Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1651 - 1651 Monsters 1

1651 Monsters 1

The people from the clinics were all shocked upon hearing her order. The monsters had hurt many people and they were very badly injured too. The clinics could not promise to cure them, and if the patients died at their places, the names would be ruined.

“Listen to the Phoenix Girl!” Some anxious civilians shouted.

The people from the clinics had to transfer everyone out.

Gu Chaoyan started to prepare the medicine and cream.

20 people were transferred to her place. Gu Chaoyan put on the medicine and fed them pills based on their wounds. A few hours passed, and those people were stabilized.

Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief.

“Change their cream and feed them soup according to my arrangement, the wounded should be fine soon,” Gu Chaoyan said seriously.

At this point, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Gu Chaoyan turned to a few who were slightly injured, asking, “Where did you get injured by the monsters? What did they look like?”

The variety show class was already closed down by the Shadow Door, so they should not have been the sources.

If not, where did they come from?

It seemed that the situation was worse than they had expected.

Monsters appeared everywhere in the country and soon, the situation would become worse.

“On the street not far from here, it was not on the avenue, but many people were there. They were tricky and they rushed away where they came from. We did not see them carefully, but Phoenix Girl, I am sure they are monsters, because they are ugly and they don’t walk on their feet like us.” The wounded man got very excited as he spoke. It was good that he was very far away, so he was just slightly injured. One step closer and he would have lost his life. So scary!

However, the monsters were not caught and now they were out there hurting people. Since he was wounded, he would stay at home and not come out, otherwise he might lose his life.

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She more or less understood what was going on here.

Those civilians were ordinary people, and they were not like those from Piaomiao Pavilion, who were cultivators and able to defend themselves against ordinary monsters.

That was why they were so easily wounded.

What should they do when monsters are everywhere?

She looked outside.

Gu Chaoyan frowned and noticed that something was weird. She glanced outside the clinic. People who were injured by monsters were all located here, and she had been informed about this hours ago… why didn’t anyone from the court come to ask about this?

Gu Chaoyan was confused…

So was Wuxing who was in the court.

He asked Elder Qianji, heart twisting. “Will that really work? Monsters are everywhere, and the capital will be gone.”

Elder Qianji said casually, “Those useless people have no cultivation and they are alive today, but they may get killed by monsters sooner or later, so, why not just…”

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