Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1852 - 1852 Proof that You Are the Pheonix Girl 4

1852 Proof that You Are the Pheonix Girl 4

Hearing Gu Chaoyan’s firm words with Elder Man, Ouyang Mingjing felt a sense of satisfaction.

He had noticed that the Phoenix Girl was fiercely protective of her maids and guards.

Even in this conversation with Elder Man, she still took his side.


Elder Man was attempting to undermine their plans, and only then could they achieve their objectives.

And now…

The Phoenix Girl was standing in their way, preventing them from obtaining what they desired.

With that realization, Ouyang Mingjing smiled briefly.

It was in this moment that he began to understand why Elder Man had told him that only strong women like the Phoenix Girl could stand by his side, rather than gentle and kind-hearted girls. What could the latter truly accomplish?

It was a stark contrast.


Elder Man and Ouyang Mingjing had completely different thoughts.

Since their first encounter, the Phoenix Girl had treated Ouyang Mingjing with coldness. She was clearly unhappy about their impending marriage.

And now, she spoke those words in front of them.

She might be tough, but her main goal was to prove her identity and sever her ties with Snow Territory.

Upon careful consideration, she realized that approaching certain matters with an open mind might lead to easier solutions. Sometimes, those who remained hidden could find the answers they sought.

A meaningful conversation with the Phoenix Girl was necessary.

After a moment of thought, Elder Man turned to Gu Chaoyan, attempting to understand the situation.

Gu Chaoyan responded directly with a nod, indicating her understanding.

Elder Man comprehended the situation.

“The Phoenix Girl is correct. Snow Territory’s affairs are our own concern,” Elder Man agreed, choosing not to pursue further questioning.

He then glanced at the other Elder Men and spoke to Ouyang Mingjing, “The recent war in Snow Territory has left us with numerous matters to attend to. I shall take my leave now.”

Ouyang Mingjing nodded, brimming with pride. “Very well.”

The Elder Men departed promptly.

Ouyang Mingjing accompanied Gu Chaoyan back to 500 meters, in a jovial mood. “I never expected you to handle those old men so skillfully. Their martial arts prowess is formidable, and I find them difficult to contend with. They continuously challenge me and show me no respect.”


“They have acted so recklessly in front of me, yet you managed to silence them with just a few words.”


She couldn’t discern who was truly right or wrong.

Ouyang Mingjing was young and had held the position of City Lord for many years.

Being relatively young and lacking influential support, he must have faced numerous challenges and hardships in his role. That explained his current demeanor. Despite his remarkable accomplishments and high status, he remained deeply fearful of the Elder Men.

When someone appeared to defend him, he became visibly excited, reminiscent of a child.

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