Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 38

This Is the King of Hell

Surprise engulfed Shi Muxue’s eyes when she heard this. It was like she didn’t believe it. “How was that possible?”

“How is it impossible? I saw it with my own eyes. I even took a photo.” As he spoke, Wen Yiran took out her phone and showed Shi Muxue the photos she took the other day.


“Look, it’s that country bumpkin Shi Qian!”

Shi Muxue looked at the car and the person in the photo, and her eyes narrowed. It was truly Shi Qian!

“This car doesn’t belong to her,” she said. “I didn’t expect Shi Qian to do such a thing.” She added after a pause.

“Do you also think an old man keeps this b*tch?” Wen Yiran asked.

Shi Muxue didn’t say anything. It was more like a silent agreement.

Wen Yiran snorted coldly. “I think some old men keep this b*tch!. It’s a pity I only managed to capture this yesterday. I didn’t manage to capture the image of her sugar daddy.”

After a pause, she continued. “But, this photo is enough to prove that the b*tch has done something shameless! How could a country bumpkin with no money or background drive a sports car that costs a few million?”

Shi Muxue looked at Shi Qian in the photo, and her eyes turned cold.

After a few seconds of silence, she asked Wen Yiran, “What do you want to do? Are you going to expose this?”

Wen Yiran was even angrier at the mention of this topic.

If not for the “thing” that Shi Qian did to her, she could have just posted the photo online and hired a bunch of fake reviewers to turn Shi Qian into a rat on the street.

The resourceful netizens could even dig out her sugar daddy and stage another scene of tearing apart the mistress.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do that for the time being.

Wen Yiran gritted her teeth. “I can’t expose it now. That b*tch has something on me.”

“Your weakness? What’s going on?” Shi Muxue asked.

Wen Yiran didn’t want to talk about it. So she said, “Nothing. Don’t worry. I, Wen Yiran, will never lose to a country bumpkin.”

Shi Muxue did not say anything, but her eyes darkened.

Wen Yiran was so angry the other night that she didn’t sleep for half the night. And soon, she fell asleep on the table.

Shi Muxue secretly took Wen Yiran’s phone and sent the photo to her own when she was asleep.

Shi Qian thought Sheng Xiao had given up on her.

He didn’t expect this guy to come again today.

Sheng Xiao walked into the classroom and sat beside Shi Qian. He said, “Tell me, how can I add you as a friend?”

“Why do you have to add me as a friend?” Shi Qian looked at him helplessly.

“I’ll chase you, play games, and fly with you! I’m telling you, you won’t regret adding me!” Sheng Xiao’s tone was full of confidence and pride.

He was [Super Handsome Blasts the Universe] to enter a level 10 map. And now, only he and Mu Youming were on the level 10 map.

Any player who played absolute subversion would know him.

He didn’t believe that this woman wouldn’t admire him after she knew who he was!

Wen Ke’er giggled at the side.

Sheng Xiao even wanted to bring the god to fly. If he knew that Shi Qian was the god, he would ultimately worship her.

Sheng Xiao frowned when he saw that Wen Ke’er snickered. “What are you laughing at?”

It shocked Wen Ke’er, and she lowered her head. She didn’t dare to make a sound.

He was the king of hell.

She did not dare to provoke him.

Shi Qian was unhappy when she saw that Sheng Xiao scared Wen Ke’er. “Young Master Sheng, it’s not good to scare people…”

Sheng Xiao looked at Shi Qian. “Who’s scaring her? I’m just asking her what she’s laughing at. Are you going to add me as a friend or not?” He asked.

“I won’t.” Shi Qian furrowed her brows slightly and said lazily, “I don’t play with people who are too rookie.”

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

He dared to call him a rookie!

“Shi Qian, you said I’m a rookie! Do you know what level am I at? It’ll scare you to death if I tell you!”

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