Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: Chuangyue’s Headquarters

Chapter 48: Chuangyue’s Headquarters

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Shi Qian didn’t go to school.

She hugged her laptop and sat in Shang Sizhan’s car.

The car stopped half an hour later in front of the office of Chuangyue Gaming Company.

Shi Qian hugged her laptop and smiled at Shang Sizhan. “Master Zhan, I’ll be leaving.”

Shang Sizhan also looked at her. Love shrouded his deep eyes. “Mm, go ahead. Give me a call after the meeting. Let’s have lunch together and get Li Feng to send you back to school in the afternoon.”

“Alright,” she said.


Genesis Great Leap Corporation was just near the office of the JE Group. They had moved here a few months ago, so it was convenient to travel.

After a while, Shi Qian got off the car and walked into the office of the Genesis Great Leap Corporation.

Shang Sizhan only left after the girl’s back view disappeared.

Genesis Great Leap Office.

A 35-year-old man who looked like a social elite stood in the hall on the first floor with a young male assistant who stood behind him.

The man was the CEO of Chuangyue Games, Xu Muchen. He and his assistant personally welcomed Shi Qian.

Xu Muchen looked at Shi Qian with a very respectful attitude.

After all, the JE group would have abandoned Genesis Great Leap Corporation three years ago if it weren’t for Shi Qian’s design and development of ‘absolute subversion*.

“Miss Shi, you’re here.”

“Hi, Boss Xu.” Shi Qian nodded slightly.

“Miss Shi, this way, please.”

After that, Shi Qian followed Xu Muchen into the elevator and went to the Technology Engineering Department of the Genesis Great Leap.

In the meeting.

Shi Qian turned on her computer, and the projector displayed an image on the computer screen onto the big screen.

Shi Qian explained some of the new functions of the ‘absolute subversion’ map and the big boss to the audience.

The engineers in the technical department would test it after the proposal presentation. It could update and go online a few days after the test and found no issues.

Only Shi Qian, Xu Muchen, and his assistant remained in the meeting.

The two sat at the conference table, and Xu Muchen spoke again. “Miss Shi, 1 plan to hold a press conference before we release the new map update. Would you mind if 1 invite you?”

“A press conference? When?” Shi Qian looked at him and asked.

“This Saturday, the location will be at the Greenfield Hotel. 1 know you don’t like to show your face, so I won’t invite you to speak. I only hope that you can be there. After all, you are the developer of the game. So you can quickly fix if our spokesperson makes any mistakes in the new map.”

“Alright, I’ll go,” Shi Qian said after some thought.

“Thank you,” Xu Muchen said with a smile.

Everything was over at almost noon.

Shi Qian went straight to the headquarters of the JE Group after she left the meeting.

She had lunch with Shang Sizhan in the afternoon.

She went to school afterward.

For a long time, Shi Qian still didn’t see Wen Ke’er.

Wen Ke’er went offline since Saturday. Shi Qian promised Wen Ke’er to help her level up on Sunday but received no hint from her.

Shi Qian thought she might be busy when she didn’t pick up, so she didn’t disturb her.

However, it was strange that Wen Ke’er didn’t come to school on Monday. The classes on Monday were crucial, and it was unusual for a good student like Wen Ke’er to miss school.

Shi Qian took out her phone and called Wen Ke’er, but she still didn’t pick up.

She frowned sparingly. She felt something was wrong.

‘Has Wen Yiran bullied Wen Ke’er again?’

With this in mind, Shi Qian went to the Chemistry Department to find Wen Yiran.

However, she didn’t see Wen Yiran but Shi Muxue.

The two had a good relationship and were often together, so Shi Qian asked her,

“Where’s Wen Yiran?”

Her attitude was hostile. She replied in a questioning tone.

There was no one around.

Shi Muxue no longer pretended to be gentle and kind. She coldly glanced at her. “How would I know?!”

She didn’t understand. She posted Shi Qian’s photo on the internet and spread sparingly viral. Several people scolded her, so how did it disappear in an instant?

To be able to make such a big move, could it be that Shi Qian had some influential figure behind her?

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