Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 32


Shi Muxue put down her phone and continued to listen to the class.

She had always been a serious student. She loved chemistry, and her future goal was to join the JE Group Research Institute.


It was the top research institute in the country.

Of course, the top Shang family behind the research institute was even more powerful.

If she could get into the JE Group Research Institute and become one of its core members, the Su family, the Huo family, and even the Sheng family would not dare to look down on her.

She was confident, although this path was difficult and the competition was cruel.

It was her only goal.

A few minutes later.

Shi Muxue’s phone rang again. It was Song Yuzhi.

She hesitated for a moment. Then, she picked up the phone again and whispered. “Mom, what’s up?”

On the other end was Song Yuzhi’s cheerful voice. “Xue’er, Young Master Su will pick you up from class later. Come back with him.”

“Su Jinxuan?” Shi Muxue asked.

“It’s him.”

Shi Muxue’s lips curled up slightly.

Su Jinxuan was the second son of the Su family. He had a gentle personality and was aloof from worldly affairs. He was not very valued in the Su family.

He was not like Sheng Xiao, who was sharp-witted and capable even though he was a little frivolous.

He was the Crown Prince, the future head of the Sheng family.

Su Jinxuan had met Shi Muxue twice, so he had a good impression of her.

Shi Muxue had no interest in him, but she could use his identity as the Second Young Master of the Su family.

Not only would it promote the cooperation between the Shi and the Su family, but it would also help her reach a higher level.

Shi Muxue enjoyed this feeling of going up.

Especially when she heard from her classmates that Shi Qian played video games in a nearby cafe.

She was in a better mood.

Shi Qian was better self-indulgent, and she never improved. He was always left behind and stepped on by her.

As for Sheng Xiao…

She would find a way to make him hate Shi Qian. Even if Sheng Xiao was not serious and was just toying with her, it could not be Shi Qian.

Shi Qian went back to class lazily. She sat in the cafe and started playing games.

It could be the adrenalin of heartbreak that [Super Handsome Blasts the Universe] succeeded on the stage overnight and entered the level 10 map.

Shi Qian thought to design a few new maps as she fought her way into the level 10 maps.

Shi Qian had just entered the level 10 map.

[Super Handsome Blasts the Universe] sent a message.

[Super Handsome Blasts the Universe: Mu Youming is good! You’ve entered level 10 so quickly.]

Mu Youming replied.

[It’s alright.]

[Super Handsome Blasts the Universe: .]

Her arrogant tone reminded him of that young girl Shi Qian.

They were the only ones who dared to act arrogantly before Young Master Sheng.

One in the game, one in reality.

One did not want to meet him, and the other did not want to add him as a friend.

Sheng Xiao suddenly felt a little depressed.

Shi Qian stretched her back and suddenly noticed Shang Sizhan’s car passed by after two hours of gaming.

It slightly stunned her. She hadn’t called yet, so why was the young master here so soon?

Shi Qian immediately exited the game. She was about to call Shang Sizhan when the young master called first.

“Qian Qian, is class ending soon?” Shang Sizhan asked.

“Class has ended. Young Master Zhan, are you near the school?” Shi Qian asked.

“You saw it?”

“My guess is accurate, right?”

“Yes.” The young master chuckled. “You’re starkly accurate. I’ll wait for you to come out.

Shi Qian smiled. “Young Master Zhan, turn around and drive back. I’m at the coffee shop you passed by earlier.”

“Alright.” Shang Sizhan didn’t probe further. He then instructed Li Feng to turn around and drive back.

Shi Qian walked out of the café and waited by the side of the road.

The car quickly stopped in front of her, and she got in.

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