Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1621 - 1621 Helping 3

1621 Helping 3

When he realized what a mistake he had made, and tried to get Lingyun back, she was already gone.

He truly had no other countermeasures.

He regretted it terribly as well. He should not have been so impulsive as to drive her out directly.

Sure enough… Lingyun did not like it. That was why she could remember it to the present day. However…

Since that was what made Lingyun unhappy, then things were easier than he had expected.

She was angry about that, meaning that she cared about that problem. And the reason why she kept saying this in front of him was because she wanted to get justice from him.

Wuxing let out a sigh of relief, after making a short analysis.

He took a step forward and came closer to Lingyun.

With his head slightly lowered, he explained to Lingyun carefully, “Lingyun, you misunderstood me! I had never wanted to drive you out years back. I made you move for your sake. You were poisoned, and the poison was hurting you. There were many people coming back and forth in the mansion, and I was worried that you would be affected. So I decided to give you a new environment to make you feel more relaxed.”


“When I helped you move out, I had been sorting out everything in the mansion. I was even building a new house for you. I even asked for a nice day so I could get everything ready for our wedding.”


“On the day when I found out about our auspicious wedding day, I came to the hostel but did not see you.”


“I waited in the hostel for three days, hoping that you would see me as soon as you returned, but you did not come back at all.”


“Then I even arranged for my men to search for you, but still could not find you anywhere.” Wuxing said as he started to sob.

He seemed so sad as if he were back to the time when he was grieving.

Lingyun looked at him in surprise.

In fact, what he said did move her a little. And even a while ago, she felt a little bit drawn by his speech, but… when he said that he waited in the hostel for three days…

She instantly realized what was happening here.

He was lying. It was a very thorough lie.

What he did not know was that after she left the hostel, she did not leave the place.

She would go to see the hostel every day just to see if anything would ask for her there.

Half a year passed, there had never been a time when he was waiting for her three days in a row…

Sure enough… everything was a lie.

Lingyun sneered. “Are you sure about what you said?”

She must have been stupid to have almost gotten convinced by his speech.

Lingyun shook her head. “Everything is over, Wuxing.” Then she left…

When Wuxing finished his speech, he thought that Lingyun would truly believe his words and feel moved, but she was still leaving him.

That made him panic.

He was about to reply to Lingyun, but she was gone.

Wuxing stomped his feet and looked at Lingyun furiously.

Why was she not moved after his speech? So troublesome!

It was already a great honor for a man like him to want to marry her! What rights did she have to go against him?


“How did it go?” Gu Chaoyan asked Lingyun, who just climbed into the wagon.

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