Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 40

Fake Professional Reviewers

Wen Yiran didn’t expect Shi Qian to have such an attitude. She clutched her phone and stomped her feet in anger.

Wen Ke’er noticed the number on Shi Qian’s screen was Wen Yiran’s.


After Shi Qian hung up, she asked. “It’s Wen Yiran. Why did she call you?”

“It’s nothing.” Shi Qian smiled nonchalantly.

Wen Ke’er looked at her worriedly.

She had just left the professor’s office when Wen Yiran called again.

Shi Qian picked up the phone. She did not wait for Wen Yiran to speak. She said, “I advise you to think about the car owner before you do something stupid. Is he someone you can offend?”

With that, Shi Qian hung up the phone again and waited for Wen Yiran to speak.

That car was Jiang Ci’s.

If Wen Yiran posted that photo online to slander her, given Jiang Ci’s temper, it would be the end of her if he saw it.

She hung up the call again.

Wen Yiran was about to die from anger.

At this moment, Shi Muxue walked over to her.

“Yiran, you’re still angry.”

Wen Yiran gritted her teeth in anger. “That b*tch Shi Qian. I think she’s so arrogant because Sheng Xiao is chasing her!”

“Shi Qian, what exactly did she get hold of against you?” Shi Muxue asked in a concerned tone.

After a moment of silence, Wen Yiran still said while she gritted her teeth. “I don’t know where that b*tch got the photo of me and my boyfriend going to a hotel.”

“There’s such a thing?!” Shi Muxue was stunned. She had not expected Shi Qian to get her hands on those things.

After she pondered, she spoke again. “How did Shi Qian get these? Then… Isn’t that an invasion of your privacy?”

“Invasion of personal privacy!”

Wen Yiran suddenly turned to look at Shi Muxue. It was like she had thought of something. And her mood suddenly lightened.

“What’s the matter?” Shi Muxue pretended to be confused.

“Muxue, you’re so smart.” Wen Yiran laughed.

“What are you talking about?” Shi Muxue played dumb.

“Nothing much? Thank you.” Wen Yiran smiled.

Why hadn’t she thought of this before? She could have posted Shi Qian’s photo first.

That way, she could claim that Shi Qian tried to take revenge on her and that she had divulged her private information.

It could be a crime, and maybe he could even send that slut in.

She didn’t believe that Shi Qian, a country bumpkin, could seduce any big shot. So what if she drove an Aston Martin?

Several nouveau riche would buy a car with half of their assets to show off.

However, when she encountered a problem, she couldn’t solve it and only knew how to hide and act like a coward.

Shi Qian’s threat, the apology to Wen Ke’er, and the arrogant attitude had already driven Wen Yiran to the end of her patience.

She finally found a way.

She immediately picked up her phone and made a call. “I’m going to post something online. Find me some fake reviewers, the professional ones.”

Shi Muxue stood at the side and listened to Wen Yiran’s phone call. A smug smile flashed in her eyes.

“Once this kind of thing has fermented on the internet, solving it would take a lot of work.

“It would be over for Shi Qian this time.”

At night.

Shi Qian was in the study and stared at the computer. Her fingers tapped on the keyboard and refined the design repeatedly.

Because there was one part that she was not satisfied with, she was persistent in not going to sleep. She thought about it while she worked.

Ultimately, she stopped and stretched her back when she was finally satisfied.

It was already past two in the morning. Shi Qian leaned on the table to rest. But she accidentally fell asleep.

It was not until she heard the roar of a plane outside the window that she suddenly woke up.

She realized that she had fallen asleep in the study.

She turned to look out the window.

At about four o ‘clock in the morning, before dawn. A private plane landed in the king’s garden.

It seemed like Shang Sizhan had returned.

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