Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 24

024 Godly doctor

“Wait.” Zhuang Liu stopped Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo quickly asked again, “What’s the matter, Third Young Master? Do you have any other orders for me?”


Zhuang Liu pondered for a moment before finally making up his mind, “Go and contact Uncle Bai.”

Xiao Mo was nervous, “Are you feeling unwell again? I’ll look for him now!”

The Uncle Bai that Zhuang Liu was talking about was the famous godly doctor, Bai Jing. Bai Jing’s medical skills were superb, and his true identity was a mystery. His medical skills were one of a kind, and his use of acupuncture needles was god-like.

However, he never revealed himself easily, and his principle of saving people was very unique as well. He couldn’t be bothered to save those who could be saved by other doctors, and he disdained saving those that did evil. He also refused to save those who kept bugging him, but most of the time, it depended on his mood or if he felt that they were fated.

These mysterious rumors coupled with his temperamental personality and his erratic whereabouts made him seem particularly mysterious.

It was rumored that his medical skills were already at the peak of perfection. Even if one is already near the gates of Hell, as long as he made a move, he would be able to turn the tide. As a result, the reputation of the godly doctor grew larger and larger, and countless people coveted his medical skills.

Countless people were willing to give up all their fortunes just to seek an audience with him, but not many might not end up being able to see him in person.

Zhuang Liu was poisoned as a kid, and it looked like he was going to die soon. The Zhuang family had searched for famous doctors worldwide, but they had all failed.

However, by chance, they met Bai Jing. Bai Jing was very interested in the poison in Zhuang Liu. Such a lethal and uncommon poison made even a godly doctor like him unable to do anything about it. It was incredibly challenging.

Bai Jing could not find a better way, for the time being, so he could only temporarily suppress the poison. Zhuang Liu’s life was saved, but the poison has always been in him. It slowly started to accumulate in his legs. From then on, Zhuang Liu never stood up again.

An accident happened in Bai Jing’s godly doctor career.

The more capable a person was, the more they could not accept failure. Zhuang Liu’s illness had stimulated Bai Jing’s exploration of medical theories. He talked about the boundless sea of knowledge. If he did not solve Zhuang Liu’s problem, he would never claim to be a godly doctor of his generation.

Zhuang Liu had once thought of giving up, but Bai Jing comforted him, “You have extraordinary talent, and you are definitely not a short-lived person. Our meeting was fate. If Hades wants to take you in, he would have to ask me first.”

Occasionally, Bai Jing would also crack jokes to encourage Zhuang Liu, “Do you think that your life and death have no implications? My reputation is at stake here. If I can’t cure you, how can I continue practicing medicine? So live on.”

Thus, Zhuang Liu and Bai Jing tried countless methods and suffered together. Bai Jing’s beard grew whiter and whiter by the year, and he did not give up. Their bond was no longer an ordinary doctor-patient relationship, but a life-and-death friendship.

Divine Doctor Bai, who used to skip between towns began to settle down and started to stay in the city where Zhuang Liu was. Under normal circumstances, Bai Jing would experiment with new treatment methods on his own. When there was progress, he would inform Zhuang Liu to go over and test it out, and occasionally, he would go out to source precious herbs.

Recently, Zhuang Liu’s condition had been relatively stable. It had been a long time since he had gone to look for Bai Jing. This time, Zhuang Liu took the initiative to ask to see Bai Jing, which really scared Xiao Mo. He was afraid that Zhuang Liu’s condition had worsened.

Zhuang Liu shook his head. “I’m fine. It’s just that Uncle Bai mentioned a method last time. He said that it might be effective, but it would be a little risky. He asked me to think about it for a few more days. Now, I’ve made up my mind.”

Xiao Mo was still worried, “Third Young Master, let’s not take the risk. Let’s wait a little longer. There will definitely be a better method!”

Zhuang Liu touched the wheelchair beneath him, “If it were in the past, I wouldn’t be in a hurry. I’ve sat on this thing for so many years and I’ve gotten used to it. But now, I can’t…”

In the past, it was as if he was walking alone in the dark. He had no direction, but others did not know that for someone like him, once he discovered the light in the darkness, he would definitely chase after it with all his might. As long as the light was there, he had the will to keep living on.

Zhuang Liu’s eyes revealed a strong sense of determination, “I finally found her again. There’s no more time. In my current state, I can’t protect anyone. No matter what method I use, I have to try something!”

Xiao Mo’s face was bitter. He had gone mad. who was that woman? She actually made Third Young Master is risking his life just so that he can stand up and protect her.

Xiao Mo did not dare to disobey his wishes. He agreed and left.

Zhuang Liu was left alone on the spot. He muttered to himself, “Wait for me a little longer.”

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