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Chapter 2216 - Chapter 2216: The Biggest Crisis at Supreme Sect 1

Chapter 2216: The Biggest Crisis at Supreme Sect 1

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Lv Zhengyang clarified that his intentions weren’t driven by any grudge against Gu Chaoyan, but rather his strong desire to distance himself from her. In contrast, Gu Chaoyan had only two interspatial rings in her possession, along with a bag she was carrying. It appeared evident that she intended to utilize the bag to transport items stored in her interspatial rings.

It was clear she was attempting to flee.

“Senior Brother Zhengyang, what are you insinuating?” Yuan Jia stepped forward to support Gu Chaoyan.

Yuan Jia owed his life to Gu Chaoyan, who had saved him from Energy

Deviation, and he had a strong sense of gratitude towards those who had helped him.


Di Hongyun remained silent.

“I’m not making any accusations, but take a look at the luggage that strong woman is carrying,” Lv Zhengyang hinted, urging Yuan Jia to inspect it.

Yuan Jia had not initially noticed these details, but Lv Zhengyang’s remark jolted him into awareness.

It was true.

Two interspatial rings and an oversized bag; it was undeniable that she intended to make a getaway.

“Why?” For a moment, Yuan Jia struggled to fathom the motive. He scanned their surroundings, ensuring no other disciples were within earshot, before inquiring softly, “Junior Sister, are you planning to escape?”

If this were indeed the case, they needed to keep this information discreet.

Di Hongyun let out a derisive snort.

She had done this on multiple occasions. While she hadn’t attempted to escape previously, her indifference towards the Supreme Sect’s disciples was evident. Now, she seemed even more detached from their concerns.

Gu Chaoyan had never harbored any intention of fleeing, so she felt irked by the suspicion cast upon her.


She had no inclination to offer any explanations on her behalf.

Coldly, she responded, “No.”

She continued, “If any harm befalls the Supreme Sect, the Grand Unity Sect could gain control of the mystic realm. In such an event, I’d be locked out, jeopardizing my chances to enter the level-5 mystic realm. I am more than qualified to enter, and my commitment lies in safeguarding the mystic realm. Your concerns are unfounded.” Gu Chaoyan’s candid response left little room for doubt regarding her intentions.


Di Hongyun couldn’t accept this explanation.


Why did it always involve the mystic realm?

Did she not care about the Supreme Sect’s disciples at all?

Why was she always so enigmatic?

Di Hongyun seethed with frustration. A single reassuring statement from her would have sufficed.

But due to the mystic realm…

Di Hongyun turned away and departed.

Lv Zhengyang simply shrugged, having no counterargument.

Yuan Jia, unconcerned with the matter, said, “Junior Sister, let’s depart together. ”

Gu Chaoyan nodded and accompanied them to Elder Man.

This time, the Supreme Sect had encountered a significant crisis, necessitating even the return of disciples who had been cultivating on Wuyuan Island. It was evident that they were facing a shortage of personnel.

As they arrived at the Elder Men’s meeting location…

Representatives from the major sects had gathered, but conspicuously absent was Elder Lin, who had previously overseen everything. His absence remained a perplexing mystery to Gu Chaoyan.

“Elder Man, could you please enlighten us on the situation?” Yuan Jia inquired.

“Welcome back from Wuyuan Island. Your return is greatly appreciated, ” expressed Elder Man from the Array Sect, visibly moved..

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