Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 551 - Chapter 551: A Life-and-Death Friendship

Chapter 551: A Life-and-Death Friendship

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The young man looked at the scene from a distance. Shock filled his eyes.

It was far away and nighttime. The young man could hardly see who it was. He only saw Leyson’s subordinate kneel and run away dejectedly.

It seemed that his worries were unnecessary. That girl would be fine.

The young man turned around and left afterward.

Beiming Yue went to the dining room and saw only Shang Sizhan and Shi Qian dined. “You booked the entire place?”


Shi Qian looked at him and smiled.

Only then did Beiming Yue notice the people hiding in the corner.

“Have you eaten, Northern Sect Master?” Shi Qian asked again.

Beiming Yue snorted. “Your Master Zhan called me out halfway through. I thought something was wrong!”

He spoke and walked to Shang Sizhan’s side and sat. “Shang Sizhan, have you forgotten whose territory we are in?!”

Shang Sizhan glanced at him and didn’t say anything. He ate elegantly.

Beiming Yue was at a loss for words.

Shang Sizhan said calmly, “You wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t your territory. There would be an explosion somewhere.”

Shi Qian was his bottom line. He might throw a bomb and blow up the weapon dealer’s nest of Leyson if he dared to touch his bottom line.

Beiming Yue suddenly laughed. He looked at Shi Qian while she sat across from him. “Little Qianqian, is this the gentle Master Zhan you speak of? He’s always about to blow me up.”

Master Zhan said, “I’m just saying.”

Even she felt guilty when she said this.

Those who knew Shang Sizhan well would say he was a man who wouldn’t just talk.

Otherwise, how could he have achieved such a high position? And why would so many people fear him?

“Alright, the matter is settled. I’ll go back first. You two can eat comfortably.” Beiming Yue spoke and stood up.

Shang Sizhan looked at him with a faint smile and suddenly said, “Thank you.”

Beiming Yue glanced at him and turned to leave without saying anything.

He was the Sect Master of Beiluo, but only Shang Sizhan dared to instruct him around.

Of course, this was also because of the friendship between them. They had once been young and frivolous, and they had once been loyal to each other.

Shi Qian looked at Beiming Yue’s back. A hint of doubt flashed across her eyes.

She didn’t understand how an arrogant like Beiming Yue had become friends with Master Zhan.

Based on his attitude on the phone just now, she thought Beiming Yue wouldn’t come!

Shang Sizhan saw her stare at Beiming Yue’s back. He reached out to pinch her chin and turned her face around.

“Don’t look!”

Shi Qian was bereft of words.

That was a farewell!

“Are you full?” Shang Sizhan asked when he saw her put down her chopsticks.

“Yes, I’m full.” Shi Qian nodded.

“Let’s go then.”

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

“I’m full, too.”

Then, they stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

Shang Sizhan looked at Yan Yi and instructed, “Go and pay the bill. Ask them to return the ones the young man paid them.”

“Yes.” Yan Yi didn’t ask further and immediately walked into the dining room.

The cashier stood up from under the table. She didn’t dare to ask Yan Yi’s request and obediently followed it.

She returned the money the young man had paid. She shakily swiped the card that Yan Yi had handed over.

All had left, and the people who hid in the corners of the restaurant came out one after another.

Gunfights happened occasionally in North America, so people would only come out until it was safe..

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