Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 2 - Change

Chapter 2: Change

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"Qing, stop crying and get me a mirror!" Gu Chaoyan sounded calm and cold. Qing always found her miss's voice extremely beautiful, especially when she was not shouting like she frequently did.

What startled Qing more was that she wanted to check herself in the mirror!

During all these years, her miss had not checked herself in the mirror even once. When she was ten years old, she had finally gotten the chance to go for an outing. On her very first trip, she was laughed at for being chubby and ugly. The story spread around that one of the girls in the Gu Family was revolting to look at. From that moment on, her miss's temperament started to change as well. It was that day when she stopped looking at herself in the mirror.

Qing hesitated. She did not want to hurt her miss.

"Aren't we going to the front yard? Get me the mirror now." Gu Chaoyan sounded a little strict.

She had been an agent in her previous life, and was always resolute in dealing with matters. At this moment, she truly wanted to see her appearance, but this girl didn't move, making her irritable.

Listening to her commanding voice, Qing went to fetch the mirror without any delay.

When the bronze mirror was given to her, Gu Chaoyan saw her reflection and almost passed out.

Damn, she was indeed ugly!

Her face was round like a ball, and her facial features were completely flat because of her dumpy cheeks. Her skin was extremely tanned as well. Gu Chaoyan sized herself up and found that she was dressed in shabby clothes… absolutely scruffy, to be honest.

If not for Qing calling her as Miss, she would have thought that she was a beggar.

Seeing her anguished look, Qing cried again. "Miss, I am sorry!"

Gu Chaoyan became irritated. She didn't like weepy people, and this girl seemed to shed tears all the time. Sigh, she could do nothing about her, because Qing had been genuinely loyal to the original host. That was reason enough for her to treat this girl well.


She just got a little startled a moment ago.

She had not expected this body to look so unsightly. But now she was fine with it.

Unlike the original host, she had an in-depth knowledge of medicine. It wouldn't be tough for her to lose the weight and remove the tan. What she needed was just some time.

Gu Chaoyan became much calmer after thinking through the matters.

She spoke to Qing in a gentler way. "Remember not to cry so easily from now on. No one will ever bully us again with me around."


"Come with me to the front yard."

Qing threw a subconscious look at her miss.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

Gu Chaoyan had a pair of clear eyes, and in this moment, she looked calm, confident and rational. For some reason, Qing was tempted to believe her words without hesitation.

Gu Chaoyan went to the front yard with Qing in tow.

The atmosphere outside the Qiong Pavilion looked vibrant. Peals of laughter arose in the front yard, as if nothing untoward had happened in the Gu Mansion. Maybe they did not care that the lineal daughter of the Gu Mansion had died due to drowning in the lake.

The transmigrated Gu Chaoyan was well versed in etiquettes and discipline.

Although the protocols differed in different eras, she still managed to give out an elegant air, subconsciously.

Even with that plump body burdening her, she walked forward confidently and steadily.

As they came to the front yard, a sharp female voice arose. "Here comes the weirdo! No wonder the yard started to smell bad suddenly."

As the shrill words arose, even the servants covered up their nose and mouth as if something was really stinking.

Just as always, Gu Chaoyan was greeted with disdain and mocking words. The mansion's staff also treated her in this way.


This time, Gu Chaoyan was going to disappoint those people who intended to have a laugh at her expense.

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