Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Chapter 665 - The Self-cultivation Of An Actor

Chapter 665: The Self-cultivation Of An Actor

Translator: Yunyi

“Sigh…each and every one of you is so serious, it makes me feel very uncomfortable.” Tang Xinrou dug at the table.


The next second, Song Yaoyap silently pulled out a book from the drawer and threw it in front of Tang Xinrou.

Her smile was sweet as if she was silently saying, “Come on, I’ve been waiting for you to say this sentence for a long time.”.

Tang Xinrou lowered her head speechlessly, looking at the few large words on the cover.

‘The self-cultivation of actors.’


The once-famous top class, Class 3-1, had fallen silent.

One had started to come in contact with their family business and would only return to school during exams. Another seemed to have completely given up on her studies and was preparing to enter the entertainment industry.

Although the senior year’s courses were technically completed in the previous semester, the college entrance examins were nearing, and this semester was the time when they needed to put in the most effort.

Yet, at this juncture, Song Jingwan applied for leave from school.

Song Yaoyao was busy every day. Grandfather Huo ate the supplements from last time, so Song Yaoyao made another batch for him. At the same time, she also sent a few bottles to Grandfather Shen and Auntie Wei.

In the entire Song Family, only Song Wenchuan and Song Weiwei were still in contact with Song Yaoyao.

Her brother never appeared again. Although Song Yaoyao was worried that something had happened, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Actually, as long as her brother knew that she was still alive and living well, it was enough.

Because Song Yaoyap wasn’t sure if it would cause any harm to him or Song Wenchuan if he kept appearing in Song Wenchuan’s body in his soul state.

If it did, then Song Yaoyao would rather her brother never come to this world again in this lifetime.

It wasn’t worth taking such a risk.

“Hello? Yaoyao!”

Just after school, Song Yaoyap unexpectedly received a call from Elder Shen. He was happy on the other end, as if there was nothing in the world that could make him unhappy.

“The pills you gave me, they were so useful! A few of my old buddies were dying of envy when they saw it. They’ve all been inquiring about where I bought them from. But don’t worry, I’ve already negotiated a price for you. I definitely won’t let you suffer a loss. Look…”

Song Yaoyao was no longer in need of money. She tilted her head and put the phone between her head and shoulder. As she tidied up her textbooks, she said, “Forget about the money. It won’t cost much. However, they can’t just take supplements. I specially made it according to your condition. I made some for Grandf…Uncle and the herbs inside are different from yours. How about this, I’ll make a trip over later to check on their conditions first, then I’ll give them the right medicine.”

“Oh, really?”

In Elder Shen’s study, a group of old men was looking at him anxiously. They silently opened their mouths and pointed at the phone.


He made a gesture of silence and smiled. “Okay then, I’ll thank you on behalf of your uncles first! Don’t worry, your studies are the most important. I’ll send a driver to pick you up when you’re on vacation.”

After chatting for a while, Grandpa Shen hung up the phone reluctantly.

He beat his chest, stamped his feet, and sighed heavily. “What a good child!”

It was all Xun’s fault! He was so many years younger than that old man from the Huos. Why couldn’t he compete with him?

It would have been great if Yaoyao belonged to his family.

“How did you go?”

Seeing that the phone was finally hung up, the few old men who didn’t dare to say anything for a long time immediately questioned him.

Elder Shen pointed at them and scolded them jokingly, “It’s just some supplements. Is it really necessary for you guys?”

“It’s necessary! Of course it’s necessary!”

“You’ve gotten some benefits and are starting to make smug remarks!”

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