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Chapter 49 - The Blame

Chapter 49: The Blame

The maid was aware that she had bumped into a lady, so she kneeled down in front of Gu Chaoyan directly and kept kowtowing. “Sorry, Miss, sorry Miss.”

She kowtowed and mumbled constantly.

The passing servants, madams and ladies could not help but turn to this position. Before Madam Gu could say a thing, Gu Ruxue appeared and said with a gentle tone, “just rise, please.” She turned to Gu Chaoyan afterwards. “Sister, she bumped into you accidentally. Don’t blame her any more.”

The bystanders threw a very meaningful glance at Gu Chaoyan.

Blaming the servants would be alright if conducted at one’s own mansion, but a lady should not blame servants outside her home – that was not a good thing for reputation.

Gu Chaoyan had not said a thing, before Gu Ruxue defined her in this way.

Gu Chaoyan felt a paper bag stuffed in the maid’s sleeves, and she realized that it was her Second Sister who had been involved in this trick, though she thought that it was a normal conduct of people from the Huo Family.

No wonder the trick had worked out so successfully.

She laughed coldly as she threw a few more looks at this maid. “Since my Second Sister, the daughter of a concubine, is so broad-minded and stops me from giving you the blame, then just rise.”

The maid looked up, threw a few looks, kowtowed and hurried off with head lowered.

Gu Ruxue looked at Gu Chaoyan with an angry expression on her face. She just could not throw a temper in front of those people. What was it going on with this hideous woman! She was soon going to give up the position as the lineal daughter, and now she was still talking more than she should.

Apart from Gu Ruxue, Madame Gu was not pleased either. Apparently she hated the feeling when her granddaughter was out of control, so she clicked her cane and said, “Chaoyan, you are not often out on a banquet, so do not talk about what should not be spoken. This is the Huo Mansion, blaming the servants is not allowed. Ruxue is just giving you a reminder.”

Madame Gu was defending Gu Ruxue, for sure.

Gu Chaoyan had not gotten a very strong sense about this when she was at the Gu Mansion, but now when she was out with the family, she clearly understood the feelings when she was scolded in public.

She nodded and continued without saying anything more.

During the process, Gu Ruxue came and whispered something into her ears with gritted teeth.

Gu Chaoyan did not care. She was just thinking that if the maid who had set her up was from the Huo Mansion, then it must have been an order from someone in the mansion.

She was famously hideous, but she barely went out. So she could not possibly have offended anyone from the Huo Mansion. So there was only one possibility why she was set up – the lady of the Huo Mansion was a friend of Gu Ruxue. Gu Zhenkang the father was just a minor officer so he could not possibly have any relationship with the Elder Huo.

Then it must have been the Prince of the Duke Changning who had introduced them all.

She was now getting curious to see what kind of trick they were going to do today.

The Huo Mansion had arranged a very nice position for the Gu Family, probably because of their potential marriage arrangement with the Duke Changning’s Mansion.

“That is your eldest sister?” A girl’s voice arose.

Gu Chaoyan looked up and saw a girl in red standing by Gu Ruxue, as she looked at her with disdain.

They were friends.

“Why is she out for the banquet, when she is so hideous?” The girl in red asked in disbelief.

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