Mrs. Huo Pretends to be Weak Every Day

Chapter 215 - Chapter 215: Wife-Protecting Demon

Chapter 215: Wife-Protecting Demon

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Ye Beisheng told the bodyguards not to smash it yet.


She looked at Jian Ningxue indifferently.

Jian Ningxue sobbed. “Those cars… Many of those cars are limited editions that we found! There is only one of them in the whole world. You actually want to destroy them all just to make this woman happy.

Madam Jian quickly interrupted. “Xiting, our families have always been close. Our family saved Old Master Huo’s life. You see…”

“Is this how Madam Jian repays kindness?

Ye Beisheng interrupted her slowly, “If I remember clearly, it is the Old Master Huo that your family saved, not Huo Shiting. However, Huo Shiting still gave the Jian family two large companies and 2% of the shares in Huo Shen

International. The Jian family has been pushing their luck again and again. Does Madam Jian really think that the favor won’t be used up?”

“Miss Ye, it’s not your turn to interrupt my conversation with Xiting.”

“It’s not my place to interrupt? But Madam Jian, I’m Mrs. Huo. Huo Xiting and I are husband and wife. Do you think that every time the both of you do something wrong, we have to let it go because of how we’re ‘indebt’ to your family?”

Besides, what kind of grandfather was Old Master Huo?

He had abused Huo Xiting together with Chairman Huo and Mrs. Huo. She didn’t give him food or water and hoped that Huo Xiting would die.

Why should Huo Xiting be restricted to the Jian family for the rest of his life because of his grandfather?

Huo Xiting glanced at Ye Beisheng lightly.

Madam Jian took a few deep breaths. “Those are just worthless plants. Miss Ye has already smashed one of our cars. Do you still want to continue? If word got out, what would others think of you?

“Why should I care?

Ye Beisheng felt that there was something wrong with the logic of the Jian family.

‘ Jian Ningxue knew that I planted those flowers and plants. Didn’t she drive the car into the backyard despite being stopped by Uncle Zhang?

“Didn’t she deliberately go back and forth in order to crush them?”

“Didn’t she come in here without any permission? Did she really think that this place is her home?? Or does she think that she can become Mrs. Huo by being a mistress, so she can destroy my personal property?”

Madam Jian’s breathing was trembling. “You, you… You’re simply… Unreasonable!

However, she knew that Ye Beisheng was right!

Even if Huo Xiting announced today that he would cut ties with the Jian family from today, it would be justified!

This was because Ningxue had deliberately destroyed the Huo family’s private property. Even if they were to go to court, Ye Beisheng would still be in the right!

But, she was not convinced. Wasn’t it just a few worthless flowers? Did Ye Beisheng have to make such a big deal out of nothing?

Ye Beisheng turned to look at the men. “What are you waiting for? Smash it.”

The men quickly reacted after receiving the orders and slammed the hammer down. There were holes that instantly appeared on the luxury cars.

Jian Ningxue’s expression broke down amidst the clanging sounds. “Ye Beisheng, why are you so vicious?! All I’ve done is crushed your worthless plants. Why did you have to do this?!”

“What right do you have to look down on the Jian family? Forget about your grass, even your life is worthless. It can’t even compare to my car. What right do you have to do this?”

“B*tch!!!! I could kill you, let alone a few flowers and plants…”

The next moment, the voice stopped abruptly. Jian Ningxue’s angry expression froze on her face and slowly turned into fear.

A gun was pointed at her temple, and the black muzzle was aimed straight at her head.

Huo Xiting was the one holding the gun in his hands but he didn’t even bat an eyelash at Jian Ningxue.

He said indifferently “Go on, Miss Jian..”

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