Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 23


Shang Sizhan’s unfathomable gaze swept across her stunned face, then landed on the red wine in her hand.

Shi Qian dryly laughed when she returned to her senses. His sudden presence stunned her for a while. “Young Master Zhan, you’re still awake?”


Shang Sizhan’s thin lips sparingly parted as he said to Yan Yi, “You, get out.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Yan Yi turned around and left. He closed the door behind him.

Shi Qian suddenly felt she had been caught red-handed for making a mistake. She didn’t know whether to continue or stop with the bottle opener in her hand.

Shang Sizhan walked to her side and glanced at the glass of wine in her hand. “You want to drink?”

Shi Qian raised her eyes to look at him and asked tentatively, “Will that work? “I’m already an adult, and I’ll be 20 in a few months,” she added.

Shang Sizhan slowly opened his mouth after a few seconds of silence. “Why do you suddenly want to drink?”

Shi Qian scratched her head and replied, “Hmm… I can’t sleep. And I suddenly felt like drinking some wine.”

Shang Sizhan lowered his head. His soul-stirring handsome face suddenly moved closer to hers. His deep and magnetic voice sounded again. “Why can’t you sleep? What’s there on your mind?”

Shi Qian’s heart started to beat faster as she stared at the handsome face so close to her.

Her brain also seemed to have lost the ability to think. She muttered. “I… I don’t know…”

The smile on his handsome face suddenly turned serious when he heard her response.

“Then you’re not allowed to drink it!”

Shi Qian was speechless.

This Big Boss’s attitude changed too quickly!

Shi Qian sighed in her heart. ‘Fine, I won’t drink anymore.’

“Oh, then I won’t drink it.” Shi Qian placed the half-opened bottle of red wine on the table.

However, Shang Sizhan still looked at her sternly. His dark phoenix eyes tinged with a dangerous aura…

Shi Qian was sparingly dumbfounded!

She had stopped drinking. So why does the big boss still look at her like that?

She said softly after some thought. “Why don’t … I’ll open it for you. Do you want to drink it?”

Shang Sizhan pursed his lips as he looked at the girl’s confusion.

The girl seemed to misunderstand what master Zhan meant.

He should have been more direct.

Shang Sizhan opened the half-opened bottle of wine and took two glasses from the wine glass rack. He poured two glasses of wine.

Then, he sat down and passed one of the glasses to Shi Qian. “Drink up.”

Shi Qian was stunned as she glanced at the red wine. ‘Why is he suddenly asking me to drink it?’

As expected, ordinary people couldn’t guess what Young Master Zhan thought.

She drank the red wine and smiled. “Alright,” she said.

Shang Sizhan picked up another cup and took a sip.

Shi Qian first took a wispy taste.

“How is it?” Shang Sizhan asked.

“The taste is not bad. It’s sweet and very fragrant.” With that, Shi Qian finished the wine in her glass.

“Slow down,” Shang Sizhan said.

“Oh, sure.” Shi Qian smiled.

Shang Sizhan took her glass and placed it on the table. As he poured more wine for her, he said softly, “Qian Qian, I told you something the last time, did you…”

He was halfway through his sentence when the girl’s slender body suddenly fell on him.

Shang Sizhan was speechless.

He immediately put down his wine glass and hugged her. “Qian Qian… Qian Qian…”

Shi Qian’s face was sparingly red, and her eyes were tightly shut. She was starkly unconscious!

Shang Sizhan didn’t expect this little thing to fall over after a cup!

He looked at the girl’s unconscious appearance. He helplessly picked her up and walked out.

Yan Yi still waited outside.

A look of surprise flashed across his eyes when he saw Shang Sizhan carry Shi Qian out.

Young Master Zhan directly made Shi Qian drink too much.

Shang Sizhan carried Shi Qian back to the room. He took off her thin outer shirt and placed her on the bed.

Shi Qian only wore a silk spaghetti-strap dress. It revealed a large portion of her fair and glowing skin.

Shang Sizhan sat by the bed and looked at the beautiful moment. A strange look flashed across his handsome face.

He wanted to stand up and leave, but his gaze could not help but look at the girl’s small red face and pink lips.

As he narrowed his eyes, Shang Sizhan suddenly leaned over and kissed her.

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