Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114: Yunhe’s Preference

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As for Xie Yan...

Junyi could not help but frown as well. He became the Crown Prince’s strategist after Xie Yan betrayed the Crown Prince, so he did not clearly know what was going on.

However, he knew Xie Yan well. He was just a strategist who shared the same school with him. The strategists had been trained to work on strategies since they were little, and were civilized ministers who did not get acknowledged by the court. So it would be very easy to catch someone like him, since he had no military background.

Therefore, when he made the arrangements, he did not dwell on it any more, because he believed that he was definitely going to catch him. However, what was beyond his expectations was that Xie Yan had become too sneaky. He even managed to escape such a hunt.

It had been almost a month, and yet they had not even found a trace of him. There had not been any news regarding Xie Yan either, it was as if he had evaporated into thin air.


Nevertheless, Junyi was not very interested in Xie Yan, though the Crown Prince was extremely worried.

Since he could not be found... It could be possible that he had been spending his time in the mountains.

He did not like Xie Yan at all. They were just strategists, yet he set up so many rules for himself as if he were not ambitious at all.

However, if he had not been ambitious, he would not have been working for the Crown Prince. He only left because he could not stand it any more.

However... He did not need to worry about Xie Yan. He was annoying, but he had his own rules which he would stick to firmly.

Although he was no longer the Crown Prince’s strategist, he would not reveal what he knew about his former employer. So there was no need to worry that he would reveal a thing.

Nevertheless, the Crown Prince did not trust Xie Yan, so Junyi said, “Crown Prince, we don’t have to spend too much energy on Xie Yan, as long as we can keep the gate guarded, we will be able to find him. Also, he is nothing more than a strategist, so if he dares to reveal any secrets about you, no one would believe him.”


Zhou Huailing nodded in agreement.

It was he who cared too much about Xie Yan.

He got up and patted Junyi’s shoulders. “Alright, just work to get the Ministry of Personnel and the Min Family, I will be off now.”

“Where are you going, Crown Prince?”

“It is early, so I will have a talk with the Eighth Brother. I haven’t chatted with him in a long time,” Zhou Huailing said indifferently, as if he were out for a stroll. He did not even plan to bring Junyi with him.

In his eyes, Yellow Crane was a very easy thing to deal with. It was just saying a few words.

Eighth Brother would not counter him, considering what was going on.

No imperial children would be so stupid as not to see what was really going on.

Zhou Huailing thought for a while before he asked his coachmen to take him to Lord Huai’s Mansion.

Lord Huai’s Mansion was not very far away.

It was a lord’s mansion, so it was located in the best spot in the capital. It was just that there were some differences in size and details.

Lord Huai’s Mansion was a new mansion. It was very small.

The old Lord Huai’s Mansion was under construction for the Crown Prince’s Mansion.

When Zhou Huailing arrived, he asked the messenger to fetch Lord Huai, whilst he walked in automatically.

After he had sat for a while Zhou Huaijin arrived.

Zhou Huailing looked up at him indifferently and said, “Eighth Brother, just come and sit down. I am just here to tell you that Yunhe is interested in taking over Yellow Crane, and I think you should give it to him.”

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