and was very difficult for people to notice it.


However, at this moment, when she looked at it, it did have an antique flavor and seemed to have character.

At this moment, there was an energetic old man standing at the door. He was stroking his white beard and had a smile on his face. He looked like a sage.

The old man said, “I would like to see. Although this lady is young, her attitude towards the medical practice is much better than those half-baked Chinese medicine practitioners.”

The old man looked at Tan Rou kindly, “Young Lady, based on what you said just now, I am willing to take a look at your medicine.”

How could Divine Doctor Wang not know that this person was referring to him? However, the clinic opposite him was a little strange. There was clearly no business, but occasionally, there would be some high-ranking officials and dignitaries rejected at his doorstep. They were unmoved by him no matter how much he tried to promote himself.

Divine Doctor Wang was not sure what kind of methods the old man had, so he did not dare to provoke him easily. He held back his anger and signaled his apprentice to stop bothering her. Then, he turned around and returned to his room.

Tan Rou walked toward the old man and smiled gratefully, “Thank you.” No matter what, the old man agreed with her point of view and was willing to give her medicine a try. This made Tan Rou feel that her insistence was right.

The old man called out to Tan Rou, “Come in, let’s have a chat. Let me see what medicine you have made.”

The two walked into the clinic. Tan Rou was surprised to find that although it did not look like much on the outside, there was another world inside the clinic.

It was obvious that all the mahogany furniture was expensive, especially the bookcase. It was filled with a wall full of medical books. It was a magnificent sight. On the other side, there was another wall of drawers filled with medicine. The air was filled with a faint medicinal fragrance. It smelled great.

Tan Rou immediately fell in love with this place. Her eyes were sparkling. Her intuition told her that this old man wasn’t simple. He might be her benefactor.

The old man led Tan Rou to the tea table and told her to sit down. He poured her a cup of hot tea, then he said, “Little girl, I think we are fated, and what you said just now made me very happy. There are not many doctors with the same attitude as you nowadays. Moreover, you are still young. This is very good.”

The old man seemed kind and looked at Tan Rou with a smile. “My surname is Bai. May I know how to address you?”

Tan Rou replied politely, “Hello, Grandpa Bai. My name is Tan Rou.”

The old man, or more accurately, Bai Jing, hurriedly waved his hand. “Hey! “Don’t call me grandpa. I’m still in my prime. It’s all that brat’s fault. He made me worry for him until I was several years older. I see that the two of you are about the same age. You should call me Uncle Bai just like him.”

Tan Rou burst into laughter. Just a moment ago, he was still a sage-like person. Now, he looked like an old mischievous child, but that him seem a lot more approachable.

Tan Rou naturally agreed. “Alright, Uncle Bai. Take a look at my herbs and medicinal pills. Are they of any use to you?”

Tan Rou took out the things that she had prepared from her bag and handed them to Bai Jing.

Seeing that Bai Jing was not perfunctory and did not look down on her at all, instead, he was seriously studying her pills, Tan Rou was very happy. This meant that she had received the respect of this senior.

Bai Jing carefully studied it for a moment and became more and more excited.

He originally did not have many expectations for her pills. After all, the girl was not old and definitely did not have enough experience. He originally planned to give her a few good pointers to aid her on her path of learning. However, he did not expect that not only was there no mistake at all, but the number of ingredients used was simply immaculate!

Bai Jing could be said to be a medical junkie. As long as it was something that he was interested in and had never seen before, he would always have extremely high enthusiasm and would not hesitate to pay any price.

At this moment, he realized that Tan Rou’s herbs and medicinal pills were not simple. In fact, they were even more refined than some family secret medicine that had been passed down from a lineage of famous doctors. He didn’t care much and directly crushed a small bit with his hand, he sent it into his mouth and tasted it carefully.

“Hey! Uncle Bai!” Tan Rou wanted to stop him, it wasn’t that she was unwilling to let him try. Indeed, doctors often needed to try some medicine on their own, but the two of them had just met for the first time, and Uncle Bai had already eaten the medicine that she had made. This made Tan Rou panic a little.

Bai Jing carefully tasted the ingredients Tan Rou used and was overjoyed. “Wonderful! The usage of each herb was wonderful!” After saying that, he actually laughed out loud.

When Tan Rou heard this, it made her really proud of herself. She was actually very confident in her own skills but facing uncle Bai whom she had already treated as a respectable senior. Receiving his praise made her very happy.

Bai Jing repeatedly praised, “I really picked up a treasure! Little friend, I didn’t expect you to have such high attainments in refining incense and medicine at such a young age. You’re a genius!”

Tan Rou was a little shy from being praised. “There are still many shortcomings. I am still working on improving myself.”

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